Happy Thanksgiving, American Friends! Today Dean is making his first turkey and he’s so excited that he’s been talking about it all week. Thank goodness he’s so handy in the kitchen, because I’m definitely not. My responsibilities include French’s Green Bean Casserole and an easy two layered pumpkin pie and Dean’s handling everything else.  Speaking of  thanks, I came by here today to create a short list of some things I’m thankful for:


Family  |  Dean  |   Allegra  |  Good Friends  |  My Health  |  Clean Water  |  Food on the Table  |  Shelter
and French’s French Fried Onions

(seriously. I can’t stop eating them!)


Last Minute Thanksgiving DIYs

This year Dean offered to cook a little Thanksgiving dinner for us here at home. We bought a little turkey and I’ve been hunting down some recipes for side dishes, but something seemed a little off. And then it hit me: WE HAVE NO DECORATIONS UP. We’re wearing shorts and running around a non-decorated home. Thanksgiving turkeys just don’t seem to fit in. Sooooo we went a little nuts and purchased a Christmas tree early.Don’t worry, we decided to leave the tree TBD (to be decorated) until after Thanksgiving, but it just gives the house such a great smell and the perfect, winter feel. I know everyone doesn’t agree, but I like winter/holiday decorations for Thanksgiving. I think it all kind of fits together.  But if you don’t, have no fear! There are much easier, more “thanksgiving-y” options available to you. Here are some of my favorites.



simple gold paper garland.


Here we have a cute paper garland project. I like this DIY because it’s so simple to put together, but it makes a large impact. How cute would this look strung up on a mantle or across a cute bookshelf?




cinnamon candle


Add some cinnamon sticks to common candles! It gives off a light scent, but it’s definitely not overpowering. Most importantly they look super cute! I get compliments on these guys every season (they also make cute and cost effective gifts!)


thanksgiving printable


There’s nothing better than a free printable! How much easier can life get, right? This quote is offered both as a utensil holder or for your favorite frame.



thanksgiving ideas


Gold paint! Paint a pumpkin or a little turkey figurine, either way it’s going to look a little more elegant and a little more grown up in gold.



thanksgiving ideas


Speaking of gold, how great would these look on your dinner table with a gold candle or a cute cold bow tied around the vase? Such a simple way to literally take your cranberries from you Thanksgiving table right into the holiday season.



Do you have some easy DIY’s that you’ll use to decorate for Thursday? Please share! I’d love to hear 🙂

6 ideas for leftover Halloween goodies

Total count of kids who came trick or treating at our house this year? ZERO.

As in 0.




And while that’s pretty sad it in itself, it also means that we have a lot of leftover candy around here and I refuse to eat it all. So if you’re like me, here are some ideas for you!

  1. Donate it. Ask around at local libraries, nursing homes, shelters and food banks. There are plenty of places that will take sealed candy.
  2. Send it to the troops (more info here– must be done by 11/15!)
  3. Freeze them– Candy lasts for a long time. Get them out of your face but still save some for later by throwing them in the freezer for a bit.
  4. Bring them to the office. Is it just me or do candy bowls always go super quickly at work?
  5. Save it for your Thanksgiving table.
  6. You’ve been gobbled! Have you heard of this? It’s the same thing as being “booed” for Halloween or “jingled” for Christmas. Print out the flyer below and put together a few little goody bags and secretly leave them for friends!

You've been Gobbled! (And other things to do with your leftover Halloween candy)


PS- Don’t forget to enter to win a free pair of glasses!

Thanksgiving Wear

What kind of Thanksgiving do you have?

It’s a tough call. Do you get dressed up to eat a lot of food? Are you the person cooking? Is it a big family gathering? A few people? It’s funny how everyone celebrates so differently. Lucky for you, I have way too much fun with polyvore so I came up with 3 different outfits I would love to wear for thanksgiving, depending on the get-together of course.

cozy thanksgiving wear

sweater, top, pants, slippers
watch, bag, nailpolish

casual thanksgiving

sweater, pants, scarf, booties
bag, glasses, watch + co.

what to wear for thanksgiving

dress, cardigan, tights
boots, necklace, lipstick

Growing up we were always the cozy holiday family- especially for Thanksgiving. Jeans were not my friend. Thinking about it now, a dress seems like a pretty comfy option – hooray no pants on Thanksgiving!

What kind of dress does your family do for Thanksgiving?

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