Friday Friends: Chicken Cutlets

Everyone has that one meal that reminds them of home.  Mine would have to be my mom’s homemade chicken cutlets. Luckily my travel this week happened to bring me close to home which allowed me to take some pictures and post about them for today’s Friday Friends!

Seriously. I don’t know how they are so perfect every time!

I’ve tried to make these a million times before. All you need are are: chicken breasts (we prefer them thin so my mom actually buys the thin sliced cutlets), eggs (and/or milk if you choose), breadcrumbs, and some oil.

That’s a chicken in the egg, not something weird.
It’s hard taking picture of other people cooking!

My mom does this all so fast you would think that it requires no thought. She beat a few eggs (3 this time if you’re wondering) and set up a second bowl (or plate) of breadcrumbs about two seconds after getting home from work.  Before getting changed out of her work clothes she was ready to take out her chicken and get going. Now this can be a much longer process if you choose to make your own breadcrumbs of course… but I come from a long line of lazy  people who like to utilize what we already have, so we don’t do that. I really wanted to throw in those French’s French Fried Onions that you see in the corner but I got shot down. Boo on you, Mom. (Just kidding. Please make me these again soon!)

You dip your chicken right into your eggs,  followed by a good coating of breadcrumbs and fry them in the oil. Tada! You just finished your first chicken cutlet! I really don’t understand why my chicken cutlets never turn out as good as my moms.

After watching my mom work her magic in the kitchen once again, the only thing I really noticed that we do differently is our oil. Maybe I need to buy some nicer olive oil.

This giant thing is actually bigger than it looks here.
If it will make my chicken taste like my mom’s I may have to
cave in and make the purchase.

Of course we didn’t only eat chicken, so here’s a few snapshots of some other foods we enjoyed tonight. Sorry I didn’t get to take a picture of everything, I was just too busy eating it. Bad blogger!

A little appetizer action.
Fresh corn straight from a farmer in upstate NY. Thanks Marie!
A little eggplant never hurts. Unless your allergic I guess. Then you should skip it.
And after all that work, here we are enjoying our drinks for the night.
Yes I look tired. Taking pictures and eating make for a really long evening.
Don’t judge me.

What foods remind you of home? Are they just as good when you recreate them for yourself?


All gave some, some gave all.

I feel like I have to start today with a little quote:

“Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.” -President Barack Obama 

I’m originally from NY and it’s hard not to be home today. I can remember every little piece of my day 11 years ago and although I understand the importance of moving forward, I also understand the importance of reflection. I really like this quote. I hope we all can choose to think back and promise to remember, reflect, appreciate, and show kindness to others in memory of what we have lost and appreciation for where we are now.
This has been floating around my facebook today and I love it.
I’m not sure of the original source for this photo, but if anyone knows, let me know!

My goal of today is to do something good.
I hope you choose to give a piece of yourself to others today, too.