The Easy DIY Candle

Dean and I constantly have a candle burning, so you could just imagine the amount of jars and little vases we have laying around. I guess some people throw away their jars after a candle burns out? Who knew! Growing up we used the freezer method to clean out candle jars and this method actually allows you to hold onto your old wax if you choose. At some point last year I decided I would start saving the tiny candle scraps.

I have a jar filled with scraps of candles that smells like Christmas, one that has more fall/winter scents, and now that my spring/summer jar turned into two jars, I figured it was time to do something with it them. Obviously making a brand new candle seemed like the easy choice.

Easy DIY candle

A Jar
Candle Wick
Wax or Candle Scraps
Water and a Stove

What to do:

Make yourself a new candle from old scraps!

1- Put all of your candle scraps together in a single jar.


an easy new candle from old candle scraps!

2- Put said jar in a pot of cool water and bring to a boil.


DIY Candle from old scraps

3- And wait for alllll of your wax to melt. You’ll see here that I added a second, smaller jar to the mix. I realized that I wanted to use my candle right away so I chose to heat up a smaller jar so that I could pour my wax directly into it’s new home. I didn’t want the jar to crack under the heat so I decided to bring it to a boil with my other candle.


DIY Candle from old scraps

4- Now here’s the tricky part. Take your smaller jar and glue the bottom of your wick to the bottom of the jar. If you’re smarter than me (which now you will be) you should also find a way to get your wick to stand straight up now- before pouring in the wax. I was dumb and didn’t think this through and I had to put those knives on top of my jar to hold the wick in place. You’re not going to do that though. You’re going to tie the top of the wick to something (I suggest a pencil or maybe some chopsticks) and balance said object on top of the jar to hold the wick in place like this picture.

And that’s it! You just hang out and let your candle cool. Once it’s back to a solid candle form, you can just trim the wick and light that baby up!

candle from old scraps!


So there she is in all her glory!

Do you save the scraps of your candles, too?
Any other crazy jar hoarders out there?

I’ve got mason jars, candle jars, sauce jars.
…is this something I shouldn’t admit on the web?
..anyone need a jar?

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  1. Great diy! We are thinking of trying out our own candles, you make it sound real easy which I like 🙂 I read somewhere else you can also add some boiling water to the jar and that will loosen up the old wax. Just drain and then melt the wax to make your next candle. cleans the jar the same time!
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