#OOTD 5: Winter Edition

cold weather #ootd

 Knitting Ain’t Easy Hat  |  Handmade Scarf (similar)

Over the last month or two I’ve spent too much time in cold weather! I thought that moving down to southern Florida would banish jackets and boots from my wardrobe for a while, but after a two week trip to PA and record lows here in Miami, I now know that I was mistaken. I figured my summer weather wear probably isn’t so helpful right now, but these cold weather #ootd’s might be a little more familiar to everyone braving this horrific winter.



 Loft Sweater (old)  |    Old Navy Tee  |  Jcrew Factory Pants
Target Scarf (old)  |  Sperry Boots  | Knitting Ain’t Easy Hat


Unknown Sweater (Thanks Nicole!)  |  Target Tank  |  Jcrew Factory Pants
Jcrew Factory Vest (sold out)  | Target Scarf (old)  |  Sperry Boots  | Knitting Ain’t Easy Hat


Jcrew Factory Top (similar)  | Target Tank  |  Target Jeans (similar)
Knitting Ain’t Easy  Cowl  |  Target Flats (similar)

As you can see, I’ve had a thing for navy lately. What have you been wearing?


Between New York and Pennsylvania, I lived in the northeast for a total of 26 uninterrupted years. I’ve hated the cold for as long as I can remember. Layering up just to take Allegra for a walk, scraping ice from my windshield, walking into work with frozen feet, are all examples of things I don’t miss at all. Like, not even a little bit.

Here in Florida, I’m sitting outside to read a book, tanning at the beach  and having a drink near the pool in November! Jackets and coats are unnecessary and it’s hilarious to watch everyone go nuts when they hear about temps in the 60’s. It’s really a dream and I don’t want to complain, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t a little weird. I mean, It’s almost Thanksgiving and I haven’t asked for a Christmas tree once yet. Not even once! This time of year usually brings a deep struggle for me, as I’m usually dying to deck every hall I see by now. I brought this up to Dean recently and he confessed that he hadn’t even noticed. “It’s mid-November?”

Overall I’m really enjoying the weather, but every so often I find myself lusting after a dark and cozy outfit. Something I would have been wearing on the weekend back in PA. Maybe a winter visit wouldn’t be so bad?

winter in the northeast


sweater (similar)  |  top  |  pants
booties  |  bag  |  polish

Spring Ahead

transitioning into spring

button up // sweater  // jeans // coat
 // watch // bag // earrings

Guys. We hit temperatures in the 40’s this weekend and yesterday it wasn’t dark until after 7pm. Do you know what this means? Spring really is coming!
I was starting to feel like Mother Nature forgot about us there for a few minutes.

In honor of the new found sun and the possibility of warm (read: not freezing) weather, I’m going to start bringing spring back into my wardrobe.  The plan is to see what I can use from my closet to build looks similar to this one. I like the idea of incorporating brights and neutrals again- it’s a nice change from my current winter darks. I’m also still on the hunt for a camel coat. I’ve wanted one for a while but I’m hoping there might be a few stragglers left on sale now. Any ideas?

Winter Boots

I’ve found that I really hate buying boots. I currently have one pair of booties (purchased from Target on sale this fall), one pair of tall boots (purchased from payless on sale because I had a shoe emergency this fall), and one pair of snow boots (purchased in 2006 because it was really cold to walk to and from classes without them). What’s ridiculous is that I wear these 3 pairs of old/cheap boots ALL OF THE TIME.

With these obscene temperatures lately, my feet have been screaming at me whenever I have to go outside. I think it’s time for an upgrade.

the hunt for a dependable winter boot

brown & red  //  tan & brown// bean boots
dark brown beans // all brown // Caterpillers

I think my problem is really that I just hate boots. They’re warm and I like being warm, but other than that I ‘m not in love. They’re expensive and it’s always so hard for me to tell what kind of boot will look good on me. Plus my winter boots have to meet a few standards for me to buy them:

  1. They have to last more than one winter
  2. They have to keep me warm in the snow
  3. They have to withstand gross slush
  4. They have to be relatively simple to pull on and take off quickly when I get to work.

Anyone have any boot suggestions for me? What do your feet wear in the cold?

Sweater Weather

neutral sweatersLeft: 1, 2, 3
center (edit- now sold out)
Right: 1 (sold out – similar), 2, 3


Anyone else really like the song “sweater weather“? I feel like it just fits a lot of things. In fact, before reading you should probably take a second to bring that video up and press play…. Now that that’s out of the way we can continue on.

As much as I love sweater weather, I am NOT loving this current arctic weather we’ve been having lately. Windchills at negative what? For real? For real.

In response I’ve started obsessively searching for sweaters like crazy and my wallet has been crying. Why can’t good sweaters just be a little cheaper?

How are the temps by you? Any fun sweaters to make the situation better?