Spoiler alert: I’m not very good at taking outfit post photos, but that doesn’t mean I’m not wearing outfits I like here and there. Over the last few weeks I’ve been taking some little mirror shots to share a quick #OOTD post. Maybe next time I’ll take less photos in the bathroom!

weekend outfit

Old Navy tulip top (similar)  |  Loft jeans** |  BohemianFringe necklace
**I think these are exact? But mine are a few years old so no promises! 

ootd-casual work day

Paper Crane top (similar) |   Loft pants (similar)  |  Walmart cardigan (similar)
Gap belt   |  Old Navy necklace (similar)  |  Target shoes (similar)



Loft blouse (similar)  |  Loft pants (similar)  |   JCrew Factory cardigan (similar)
Payless heels (similar)  |  Kate Spade watch  |  scarf (gift from Bahar)

PS-It’s probably pretty easy to see from these last two photos that I have a signature style at work: pants, a loose and light top, cardigan, scarf/necklace. It’s the easiest and most comfortable thing I can put together each morning that will let me walk to other offices in 90+ degree heat but still come back to sit at my desk in 65 degree AC. If you have any other more creative outfit suggestions, I’m all ears!

#OOTD 5: Winter Edition

cold weather #ootd

 Knitting Ain’t Easy Hat  |  Handmade Scarf (similar)

Over the last month or two I’ve spent too much time in cold weather! I thought that moving down to southern Florida would banish jackets and boots from my wardrobe for a while, but after a two week trip to PA and record lows here in Miami, I now know that I was mistaken. I figured my summer weather wear probably isn’t so helpful right now, but these cold weather #ootd’s might be a little more familiar to everyone braving this horrific winter.



 Loft Sweater (old)  |    Old Navy Tee  |  Jcrew Factory Pants
Target Scarf (old)  |  Sperry Boots  | Knitting Ain’t Easy Hat


Unknown Sweater (Thanks Nicole!)  |  Target Tank  |  Jcrew Factory Pants
Jcrew Factory Vest (sold out)  | Target Scarf (old)  |  Sperry Boots  | Knitting Ain’t Easy Hat


Jcrew Factory Top (similar)  | Target Tank  |  Target Jeans (similar)
Knitting Ain’t Easy  Cowl  |  Target Flats (similar)

As you can see, I’ve had a thing for navy lately. What have you been wearing?

#ootd 4

This week has been super busy for me, so instead of boring you with some words, I’ll leave you with three quick outfits. I have more of a casual work dress in the summer, so these are three outfits you could easily catch me in any day of the week. What have you been wearing lately?


Gap top  |  The Limited cropped pants (similar)
Alex & Ani bracelets 1 and 2  |  J.Crew Factory shoes (similar)


Gap jean jacket  |  One Clothing dress (via Marshals, similar)
Target belt (similar)

summer #ootd

sweater (similar)  |  pants (similar)  |  Old Navy scarf (similar)
Payless heels  |  Fossil watch

and just to be sure that you’re properly entertained, here are a few Friday links.

Other #OOTDs


So how much have you loved all of these guests posts?! Thank you again to everyone who jumped in and joined WLB over these last two weeks. As I mentioned on Friday, I’m back in the states already but I’m absolutely exhausted. I appreciate the time I’ve been given to let myself adjust back to normal life and get a little head start on my final homework assignment of grad school. (yay!!) Until then, I have one final pre-built post for you.

Before the summer gets too warm, here are three quick outfits I wore during my final week of travel in May. Light sweaters, cute dresses, neutrals and brights are totally my jam. What have you been gravitating towards lately?



blazer (similar, similar)  /  dress  (old, other color options) /  belt (similar)


cardigan (similar)  /  tank  /  jeans /  flats / necklace


chambray  /  skirt  /  heels (via DSW, similar)


#ootw (outfits of the week) + links

After yesterday’s post I thought about buying some makeup to wear outside of my “me time”. So in between work hours, I hoofed it to a local Ulta. Here one of the nice beauty girls offered to do my makeup and show me the ropes. I walked out feeling pretty uncomfortable with an awful lot of blush on my cheeks. I think I’ll just stick to my own little self-care routine for now. Anyway, here are some of my recent outfits.



^^ these two actually go together. There was a little chill in the air that day, but everyone was dressed brightly in honor of the blue skies. (my favorite!)

cardigan & scarf – Target (old)  |  tank- old navy  (not available online)
necklace –etsy  |  pants- limited (old)  | flats-Target



^^ these two were worn while traveling this week. In case you can’t tell, it’s literally the same outfit with a swapped out skirt/tights for skinny pants.

cardigan- loft  |  tank- old navy (not available online)  | scarf- Target (old)
skirt- ann taylor (old)  | pants- jcrew outlet  |  rainboots-sperry


This one was my favorite of the week. It’s almost the same as one from last time, but you like what you like! It’s just the Old Navy Pixie pants , and old blouse from the Loft, necklace. More info on the necklace coming soon! (plus a raincoat just in case).


My favorite links of the week:

An adorable dad found out he was going to be a grandpa.. and I cried in response.

Jolene slowed down to 33rpms is strangely amazing. Looks like I need a new record!

How do you treat the homeless? Most people just walk right on by, even if we think we don’t.

God do I love these lip sync challenges! Emma, will you just be my friend already?!

Alyssa wrote about 9 inspiring women on her blog this week and it was amazing.


Any good weekend plans? It’s supposed to rain at home but I’m just thankful that I get to enjoy it from my house instead of my car! And yes, I’ll probably be playing with Allegra while wearing lipstick until Dean gets home from work.