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If you follow me on Pinterest you probably already know that I’m currently trying to organize our kitchen. While most of our apartment is roomy and wonderful, our kitchen just wasn’t so lucky. Its small and has minimal cabinet space and even less of a counter top. Dean always talks about some roomy kitchen being on his “must have” list every time we move… this time it’s clear that he had to give a little.

Our previous two apartments had a solid amount of kitchen space. Actually, our last kitchen had SO much space that we felt like we had to get more stuff just to fill it. Now we had to buy 3 storage/utility pieces from Ikea just to empty out our boxes and things are all over the place. Have you ever noticed how much more cluttered a space feels when it’s unorganized? If you haven’t, I’ll have you over for coffee sometimes so you can get a feel for it.

I’ll post our winning solution when we’re all done, but for now here are some of my favorite inspiration photos.

kitchen organization inspiration

I love the fact that this example not only hangs items inside the cabinet door, but the extra cork board backing also lets you use the door to attach various memos. I’m picturing cabinets littered with favorite recipes and kitchen tips in the best way possible.


kitchen organization inspiration

Even though Dean doesn’t want to admit it, we really need to go to the Container Store. Imagine all of the upper cabinet space you could neatly fill with little shelves like these?


kitchen organization inspiration

This picture almost makes me want to pull out some chalkboard paint- almost. If I wasn’t renting I’d probably do it, but from experience I’ll let you know that it’s kind of a pain to cover up. But I digress- what I really love about this kitchen is that they use their wall space. Instead of letting cooking utensils and paper towels take up important counter top space, they decided to spread the kitchen a little wider and look up.


kitchen organization inspiration


Open shelves are another great way to use your vertical space. I love that almost anything could go on these shelves- plates, bowls, baking supplies, baskets, a microwave- anything to free up your prep-space.


kitchen organization inspirationIf you have the space to add a cost effective industrial shelving unit like this one- I highly suggest it. We had one in our old apartment and it was seriously a godsend. Just like the open shelving concept above, this unit lets you keep some of your most used kitchen gadgets within reach, but it still allows them all to be put away when not in use. It’s probably the single kitchen item I miss the most from our last apartment and if we had the room she totally would have made the move with us.


kitchen organization inspiration

This easy diy bag organizer makes me feel terrible about throwing away my last coffee can. We use our plastic bags when cleaning up after Allegra, so we do keep and reuse any that we receive. That being said, our collection is a little out of control. Something like this could really help us save space in the pantry.


I think I have something planned for pots/pans and a few other things, but I’m still lost on my tupperwear. The lids always seem to be in the way. Tips are welcomed!

Separating Out Your Closet Questionables.

keep track of how often you wear your clothes by switching around your hangers!

I once read a post on  Young House Love about how Sherry has a “closet average”. She rates her clothes on a 1-10 scale and does her best to not water down the overall rating of the clothes in her closet. Whattt? So smart. You challenge yourself to have a closet you really love. I can do that. I want all 10’s!

So I started quietly rating clothes when I was shopping. Surprisingly, I’ve kept myself from buying a lot of sale items with this method. A good price doesn’t seem so good if it barely hits a 7 on my rating scale. I’m excited by the progress, but I still feel like my closet stinks. Why you ask? Because of the questionables!

allegra the dog

Allegra and I went through all of my clothes, and after donating a bunch of stuff we were left with two piles: things I wear and things I think I’m going to wear. I decided to do a little challenge to weed out the clothes I don’t really wear — aka the questionables.

Here’s how I’m tackling them: I hung up everything I think I’m going to wear in my closet but this time I hung all of my hangers backwards. As I wear and wash an item I’m been putting it back in the closet right way. This allows me to visually see what items I’m wearing.  The plan is that any hanger left unturned after 3 months is going to the goodwill.  Fingers crossed I don’t talk myself out of it — I have just wayyy too much stuff in there.

keep track of how often you wear your clothes by switching around your hangers!

What tricks do you have for building a great closet?

Getting back on track

I don’t know if it’s just a lazy summer thing, but I’ve found myself to be really lazy for the last few months. It takes me forever to get out of bed, I have loathed doing the dishes and laundry, TV has trumped my books, and it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to get up to grab a glass of water when I’m really thirsty. I see this as a bit of an issue.

I’m halfway through two out of the four courses I have left to finish in this calendar year and I’m also in hardcore planning mode for the end of travel season (while I’m already running around on the road, of course). It’s just not okay for me to be lazy right now. Starting today I’m going to do my best to institute the following 3 new rules into my day to see if I can feel a bit more productive.

bee productive

1-No internet before work.
This is how my morning goes:
Phone alarm rings- I snooze it x3. On the last one I roll over, grab my phone, and click on the instagram icon, which is usually followed by email, maybe bloglovin. This is NOT okay. So starting today, no bloglovin/facebook/instagram/email until I’m out of bed and dressed for the day.

2- Institute the 5 minute rule
Here’s how the 5 minute rule goes: If I can get something done in 5 minutes or less, I have to do it. This means I can’t just put a plate in the sink, I have to wash it. It means I can’t just throw stuff on the stairs to bring up later, it’s time to bring it up now.

3- Get homework done early
I’m in an online graduate program, so usually I have homework due mid week and then again at the end of the week. Lately I’ve been logging in on Wednesday and Sunday to read through, start, and submit my assignments. How silly is this? You think I would have learned when I logged in to find that I had an INTERVIEW due that I hadn’t even scheduled…I must log in on Monday and at least read my assignments before the due date just in case.

Sounds simple enough, right? I figured by keeping it to 3 rules I may actually be able to follow them. What simple things do you try to do to be more productive?

Craft Room Dreams

Just a quick post for you all today because my computer is acting funny and I’m having trouble uploading pictures.  Don’t you hate when computers try to grow minds of their own? My goal was to post something new in the travel category, but it looks like it will just have to wait until next week. Boo, I’m sorry! As usual, I aim to please so you won’t be leaving without some kind of update.

Think wayyy back to last month when I posted about all of the little household updates I was trying to get done. (If your memory isn’t working well you can catch up here.) Well I eventually got around to finishing up my little craft shelf but I never posted it here for you all! The wait is finally over – drum roll please!


Isn’t she beautiful? It really stinks that she’s hidden in a closet. Right now she has some of my basics (markers, pens, pencils, paint, hot glue…) on the top shelf, some canvas ready to be painted, scrapbook paper, and a bin of random things on the second shelf, and extra large items on bottom (extra contact paper, cork board, chalkboard paint, bags, tissue paper, blah, blah, blah).  I can’t wait for the day where my craft shelf looks more like the Michael’s closet from Craft Wars. I picture this craft room to be in my mansion, which just so happens to be located right on the ocean. I’m also picturing this room to have a secret entrance into my wonderfully charming library.  A girl can dream!

Some questions for you:
  • What projects have you been starting or finishing this week?
  • If you had an extra room in your house that could hold anything you want (money is not an object here), what would it hold? Books, Crafts, Chocolate, ANYTHING! (Hmmm. I’d like to add a chocolate room to my mansion, please!)
  • Most importantly, do you know how to fix my computer?

Stop and Go Projects

I love Marshall’s and I love chevron so it should be no surprise that I really, really love this cute chevron shelf liner that I found for $5.99 at Marshall’s this week. And it’s a double roll!  Awesome.

Marshall’s – $5.99
Brand – The Macbeth Collection

I’m not always so awesome with contact paper, so I decided to go easy on myself and line my closet shelf from my previous post.

Such a great difference! I really lucked out because the width of the liner fit the shelf perfectly meaning I only had to make one cut. It’s a beautiful thing when stuff like that happens, don’t you think?

But I couldn’t stop here. No. This is my new, wonderfully chevron, bright blue contact paper.  What else can I do with it? I cut out a little circle using a cap that I found and I made Allegra’s doggy bin a new name tag.

Cool! Now what else can I do… I was a woman on a mission. Then I remembered my white shelf upstairs and ran to what we affectionately labeled “The Box Room”.  This room is supposed to be our office but in the rush of the move this ended being the landing place of most of our boxes.  Unfortunately, we’ve been the slowest unpackers ever and we still have boxes of items waiting to be given a proper home.   This shelf is super old. It was cheap fix for my room when I was a kid because I had way to many books and nowhere for them go to.  I’ve kept it because it’s pretty short and fits in most closets.  Helps me with my little closet organization bug. My plan was to put this guy into our office closet to hold my crafting items.  Guess what it’s holding now?… actually don’t guess because I’m not even sure if I know. Just stuff.
Looks like some books from college, a bin of random items,
a  memory box my friend made me in undergrad, and now some awesome contact paper.
(In case you really wanted to know.)
Anyway, I really thought that this contact paper would look great on this shelf. The big question is-do I put it on the shelf itself or on the back of the shelf?  I know. Big question. I was leaning towards lining the back like some of my favorite pins (Example here), when I was met with a bored Allegra.
My best guess at her thoughts?
“Hi Mom, I got bored. I know you look sleepy and you’re trying to make our place pretty, 
but will you and your big sweatshirt come hold me instead?”

My reaction?
“Why do you look so big?! I must play with you now before you become 
a giant version of yourself and stop being a puppy!”

She win! So unfortunately you’ll have to hang on another day or so for my new craft shelf. I will leave you with one little extra though. I painted my second frame to match yesterday’s post.

Does anyone else find themselves playing the “stop-go” game while crafting?