Cool Girl Outfit

work and play

 work and play work and play

Pink Rose top via Marshalls (similar) |  Old Navy scarf (similar)  |  Loft pants (similar )
JCrew Factory shoes (similar) |  Old Navy earrings (similar) |  Kate Spade watch (similar)

old navy scarf, kate spade watch

My friend Kat called this the “cool girl outfit” and that’s a look I’d like to nail more often.

I love that this style is casual and comfortable enough for a weekend, but when you tuck the shirt in properly, it’s put-together enough to wear to the office. It’s lose fitting and easy to wear and it felt totally “cool”. Now if only I could look like this a bit more often…

#ootw (outfits of the week) + links

After yesterday’s post I thought about buying some makeup to wear outside of my “me time”. So in between work hours, I hoofed it to a local Ulta. Here one of the nice beauty girls offered to do my makeup and show me the ropes. I walked out feeling pretty uncomfortable with an awful lot of blush on my cheeks. I think I’ll just stick to my own little self-care routine for now. Anyway, here are some of my recent outfits.



^^ these two actually go together. There was a little chill in the air that day, but everyone was dressed brightly in honor of the blue skies. (my favorite!)

cardigan & scarf – Target (old)  |  tank- old navy  (not available online)
necklace –etsy  |  pants- limited (old)  | flats-Target



^^ these two were worn while traveling this week. In case you can’t tell, it’s literally the same outfit with a swapped out skirt/tights for skinny pants.

cardigan- loft  |  tank- old navy (not available online)  | scarf- Target (old)
skirt- ann taylor (old)  | pants- jcrew outlet  |  rainboots-sperry


This one was my favorite of the week. It’s almost the same as one from last time, but you like what you like! It’s just the Old Navy Pixie pants , and old blouse from the Loft, necklace. More info on the necklace coming soon! (plus a raincoat just in case).


My favorite links of the week:

An adorable dad found out he was going to be a grandpa.. and I cried in response.

Jolene slowed down to 33rpms is strangely amazing. Looks like I need a new record!

How do you treat the homeless? Most people just walk right on by, even if we think we don’t.

God do I love these lip sync challenges! Emma, will you just be my friend already?!

Alyssa wrote about 9 inspiring women on her blog this week and it was amazing.


Any good weekend plans? It’s supposed to rain at home but I’m just thankful that I get to enjoy it from my house instead of my car! And yes, I’ll probably be playing with Allegra while wearing lipstick until Dean gets home from work.

T-shirts to work


1 3

sweater- American Eagle (similar) /  tshirt- J Crew Factory / pants- Loft
heels- Nine West / necklace- unknown shop in Greece (similar)

I like to dress comfortably 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, my mom taught me that sweatpants are for sleeping and exercising, not work. (What’s the deal with that, Mom?)  Like any good kid, I like to find ways around these rules- enter  slouchy T and a cozy sweater.

All you do is pick a pair of well fitting dress pants, tuck in your favorite t-shirt and throw on your sweater. To pull the outfit together I choose a simple necklace and a kitten heel, and suddenly I felt ready to work (or nap) at my leisure.

tshirt to work

Speaking of favorite t-shirts. I recently went down to the J Crew factory during one of their 40-50% off sales and bought a few new t-shirts. I love the way the vintage tshirts fit, but I’m always unhappy after a few washes so I figured I’d try buying up a size this time to insure that cozy look. So far, so good!


PS- Taking pictures inside is hard. But with the amazingly cold weather over the last few months, taking pictures outside is even harder. At least Allegra likes the extra attention.

puppy love


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Style Inspiration

Since switching over my hangers I’ve started to notice the fact that I don’t switch up my wardrobe often. I have tons of clothes hanging nicely in my closet, but I always reach for the same items sitting in a laundry basket. I did a lot of shopping around the holiday season, so I must admit that I’m pretty happy with these repeating items, but it really seems so silly to have so many things then, doesn’t it?  If my plan is to guilt free get rid of stuff, I think it’s only fair to give all of my clothing a fair chance.

So in response I’ve been scouring Pinterest for some fresh ideas. These are some of the ones that I’m going to try and recreate over the next week or two. Who knows, maybe I’ll go crazy and actually take some pictures of my #ootd (indoors and in front of a mirror because it’s wayyyyy too cold outside).

outfit inspiration


outfit inspiration


outfit inspiration


outfit inspiration


outfit inspiration


Where else do you go for outfit inspiration?

Orange you happy?

I’m declaring 2013 the summer of orange! This week I wore 2 orange tops and 1 orangey-red dress to work – I think I have a problem. I’ve found that my favorite way to wear orange is to pair it with browns and dark blues so I really liked this outfit because I was able to rock both! Plus the sleeveless style buttondown allowed me to feel good walking around for lunch while my easy cardigan kept me warm in the office AC.

orange and blue

orange for the summer

orange and blue

orange and blue + a MK bag
orange and blue + patterned sweaterTop- Epic via marshalls (similar)
Cardigan – Gap Outlet (similar)
Pants – The Limited (similar)
Sandals – Etienne Aigner via Marshalls (similar)
Watch – Fossil Outlet (similar)
Bag- Michael Kors via Marshalls (similar)
Earrings – gift from Dean’s mom 🙂 (similar)

What color have you been wearing lately?

PS-I should also make note that Dean says that my top doesn’t look orange in these pictures… although I can see his point, I’d like to make a public note here that the top is in fact orange in real life.

PPS- Congratulations to the winner of the iPad, Aprile M.! Enjoy it, girl! Thanks to everyone who entered 🙂

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