Mood Board: Bedroom

Have I told you that we got rid of cable? We tried (and failed) to do this before, but 15 months cable-less, I think we’re over that hiccup. Most days I don’t miss it, but here and there I feel a longing for HGTV. So last time I was at my dad’s I spent a little bit of time on the couch catching up on what I’ve been missing.

Tiny Houses? Cool!

New Property Brothers? Love!

Good Bones? How do I become these women!

No, really. I want to be Mina and Karen. They’re super cool and cute and their designs are awesome. Basically I think their lives look pretty fun and I’m jealous. In fact I was so inspired that I double checked my bank account (still not enough for house flipping) and then settled on creating a mood board on Polyvore.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m available for hire should you need a professional mood board for your next reno. (I’m also available for house flipping, should you have the funds to spare.)

Building a Gift Closet

keep an eye out for good sales and keep extra gifts on hand for emergencies

Confession: I spend way too much money on gifts. Finding great gifts and making people feel good is one of my favorite things to do, but it’s just not always financially practical. So I started a gift closet! Okay, it’s not a full closet, but it is a space where I put all the cute stuff that I randomly find and buy when I’m  not supposed to be shopping for myself. It makes me feel better about my casual shopping habits and it’s made me a more productive human being– so it’s totally a win-win!

Basically when I’m rummaging through Marshalls/Homegoods/Target/Anywhere-I’m-Not-Supposed-To-Be, I use this as a great excuse to buy all of the cute things that I just can’t walk away from. I typically keep my purchases pretty general, but every so often I see things that I just have to buy for someone specific.  Sometimes you just need to give a little gift, you know? Bewteen holidays, birthdays, dinner parties, new homes, engagements, and “miss you’s” a good gift never goes to waste. Dean thinks it’s silly, but he never complains when we get invited somewhere and I have a gift ready in under 2 seconds.

Since I feel like I’m always looking for ideas like this, maybe  you are too. Here are a few of my favorite little gifts to have on hand:

  • Stationary
  • Frames
  • Tea Towels
  • Cards
  • Jewelry
  • Soaps/Lotions
  • Books
  • Candles
  • Ring Holders/Jewelry Bowls


The possibilities are endless! Does anyone else do this or am I the only one looking for extra ways to spend my money?


PS- Give a homemade body scrub!

PPS-The perfect gift basket for your friend who just bought a home.



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[Friday] Friends in Need

As you guys may know, I’m originally from Long Island, NY and I spend quite a bit of time traveling back and forth from my old hometown to my new one. Unfortunately, Sandy is preventing this from happening for a little while.


Luckily, all of my family and friends were graced with good fortune and still have a home, but many around us cannot say the same.  I don’t want to grace your readers with a bunch of sad pictures of the devastation,  you can find that anywhere right now. But as my Facebook newsfeed quietly fills with stories of sadness and frustration, I feel like I should make a quick mention towards how you can help for today’s post.


The American Red Cross is currently accepting donations! Items aren’t as helpful at the moment so they are looking for money or blood donations.

  • Visit this page to find out where you can donate blood.
  • Visit this page to make a donation online.
  • You can text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 via your next wireless bill. Couldn’t be easier!
The Human Society’s Animal Rescue Team is currently in NY and NJ helping to find animals in need of rescue. Unfortunately, not all families were able to take their pets with them to their shelters. If you are looking to donate to the cause they are looking for money donations.
  • Visit this page to donate money online.
  • You can also text the word HUMANE to 80888 to donate $10.

If you’re in the area and looking to lend a hand, New York Cares is currently looking for volunteers to work on some of their relief projects. They are “the city’s largest volunteer organization, running volunteer programs for 1,300 nonprofits, city agencies and public schools.”
  • Visit this page to find out how to volunteer
  • You can also text iCARE to 85944 to donate $10.
Edit: Sandy was especially nasty to Rockaway.  Locals are hoping for donations through Graybeards, a trusted local organization in the Rockaway area.
Visit graybeards.com/ for more information on their organization and to donate.

Looking for more ways to help? NBC put together a great list of different groups who are active in the relief effort with direct links for how YOU can help.  From the bottom of my heart, my friends and I can’t thank you enough.

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Weekend Recap: Moving

Hi blogging friends. Sorry I’ve been seemingly ignoring you. I know you’re all sitting at your computers, angry with me for not posting again yesterday …Okay so you didn’t notice. I still want to take a few minutes to tell you all about what’s been going on in my little corner of life in the last few weeks.
My family recently sold the house I grew up in and I’m a bit bummed about it. I knew that this would have to happen eventually and I know tons of other families that have made the move, but I don’t think I ever really understood how sad the whole process would be.  I never really thought that I would be blogging about it, but when it started to take over so much time in my life I figured I probably should. I figure anything that takes this much time and energy is worth mentioning, right?
Isn’t it funny how outdated homes can get?
Seriously, I’m 90% sure this wallpaper is from when my parents moved in 30 years ago.
So here’s a quick picture of part of the first floor of our now packed up home. It’s sad, isn’t it? Although I no longer live at home (or even in the same state as home) I’m only a few  hours away and I try to take the time to come in for visits.  This house has meant a lot for my family and it has always been my first stop when I have a few days off of work.
Luckily, the travel that I have to do for work has dropped me about an hour away from my home base   This means that I have had the awful wonderful pleasure of being available to help with the move. Has anyone ever tried to move all of the stuff that 4 people built up over 30 years into a two bedroom apartment? Let me tell you, it doesn’t happen easily.   The last month or so of my life has been split between, real work, school work, blog work (aka fun work) and moving work. When I have a few seconds to rest, I’ve been choosing to sit with Dean, play with Allegra, and clean. (That last one is more out of necessity than choice.)
Who said picnic tables are only for the outdoors?!
We ordered dinner on our last night in the house
and then realized that we already moved out the dining room table.
Although it hasn’t always been a bucket of joy,
we did get some pretty memorable moments out of the process!
Today we officially hand over the keys, forcing me to admit that I where I grew up is no longer where I can spend my week off in summer nor my winter holidays. As much as I hate that, I’m honestly excited at the potential that this move can bring to me and my family. New adventures, traditions, friends, and furniture are all calling our names! Which also reminds me…
I’m super excited to be able to have an excuse to do some more crafting and shopping!? If I go back to PA with one more shopping bag, I really think that Dean might kill me. But now I can use my skills to help settle my mom into a new place… win win!
As crazy as the whole process of selling the house has been, I’m happy that I was able to be around to take this journey with my family.
Has anyone else been through the process of moving?
What was your favorite part? Least favorite part?
Feel free to share your stories!