The Hunt for the Perfect Leggings

The most comfortable outfit we can think of without wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, has to be black leggings with a long tank and sweater over it. The problem? Those darn leggings are see through most of the time! We have gone through so many tights, trying to find the right ones (without spending SO much money). The more expensive ones are probably a lot thicker and more comfortable to wear in public, but as we are not made of money- when we have 60 bucks, it is not leggings we are looking to spend money on.

We have tried Simply Vera Vera Wang Solid Leggings, from Kohl’s. These were definitely one of our favorites. When we first bought these and tried them on, they were PERFECT. The cost- around $17 bucks when they are on sale. Not too bad! Simply Vera leggings have an elastic waist, that you cannot see in the picture below.

“I especially like the Capri Leggings. The only issue I had with the longer ones, was that the waist is SO high! They always cover my belly button, plus a few more inches above that! That muffin top really shows (-_-).  LOL. But they really are so comfortable. Great for wearing either length under jeans in the winter.” -N

Our mother is the most honest critic we have. When she said these tights were just right because you could not see through them, we were in… until 5 or 6 washes later… They wore away really fast, and we were seeing things people in public did not need to see. In which case, we threw them into our pajama pile and bought new ones. We bought a few new leggings but instead of washing them with our regular loads, we have been washing them with our delicate wash to see if it’ll last longer. So far… so good.

Realizing we needed to try another brand as well, we went for capri leggings from Lauren Conrad’s collection, also at Kohl’s. (Obviously, we have a thing for Kohl’s. Don’t judge.) We could not find these specific ones on the site, but they now have the LC Lauren Conrad Solid Leggings. Currently, these are selling for $10. Great deal for the price! The ones we had bought, were extremely soft and light. We are betting the longer ones are probably very similar. Instantly saw through these though. Wearing the right kind of undergarments would help with not showing what strangers should not get a peek at!

Lastly, while shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club (another fave), we walked past leggings, on sale. We decided to take a took at them, of course they felt super comfortable, and there were TWO in one pack! It felt like we hit the jackpot. Immediately bought 2 packs. THESE LEGGINGS ARE SO INCREDIBLY COZY!

Unfortunately, after an hour of searching, we were unable to find them anywhere on the internet to share with you all. WOMP WOMP. We’ll be on the lookout and let you all know if we find them again. The only thing on the leggings themselves is, “Mind Body Soul.” The waist does not have elastic on it so that they do not squeeze and show areas you are trying to hide (for me at least -N). If you wear black or nude underwear, you cannot see a single thing. Perfection. They hug your legs in all the right places, keep you warm and look great.

The search for a more perfect legging for a reasonable price continues though. We know a lot of people are against wearing tights in public, but we can’t help it if they’re the best lazy clothes.

Do you think it is acceptable to wear leggings in public? What brands have you found to be  best?

Have an amazing weekend, friends!

PS- New legging suggestions for 2015!


  1. I live in leggings and am always on the hunt for a good cheap pair. I also hate when they are see through! We don’t have Kohl’s here but I”m going to have to try and find some of your suggestions!

    • I was really excited when I saw that B&N were going to make this a post because I always wimp out with leggings. It’s just so hard to find a good pair, but this a good list of brands to try out.

  2. i, too, live in leggings. i have a couple of pairs from Forever 21 ($5-$10 i think?) that i love for their extra opaque-ness and extra coziness. i have been searching for a pair of reasonably priced fleece-lined leggings. i think next winter they will have been on the market long enough to pop up at places like target and F21. until then, these will have to do!

    • We have to try the fleece-lined leggings, they seem perfect for winter, but like you said, maybe next winter we’ll find inexpensive ones. We also need to try Forever 21, haven’t walked into that store in years!

  3. Great post. I love all of the information. I will need to look for the leggings that you found. My Target ones were ripped on a chair and I need new ones. I have a link party called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop and would love to have you share this with everyone. It runs from Wednesday through midnight Sunday. Here is the link to the party.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

    • Ahh! Thank you very much Debi! We will sure to link up on your blog 🙂 Let us know what you think of the legging picks and how they work for you!

  4. LOVE my forever 21 leggings. they are seamless, not see-thru, are incredibly comfy and only cost like 5 bucks. I need to get back there to by some ankle length black ones. I currently have capri length grey ones, but could use a more winter-friendly version.

  5. Great review! I like leggings but I always make sure to wear them with a long top and boots so it doesn’t look like I forgot my pants 🙂

    I’ve never tried them, but Hue makes a nice pair of leggings. They look thick too. I saw them at Macy’s recently.

  6. I l-o-v-e leggings! I don’t live in them–but they are such an easy to go to with boots and a button down. I haven’t tried Vera Wang from Kohl’s, but I do have a pair from the Lauren Conrad line and they are opaque. Love them. Thanks for the post! 🙂

    • Leggings are always best when you don’t want to put too much effort into an outfit. For us at least 🙂 We’re glad you enjoyed the post!

  7. I am all abut wearing leggings, but only if the top is easily long enough to cover the butt. Then there’s no worry about what color underwear you are wearing! Otherwise, you’re just wearing tights and that’s definitely a no no. BUt if your butt is covered and you’ve got nice legs, I say wear them til the cows come home. My issue is that I am short but my legs are muscular so I have to pull my crotch up all day because they move too much. I have found a couple of magical pairs at Marshall’s but I never buy more than one at a time, so I can never find them again. I bought some really terrible pairs last year too. I have 2 pair of Calvin Klein capri leggings that I got at Marshall’s and I wear them to death in the spring and fall, but this time of year, I need full length. My big issue this year is wanting to add more than just black or grey. If I want brighter colors, I have to get them with pockets and the whole point of wearing leggings is NOT to have pockets that show through your top! I hate that look! It’s a perpetual dilemma for me!

    • We haven’t really tried many color leggings just yet.. The black solid ones are a hassle all on their own. I think buying a few pairs once in a while is absolutely fine as long as you find the pair you love. Washing them with your delicate clothes so they don’t fade will extend the life of your leggings. We’re not a big fan of pockets either! If we find a good pair of colored leggings, we will be sure to let you know!

  8. Omg I came across your blog because I too found these leggings in BJS!! I googled the brand to try and buy a few more pairs but no luck 🙁 The mind body soul..they are perfect! I’ve even washed mine quite a few times and they are still nice and black and comfy..we must try and find these!

      • i was at bj’s and also stumbled across the leggings and figured id buy a pack since i live in leggings and have like 12 pairs that are either too see through, too tight, too baggy or have holes in them!! i never wouldve thought to look for leggings at bjs but when i saw the 2 pack for a good price i figured id grab them ( dont remember the price but it was def a good deal for 2 pairs!) anyway i was just folding laundry and googled the brand in the leggings to try to find online and this was the closest i came! i guess ill just have to go back to bjs!

        • and by the way i’ve had the two pairs from bj’s for probably a few months now and i wear them all the time so they have been through the wash plenty of times and are still just as comfy and fit perfectly! and they are definitely not see through!! 😀

  9. Sports direct in the Uk had a pair of the mind body and soul leggings. I bought them, loved them and went back for more. No-one in the shop had ever heard of them or recognised the logo or name. Never to be seen again in any store I’ve tried. Spooky.
    Just have to keep on looking . . . . . .

  10. Came across this bc I bought the mind body and soul leggings at BJs too. Since I bought them I am now pregnant and they r the only pants that fit me perfect. I’ve been looking everywhere just wish I knew then and bought more I need more!

  11. Hi.. Just picked up the Mind Body Soul leggings from BJ’s for a second time… My first 2 bought months ago are still perfect. I just needed more! Not sure if ever BJ’s is restocked but I live in NJ and they had a bunch…

  12. Sorry, I meant to type that I wasn’t sure if all BJ’s are restocked…

  13. Sorry, I meant to type that I wasn’t sure if all BJ’s are restocked…I checked the packaging this time around but no website to be found.. I do have a BJ’s item # if anyone is interested.. #712499.. Hope this helps..

  14. Mind Body Soul: I got a 2-pack of their jeggings from Costco in here in Canada more than a year ago and have been looking for them again without luck.

    I am nearly 5’10” so a big issue for me and pants, including leggings, is length. If anyone knows of any long, comfy brands I am interested.

    I have tried Vera Wang, and wasn’t real keen on either the quality, fit or length.

    • So glad to hear you found a pair! That’s the same brand B&N got at BJs can’t find anymore. I recently heard a rumor that they’re at Kohls but I haven’t seen them yet.

  15. I found SOME information on the Mind Body & Soul brand…it is an affiliate of French Dressing clothing line–on the website. However these great leggins are not on their site 🙁 I have an email into the company asking where to buy. Fingers crossed, and I will share once I hear. I love, love them!

    • ahhhhhh You definitely have to let us know! I actually never found the brand myself. I know they’re around every so often but they sell out so fast!

  16. BJ’s Wholesale club has the ‘Mind, Body, Soul’ leggings in stock. I almost freaked out when I saw them. I bought 3 packs and I went to the Christiana Mall area in Delaware.

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