6 Great Cigars to Smoke with Your Dad on Father’s Day [Guest Post]

Today I have a post for you from my good friend, Joe Casabona. He’s a computer science professor, a published author and he owns his own business. He’s also a big lover of all things Disney and cigars. With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, I asked him to take a second out of his life to share some of his favorite gift-worthy cigars for all of you ladies who are looking for a classic gift to get your dad this Father’s Day.

Those who follow me on Instagram or Twitter already know I’m quite a cigar fan. I’m always willing to try new brands and have a core set of cigars that I love smoking. With Father’s Day right around the corner (and Jenn doing a bang-up job on her Mother’s Day post) [aww thanks Joe Joe], I wanted to contribute a list of great smokes for your old man and you. Here they are in no particular order.

The Alec Bradley Prensado

Price: $10-12

The Prensado
Bestowed with the honor of 2011’s Number 1 cigar by Cigar Afficionado, this is a solid, well put together cigar that has hints of leather and chocolate. As CA mentions, it’s an instant classic.


The Rocky Patel Fifty

Price: $19-21

This one is probably my favorite smoke. Created for Rocky Patel’s 50th birthday, it’s got some bold flavors of wood and dark coffee with a hint of spice and a nice even burn. And it lasts; boy does it last- you really get your money’s worth with the cigar.


The Alec Bradley New York

Price: $9-11

Alec Bradley New York

Even though the Prensado got the honor of top dog in 2011, my favorite Alec Bradley is the New York. Named and created just for the Empire State, it was only available in NY for a while; luckily that is no longer the case. This is a medium-full bodied cigar has a thick smoke and rich draw. It will definitely not disappoint.


The Asthon VSG Eclipse

Price: $11-13

This cigar…this cigar was the first real dark one I smoked and I loved it. It’s a bit oily and has tastes of coffee and chocolate that make it a bold, rich smoke you can enjoy on a nice summer’s evening.


Gurkha Castle Hall

Price: $5-7

Gurkha Castle Hall

I consistently say, “I’ve never smoked a bad Gurkha,” and this was the cigar that made me realize it. I bought a box at a great deal and immediately fell in love. It’s a medium smoke that’s a little bit sweet and a little bit spice, with a fantastically easy draw that lasts.


The Baccarat

Price: $4-6

The Baccarat was my first real cigar so it will always have a special place with me. It’s great for the price, and it’s a mild smoke with a sweet wrapper and a creamy taste. It burns kind of quick but for the cost and flavor, going back for seconds isn’t necessarily a bad thing…just wait 15 minutes between smokes. Any less is considered addictive behavior!*



*tisk tisk* Joey. Look at you being all cigar addicted. Just kidding. Thanks for the post! I wouldn’t know where to start with buying a cigar but I can think of a few father figures who could benefit from one or more of these suggestions. No more black and milds’ for them! ūüėȬ†


Oh, and hey bloggers! Joe’s company, Manifest Development, hosts WLB. He is easy to work with and I often refer to him as if he is google when I have a computer issue. Interested in moving to wordpress? Well maybe I should mention that he also has written a book about wordpress (Building WordPress Themes from Scratch) and has another one hitting stores in December… He’s seriously a bloggers dream. Hit him up if you’re interested in finding out more information about his web services.¬†

PS-Don’t let that get to your head, Joey. You’re good and all, but Robby is still the smartest brother.


PPS-I was not compensated for this post. Joe is just a good friend who does pretty darn awesome things. Phew! This is definitely one of WLB’s longest posts to date! If you made it through, I owe you a cake or something.

4 Summer Favorites [Guest Post]

By the time this post goes live I’ll be sitting on a plane, anxiously awaiting my arrival in El Salvador. I’m probably really excited, a little nervous, and really bored. I like plane and all… but I get over the fun of it pretty quickly. Obviously I’m not interested in keeping you bored over here so I’m going to cut myself off now and just say this:¬†To kick start the next 2 weeks of greatness, I’d like to introduce Rachel from Life Unsweetened.¬†


Hi everyone, I’m Rachel from Life Unsweetened and today I’m taking over Jenn’s blog while she’s on her trip. In honor of summer almost being here, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about a few of my favorite things about the sunny season.


S’mores. While I suppose you could eat most of these foods year-round, I find myself gravitating towards certain dishes and desserts once the weather gets warmer. The first treat that I’m excited for each summer are s’mores. Since we live in upstate NY and have a big yard, my family loves having campfires during summer nights. We invite over friends and family and crack open a few cold ones and gossip. I’m from a small town- what do you expect? There’s something so yummy about the combination of a toasted (not burnt) marshmallow, chocolate and crispy graham crackers.


ferris wheel

Fairs. Every year I try to make it to at least one of the state fairs or carnivals in New York or a surrounding state. While I’m not a big roller coaster person (I’m not scared of heights, I just get motion sickness), I do enjoy just about everything else. From the food (fried Pop-Tarts were an item I tried last year) to the farm animals, there’s so much to do and look at. Plus, it’s a great place for people-watching and getting a sunburn.


summer clothes

The clothes. Like most women, I’m not 100% comfortable in how I look in skimpy clothes, but summer’s heat calls for shorts, bikinis and tank tops. I enjoy wearing trendy boots and heels as much as anyone else, but let’s face it- wearing sandals everyday is pretty awesome. So thanks, summer! It’s so much easier to throw on a casual sundress or a tank and shorts than to pick out a blazer, blouse and pants like I would in the winter.


summer air

The air. I love fresh air in the summer. Living in the country, I look forward to being able to open my windows at night and get a nice breeze and smell all the scents of summer. I get all nostalgic when driving in the summer with my windows down, letting in the warm air and blasting my favorite songs from high school (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this). As corny as it sounds, there’s just something magical about the summer air.

Now that you’ve read mine, what are YOUR favorite things about summer?


¬†If you don’t read Rachel’s blog you’re seriously missing out. I love that she gives 100% of herself in every post and when she talks about the ups and downs of life, it’s almost as if you’re sitting at a coffee shop with a good friend. If you’re all finished here on WLB, do yourself a favor and hop on over to¬†Life Unsweetened¬†to catch up on everything you’ve been missing!¬†Thanks again girl!

5 Things

Happy Friday! This week has been so long and not very fun. It’s really a¬†miracle¬†I’ve made it out alive!¬†Here are 5 things that have gotten me through the week (and taken me straight to one of the most beautiful things ever – a 3 day weekend)!


1-Looking for a new music app for your tablet? My friend Joey wrote up a nice review of some of your best options!

2-A thought provoking read – are you really living your own life?

3- If you’re a dog lover like me, there’s a high chance that this video from one of CNN’s reports on OK¬†will make you cry just a bit.

4- Dean and I cut cable when we moved so I haven’t been able to keep up with my favorite sport at my favorite time of the year – playoff hockey. Even thought I couldn’t watch it, The New York Rangers winning yesterday’s game still made me do a little happy dance.

5- Allegra was¬†really really really¬†cute yesterday. (And¬†really really really terrible this morning.) I have the cutest picture everrrr but it just won’t load. Rest assured I will post it later. Let’s be real, I’m too much of a proud mom not to.

Edit: For your viewing pleasure.allegra


What are you guys doing for Memorial Day weekend?
Wearing a similar outfit to any that I posted yesterday?
What’s your favorite part about a 3 day weekend?

With Luck

Weekend Recap & Bedroom Blues

This weekend, Dean and I decided that it was time for us to give our bedroom a¬†face-lift¬† Since we live in an apartment and painting is out of the question, we just did a good old fashioned reno with the things that we had. A little info on our room- it’s really too big for our leftover college¬†furniture. We ended up moving around our bed and dresser and pulling in an old desk to try and make the room look more homey.

There are definitely more items in here… but nothing seems to go together. It’s not the worst, definitely not the best, but we’re broke so it will have to do. If I was rich (or a real adult), I imagine I would have one of those soft, comfy rooms you see all over Pinterest. Here’s a bunch of my favorite bedroom pins.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I’ve been staring at this duvet for the last year or so, but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger. I actually had a shot to buy it on an awesome sale at a West Elm outlet on Long Island, but I ended up walking out empty handed. All in all I do really like the duvet, but I think it’s the beautiful wood bed frame and night table that I’m really in love with.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I really love this whole house designed by Jenny Wolf. This room is a wonderful way to show off the fact that blue and red don’t have to equal “Amurrica” or 4th of July. And lets talk about how the chosen patterns gives the room depth without clashing. Why can’t I do that with my mix-matched furniture? In love.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I have this silly life goal of having awesome french doors in my bedroom. I’m a huge lover of natural light and I also happen to have a giant crush on the way french doors look. So if I could use french doors to give me natural light in my bedroom, I think I’d be set for life. Plus-could you imagine having a cute little iron table and chair set right outside of your bedroom? All I’d need is a coffee maker on my nightstand and I’d feel like I was permanently placed in my favorite bed and breakfast.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I love the color scheme of this room. I love the couch and pillow choices at the foot of the bed. The cutesy pillowcases, the white accent pieces, the¬†beautiful¬†blue quilt – I love it all. Well..I don’t love what looks like wood paneling wallpaper, but everything else is gold.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I’m not a big purple person, but for some reason the purple touches are my favorite part of this room. The contrasting purple and gold are perfectly done!

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
Do you or do you not want to lay in this bed forever? I love this textured duvet from Pottery Barn. I love the giant windows. I love the mix of the rustic wood and the metallic touches.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I love this one because the blue and yellow is a color scheme that I think I could get Dean on board with. He tends to tell me that my bedroom choices are a bit to feminine for him. Although this one is definitely still bright and soft with tons of feminine features, I think the color choices and art possibilities could make it agreeable.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I’m unsure of the original source on this one, but it’s one of my favorites. The color choices make me so happy – but Dean wouldn’t have it. I already have some grey and beige items…You think I could start sneaking in various teal and pink accents?

I have many more bedrooms pinned on my Pinterest, so if you’re interested in seeing more of my home inspirations you can find me there!

Which one of these is your favorite?
What are your dream bedrooms like?
Do normal bedrooms in real people homes actually match?

With Luck