Doing Good: Purpose Jewelry

purpose jewelry

If you’ve been around for a while then you know how much I appreciate a company that’s looking to do good in the world. I feel like we spend a lot of money every day and the bottom line is that I hope that some of my money is doing something good. This is why I prefer to work with companies with positive and thoughtful mission statements like Purpose Jewelry.

The quick story is that Purpose Jewelry was created to help teach women in need a skill and provide them with a job. The long version is that the jewelry company stems from a bigger organization: International Sanctuary.

iSanctuary is an international organization working to provide holistic care to sex trafficking survivors. Their mission is focused around a holistic approach to assist women with the reintegration process by addressing a wide range of needs and providing dignity and hope. Women in this program have access to medical professionals, counselors, and educators. They could receive scholarships for college, micro-loans to help them learn financial skills, and finally, employment.

As explained on their website, “Survivors at iSanctuary’s center in Mumbai, India are taught artisan jewelry skills. All jewelry is prepared, packaged, and shipped by survivors rescued in Orange County, California. Purchasing with Purpose empowers these young women as they play a critical role in every step of the process, from handcrafting the jewelry to shipping your purchase.  100% of proceeds benefits the survivors.”

So the big question is which pieces will you be buying?

purpose jewelry 100% of proceeds go towards iSanctuary

Journey Necklace |  Journey Ring
Mira Cuff  |  Sundust Tassel Necklace
Jivana Necklace  |  Gear Wire Earrings


Other companies doing good:

Small Can Be Big (connecting you with local donation oportunities), DamFine Designs (knitted scarves & pillow covers), Roma Boots (rainboots),   Falling Whistles (whistle necklaces), Love with Food – (a yummy subscription box- use the clode JENNVIP to get $5 off your first box!), Warby Parker (eyeglasses & sunglasses),  FashionABLE (scarves),  Punjammies  (PJs and tshirts),  147 Million Orphans (jewelry), Better Life Bags  (bags and purses of all kinds!) Freewaters (sandals and flipflops),Unicef Tap Project (clean water for time off of your phone) Figs (one-for-one scrubs), One Million Lights (Donations for light), The Home T (MS research)

Making A Statement


statement necklaces

I tend to go in and out of jewelry trends. Typically I crave something dainty and sweet (like when I was on the hunt for a simple initial necklace), but after a few months of dainty jewelry I’m now looking to make a statement with my accessories. I think it’s because I’ve been leaning towards a more simple wardrobe in the Florida heat, but I still want to have fun while I’m getting dressed, ya know? I have a small number of fun statement necklaces, but if I had the funds I’d probably add one or two (or three or four) of these, too.

Are you more of a simple or statement jewelry fan?


Pink Petal Necklace | Sun and Sky
Vintage Inspired  |  Howlite Queen B
BP Crystal  |  Fanella Statement


PS- They also make great Mother’s Day gifts 😉


monogram necklace

When monogrammed items first started popping up more in blogland, I never thought I would join in. But slowly and surely I started finding more and more items I liked. A monogram clutch here, a monogrammed mug there, but when I started looking at monogrammed wall decals I had to regroup a little bit.  Then I got contacted by and I thought it was about time I actually gave it a try.


I picked out the gold plated curly lettered necklace for myself. It has a nice classic look that I think is perfect for any simple summer look. Even better than the necklace is onecklace’s customer service. When my tracking information said my necklace had arrived when it actually hadn’t, I sent them over a quick email. I was answered right away and a new necklace was sent over without any question. That is the kind of response that makes me a repeat buyer….. next on my list?  The horizontal bar necklace!


Sponsor post disclaimer: This necklace was gifted to me for review. All opinions are my own.

Delicate Etsy Letters

delicate alphabet

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

 I’ve always been a simple jewelry girl. I have a handful of statement necklaces, but I’ve been collecting thin rings and simple necklaces for as long as I can remember. Lately I’ve been on the hunt for a new addition and I keep going back and forth between a simple bar necklace or a personalized letter piece. If I go for a personalized look, these have been my favorite finds so far. What do you think I should do?


Doing Good: Falling Whistles

Back in college I was really involved with various community outreach and service programs. So when non-profits and various “do-good” organizations made a stop on campus, I always felt like I should take an hour or two of my day to find out more information about their cause. Maybe it’s because of my love of shopping, but I found myself really drawn to companies that sell something to aid in conversation or companies that off of a one-for-one model.

falling whistles

Take a company like Falling Whistles, for example – they sell whistles necklaces to spread awareness and start conversations about a terrible war in Congo. Armed with only a whistle, children are being sent out to the front lines of one of the deadliest wars in the world. So when I see people like Taylor Swift and stores like French Connection & J Crew promoting whistle necklaces, I feel like I need to say that there’s a better way to make that purchase.

I found out about Falling Whistles through a campus event back in undergrad and all of the representatives that came to campus were wonderful. Watch this video to get a better idea of how FW is turning a weapon into a sign of peace.

FW-copper tipped

They have 12 different necklace options in the store. The gunmetal, copper and copper tipped options are my favorite.

Would you buy one if you were looking for a whistle necklace?

Have a good Wednesday!

With Luck