Why I need a Christmas tree ASAP

I’ve been trying to talk Dean into getting a Christmas tree early and he keeps turning me down.

“Wait until Saturday,” he says.
“It’s not even Thanksgiving yet,” he says.
“Why are you so impatient?” he says.

I guess he’s right with that last one- I’m definitely NOT patient. (It’s a virtue I’m working on. Namaste.) But I’m hoping that he takes a minute to read this, because I came up with this list just for him.

Let there be lights!!

9 reasons I need aย we all need a Christmas tree early:

  1. Nature doesn’t live in our house often. I just want at least one solid month with a tree in my house. (Bonus points that it doesn’t have a long term commitment as I’m a horrible plant mom.)
  2. Trees are expensive! Having it up for less than one month makes my wallet sad.
  3. We can’t even really appreciate the tree the wholeeee week before Christmas as we will be traveling. Womp. Womp.
  4. I’m currently in the middle of Christmas shopping and I have nowhere to keep the presents! I would like to put them under a nice tree in the living room ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. It’s getting cold and it will only be colder. Tree hunting seems much more feasible in 30 degree sun rather than the cold and snowy days that are in our future.
  6. I consider Thanksgiving to be a part of the entire holiday season. Doesn’t it feel left out without decorations and lights?
  7. I’ve already started putting out other decorations but stockings and pine smelling candles seem funny without a tree.
  8. Thanksgiving is 1 week late this year. That is 1 week less without a Christmas tree.(Plus the vaca from number 3- This is two weeks without a Christmas tree!! Terrible.)
  9. Just picture this: You’re sitting in the living room under lots of cozy blankets. Allegra curls up at your side for a little cuddle session. A great scented candle is lit and your hot chocolate is perfectly poured. You look up and there’s your tree, decorated to perfection. I’m convinced that there’s nothing better than that

If you celebrate, do you believe in decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving?


    • nooooooo! I love a little Christmas tree with my turkey! It just brings it all together. Plus Thanksgiving is late this year so I’m missing out on a whole week of tree! see you in two days!

  1. I decorated on Sunday. The way I see it, it was a month until Christmas Eve, I’m in my apartment 1 day this week, and I wanted to come home after Thanksgiving to a decorated apartment. Plus, like you I’m not spending a whole lot of time in my apartment before Christmas and I wanted to enjoy it. I’m not at work today, but you should walk by my office to see how Erin and I decorated there.

    Besides, I don’t decorate for Thanksgiving. Isn’t it a little weird to hang up pictures of the very thing you’re going to cook and eat? Thanksgiving = Turkey and Football. Christmas = Awesome decorations.

    • That’s cute! Growing up we always had a fake tree and once I hit college we used to wait until I came home to put it together. It was always a fun process, but it was a lot of work to start just before the holidays! Since living on my own, I’ve always gotten a real one Thanksgiving weekend. I love being surrounded by the holiday season as soon as possible so I’m hating this late Thanksgiving.

  2. I’d usually agree with Dean, but these reasons are all too good to ignore! Especially if you’re traveling lots, you should enjoy the tree for as long as possible ๐Ÿ˜‰ Christmas music is the one thing I always wait for until after Thanksgiving. It’s so much fun decorating and jamming to your favorite classics!

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    • I’m seriously the worst. Christmas music was on in my car 2 weeks ago haha! I try my best to wait until after Thanksgiving to listen to it regularly… but it was snowing!

    • We’ll definitely get ours up this weekend, too. Dean’s okay with the Thanksgiving weekend rule. I just like to jump the gun. I’m probably going to do some more decorating before then though because I can’t help myself!

  3. I’m not sure if I’m going to get a tree this year since we have a crazy kitten, but I’m looking forward to helping my mom decorate the one at my childhood home this weekend!

    • I’m not heading home this holiday season and I’m a little sad that I won’t be helping out with that stuff. My family’s holiday decor has definitely calmed down since I was a kid but it was still always fun to get everything out of the attic and up around the house.

  4. If I made it to my storage unit last week it would have been up already. Last year, I bought the tree the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Thank god it’s fake so it is whatever.

    When we get a house, we can have a real tree (assuming the husband likes the smell of the real tree as he’s never had one) but we will see!

    GET THAT TREE UP!! You can make paper turkeys to decorate the tree now then decorate it Friday for Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚ And new years you can put balloons in it with wishes or something to pop as the night looms on. (Saw pinterest on that one!)

    • hahha turkeys on the tree! That’s so funny. I hope Marty likes the smell of a real tree! It’s such a great part of the season. Once you stop noticing the scent of a real tree Dean goes crazy for the pine smelling candles … actually he likes them year round.

  5. I, obviously, 100% agree with all of your reasoning. Especially since Thanksgiving is late this year. This time last year you would already have a tree up! On top of being away for the week of Christmas – it’s a no brainer. Get a tree! The longer you wait the less pretty ones there will be (I actually highly doubt this but, hey, it can be another excuse!) Get your tree before everyone else does. PLUS it snowed today. Snow and Christmas tree go hand in hand. Like Santa and reindeer. You can’t have one without the other. I say get a tree asap! We have our tree up it just needs it’s accessories now!

    • Yes this silly snow today should definitely be seen as a sign. It’s like the christmas spirit knew this post was going to go up and decided to help me out. I’m jealous that Josh put the tree up already!

  6. these are PERFECT reasons, in addition to the fact that the only reason you need is because you want to! with as fast as the days, weeks, and months have been going, it only makes sense to decorate sooner so you can enjoy it for a decent amount of time. otherwise, as soon as you get it all done, you’ll just have to take it back down. i say, just start decorating and Allegra and Dean will have to join in!

    but seriously, drinking hot chocolate and watching tv with the tree all decorated and lit up in the background is THE BEST.

    xo nicole
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