ETSY SHOP: Survey & a free printable!

ME & YOU- free print

So you know that I recently started an Etsy shop, right? Well last week I had my first sale & this week I have a new deal in the making- yahoo! I’m so excited and super motivated to create more!

Dean was recently asked to be a best man in a wedding next year, so I’ve started playing around with some little lovey prints first. It started as a simple gift idea, but now I’m thinking maybe other people would be interested too! But here’s where you come in: What about you? Would you be interested in buying these kinds of things?

Here’s a simple print that I made as an example. This one is FREE for you, my favorite reader and friend. Want it customized? Let me know and we’ll chat about some options. I’m thinking that I can put downloadable prints for something super reasonable, maybe $4 for an instant print. Then it ups to $6 for the same download but with 2 customized names (instead of me and you)….. additional customizations TBD. So help me out- would you buy something like this?

Calendar by Week

weekly calendar- free printable!

During travel season I head to 3-5 different places for meetings each day. I type each meeting into my calendar and then I usually print out a copy to keep in my car. But even with all of these technology support options, I still find that writing out my schedule helps me get a better idea for the week I am building.

With this in mind I made a quick little printable that just gives me an empty week that I can fill in. I got some positive reviews from my office, so I thought maybe someone out on the interwebz was searching for something similar.  If you want to use this simple weekly sheet, just click on the above photo, save it to your computer, and print it out. If you run into any trouble, let me know!

PS- Do you like the idea of these kinds of printables? What calendar ideas would help you better plan your day?