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If you follow me on Pinterest you probably already know that I’m currently trying to organize our kitchen. While most of our apartment is roomy and wonderful, our kitchen just wasn’t so lucky. Its small and has minimal cabinet space and even less of a counter top. Dean always talks about some roomy kitchen being on his “must have” list every time we move… this time it’s clear that he had to give a little.

Our previous two apartments had a solid amount of kitchen space. Actually, our last kitchen had SO much space that we felt like we had to get more stuff just to fill it. Now we had to buy 3 storage/utility pieces from Ikea just to empty out our boxes and things are all over the place. Have you ever noticed how much more cluttered a space feels when it’s unorganized? If you haven’t, I’ll have you over for coffee sometimes so you can get a feel for it.

I’ll post our winning solution when we’re all done, but for now here are some of my favorite inspiration photos.

kitchen organization inspiration

I love the fact that this example not only hangs items inside the cabinet door, but the extra cork board backing also lets you use the door to attach various memos. I’m picturing cabinets littered with favorite recipes and kitchen tips in the best way possible.


kitchen organization inspiration

Even though Dean doesn’t want to admit it, we really need to go to the Container Store. Imagine all of the upper cabinet space you could neatly fill with little shelves like these?


kitchen organization inspiration

This picture almost makes me want to pull out some chalkboard paint- almost. If I wasn’t renting I’d probably do it, but from experience I’ll let you know that it’s kind of a pain to cover up. But I digress- what I really love about this kitchen is that they use their wall space. Instead of letting cooking utensils and paper towels take up important counter top space, they decided to spread the kitchen a little wider and look up.


kitchen organization inspiration


Open shelves are another great way to use your vertical space. I love that almost anything could go on these shelves- plates, bowls, baking supplies, baskets, a microwave- anything to free up your prep-space.


kitchen organization inspirationIf you have the space to add a cost effective industrial shelving unit like this one- I highly suggest it. We had one in our old apartment and it was seriously a godsend. Just like the open shelving concept above, this unit lets you keep some of your most used kitchen gadgets within reach, but it still allows them all to be put away when not in use. It’s probably the single kitchen item I miss the most from our last apartment and if we had the room she totally would have made the move with us.


kitchen organization inspiration

This easy diy bag organizer makes me feel terrible about throwing away my last coffee can. We use our plastic bags when cleaning up after Allegra, so we do keep and reuse any that we receive. That being said, our collection is a little out of control. Something like this could really help us save space in the pantry.


I think I have something planned for pots/pans and a few other things, but I’m still lost on my tupperwear. The lids always seem to be in the way. Tips are welcomed!

Isn’t that Pinteresting…

I’ve been unapologetically addicted to Pinterest lately. Here are some of my favorite finds.

long bobVia
Guess I’m going to be growing my hair again…

dressing for fallvia
As much as I’m enjoying my time at the beach,
I have to admit that I’m missing my fall closet (mainly the sweaters)

dressing for Fallvia
That first outfit might be too much for the Florida heat, but this one would do just fine! I even have the scarf already. Sign me up!

cute cottage via
How charming is this cottage? I just want to live in here!

my heart is meltingvia
Yep. My heart is melting.

Anyone else find themselves binging on Pinterest every so often? How the heck do I get off of it?!

Style Inspiration

Since switching over my hangers I’ve started to notice the fact that I don’t switch up my wardrobe often. I have tons of clothes hanging nicely in my closet, but I always reach for the same items sitting in a laundry basket. I did a lot of shopping around the holiday season, so I must admit that I’m pretty happy with these repeating items, but it really seems so silly to have so many things then, doesn’t it?  If my plan is to guilt free get rid of stuff, I think it’s only fair to give all of my clothing a fair chance.

So in response I’ve been scouring Pinterest for some fresh ideas. These are some of the ones that I’m going to try and recreate over the next week or two. Who knows, maybe I’ll go crazy and actually take some pictures of my #ootd (indoors and in front of a mirror because it’s wayyyyy too cold outside).

outfit inspiration


outfit inspiration


outfit inspiration


outfit inspiration


outfit inspiration


Where else do you go for outfit inspiration?

Questions of the world: The Pinterest Secret

I’m often surprised by my pins that get repinned on Pinterest.  Don’t get me wrong, I love everything that I pin, I just get surprised by things that don’t get repinned. I often feel like a lot of my favorite pins just sit around on my page and never get seen! Also weird- recently a lot of my really old pins have been blowing up my newsfeed. So how the heck do things get “popular” on Pinterest?


Like this one.. so jealous of the room,
but so surprised by the 101 repins that have suddenly come about.

There are tons of blog posts telling you how to get lots of pins. You have to have interesting content, good pictures, clever wording, etc.. But nobody is telling me how my older pins are resurfacing or why some of my new pins never get seen.

bonjourTake this pin for example, so cute!
So cute I may even be obsessed.

It hasn’t even gotten a like!


hairbut this one… I’d get the haircut in a heartbeat- but 117 repins? Never expected it!


So who knows the Pinterest secret? Why do some of my pins resurface suddenly? Has anyone done any research about the best time to pin something? Hook a sister up and I will respond by telling you something you’ve been looking to learn… or I’ll send you a cookie or something.

What questions of the world do you have?

With Luck

Be Kind.


I think it’s a good idea to start off the week with a positive mindset, don’t you?

I feel like I’ve been really busy lately and the more I have on my plate the less I do for others. I’m going to try to squeeze in a few little acts of kindness this week because let’s face it, life isn’t all about me.

What are you doing this week? Something kind, perhaps?

In other news, how was your weekend?
(Mine was great, thanks. Pictures will be up tomorrow!)

With Luck
psst- find more of my favorite quotes on my Pinterest boards.

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