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fall in floridaWhat’s funny about fall in Florida is that it looks an awful lot like summer in Florida. Well besides the fact that it gets dark so early. When does that end again?


Links and a DIY planter


When I used to work with college students a lot, I used to ask them to rate their day 1-5 at random. 5 was the ideal, but most students aren’t living in a world of 5’s.  It didn’t force a conversation, but it allowed us both to stop and re-evaluate what needed to be talked about based on their state of mind. If someone asked me to rate this week I’d give it a 2.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad week, but I definitely can’t call it a good week, either. Let’s just say I’ve been ready for Friday since Monday.

Best of the week:  When Dean brought me home ice cream at random.
Challenge of the week: RAIN on every. morning. commute.

So how are you feeling, 1-5?



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I definitely meant to post this last Friday but I forgot to publish it out. Whoops! Better late than never, right?