Maxi Dresses & Skirts

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I used to be really anti maxi dresses. I just didn’t get it. They were always long and the material was hot and I used to hate buying dresses anyway because they were difficult to re-wear often. But sometime over the past year my tune has changed. My closet is packed out with dresses and my maxi’s were front runners while I was in El Sal.

Maxi dresses are breezy and comfortable. They’re easy to pack and easy to re-wear and the fact that I can sit on the ground without having to double check where my dress lands is a big plus for me.  I’ve also found that Target carries cute colors and they make lengths that I don’t trip over!

In fact, the only thing I think I could like more are maxi skirts.

maxi skirt- love it!skirt, shirt, hat, sandals, bag,
bracelets(similar), nail polish,
earrings (similar)

So here’s my question for you-
maxi dresses vs skirts
which do you prefer?


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4 Outfits for Memorial Day Weekend

I’m not sure how spring managed to come and go so quickly (and give me allergies but no warm weather), but this weekend is already Memorial Day Weekend (aka MDW). My dad is coming in from Florida so I’m excited for a nice low-key weekend but I know every year is definitely. I love any day that allows me to dress up in America colors (remember this day? We actually did it multiple times.) so I obviously can’t let the weekend pass by without creating a few outfit ideas. Here’s 3 different plans. Hopefully one will fit your weekend!

Option 1- heading to the beach

4 outfits for memorial day weekend

First off, if your plans involve the beach please don’t tell me. I grew up down the block from the beach and I miss it dearly. Please jump in the cold, cold, ocean for me. Also, don’t forget the sunblock and a water bottle!

top, shorts, bathing suit,
shoes (PS- please buy a cheap pair like these. They’re my favorite summer shoes!)
bagSun carebeach Towelwater bottle


Option 2- A summer BBQ

4 outfits for memorial day weekend-
This is probably what I’ll be doing to celebrate the long weekend. I always love a BBQ and I love that this look is full of things I already own. A striped shirt and shorts with brown accessories? I got this.


Option 3 – a family party

4 outfits for memorial day weekend
I don’t feel the need to get all gussied up for this kind of holiday, but if I’m seeing some extended family I might choose to wear something a little more put together than the typical BBQ shorts. I like the idea of staying comfy and stylish with a chambray dress.


Options 4 – Cooler Weather

4 outfits for memorial day weekend
It’s supposed to rain here this weekend so I’m a little nervous about what the weather will be like my Monday. If by some chance it’s chillier, I’m going to go with the white pant option. I just bought white pants (although red would be cool too) and I’ve been dying to wear them in a fun way. Don’t judge this outfit based on the cost of all of these polyvore items, I’ve found cheap versions of all these items at marshalls/TJ!


What are your plans for the weekend?
Any fun outfit choices?!
With Luck
PS- Planning a BBQ? Don’t forget the essentials!

3 Kitchen Gift Guides

I got caught up on Polyvore this weekend with a little contest called “Gift Guide for the Beginner Cook“. Who knew I liked putting together little kitchen gift guides so much? Obviously my weekend deserves to be your Monday viewing pleasure, so without further ado, here are three gift guides for your moving friends.

1-The Kitchen Novice: a little bit of everything

3 gift guides for a new homeowner: kitchen edition

salt & pepper shakers (similar), red pot (similar), wooden utensils,
cutting board setred strainer , kitchen timer, 3 tiered cake stand (similar)


2- The Baker: a focus on the sweets

3 gift guides for a new homeowner: kitchen editionOMG CAKE printwhisk, stacking bowls & teaspoons,
cake stand (or make your own by hot-gluing a candlestick to a plate from the dollar store!),
baking soda, baking spray,
cake flags (make your own by folding washi tape over a toothpick!),
baking pan, cupcake liners


3- Just Moved In: Head to the grocery store and make a nice basket!

3 gift guides for a new homeowner: kitchen edition

What do you guys think?
Have you ever made a little ‘welcome home’ gift basket?
How about getting stuck on Polyvore for hours?…my life.


With Luck

Rainy Days

April Showers

shirtskirttrenchbagwatchumbrella, Boots 


I’ve felt so blessed to finally start feeling the sun on my skin (it’s pretty grey here in the winter) but it can’t be beautiful out every day.  Is it just me or does the taste of blue skies seem to make the rainy days that much worse? I feel like I have to work extra hard in April to look good on rainy days to help me feel good and remind me that it’s spring time and better days are on their way.

I like that this outfit is easy going and fun but the addition of the skirt makes me feel like it would be a bit more pulled together. Just me?

How has the weather been near you lately?
What do you wear to feel good in the rain?

With Luck

PS- Looking for things to keep you busy inside during a storm? How about putting some time into getting yourself involved in the blogging community? I loved these tips from Ashe over at IFB!

Edgy Pastel: take 2

 Oh Monday, Monday Monday…Weekends always go too quickly. Thank goodness I made all of those Polyvore outfits last week because I obviously haven’t pulled my life back together after my one day weekend. Saturday work days really are the worst! I mean really, getting homework done, cleaning up the apartment, laundry, grocery shopping, and doing some blog stuff doesn’t really sound like a relaxing Sunday to me. (Where does the napping fit in?!) Despite my lazy Monday blog post, I swear I actually did some blog related photoshoots and crafts this weekend! I’m really excited to share them with you soon… but for today, you get another taste of my obsession.



I like this outfit for April because it mixes the soft pink & pastels with such strong black accents. It seems so fitting for the weather we’ve been having lately: really bright and sunny but still a cold wind. Plus I’m not typically a big girly-girl so this mixture really allows me to play with more lady-like colors and styles while still feeling like myself.


How was your weekend?
(I hope you were lucky enough to have your full 2 days to yourself!)
What have you guys been wearing lately?
With Luck
PS-Where did the first week of April go? Am I the only dope that hasn’t even done my taxes yet? (PS-thanks Gerard for the reminder. I’ll be going this week.)
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