It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this flashing cursor on wordpress, but something has been calling me to post lately. I feel like a whole different person since the last few times I’ve been here. I’ve changed jobs, ¬†moved to a new state, donated half of my belongings and started rebuying and rebuilding different parts of my life. I haven’t really been able to keep up with the blog world over the last few years, but lately I’ve found myself browsing some old favorites. So let’s think of this post as a little mic test. (Hello? Is this thing on?) and a long overdue set of some links I’ve been digging.

  • Stephanie Gerber (the blogger behind Hello Glow) posted about some great natural diffusers andddddd¬†her new book! I have this sitting in my amazon cart just waiting to be purchased as we speak!
  • Delia Creates teamed up with Lion’s Brand yarn and fellow bloggers to promote knitting/crocheting for a cause.
  • Waking up is my last favorite part of the day and hitting snooze is my archnemesis. Maybe I’ll have to try one of these tricks tested by Apartment Therapy.
  • Man Repeller listed out 13 articles worth a read after the election.
  • A cute, printable worksheet for Thanksgiving created by Almost Makes Perfect!
  • A pair of shoes that I’m keeping my eye on.


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