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Have I told you that we got rid of cable? We tried (and failed) to do this before, but 15 months cable-less, I think we’re over that hiccup. Most days I don’t miss it, but here and there I feel a longing for HGTV. So last time I was at my dad’s I spent a little bit of time on the couch catching up on what I’ve been missing.

Tiny Houses? Cool!

New Property Brothers? Love!

Good Bones? How do I become these women!

No, really. I want to be Mina and Karen. They’re super cool and cute and their designs are awesome. Basically I think their lives look pretty fun and I’m jealous. In fact I was so inspired that I double checked my bank account (still not enough for house flipping) and then settled on creating a mood board on Polyvore.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m available for hire should you need a professional mood board for your next reno. (I’m also available for house flipping, should you have the funds to spare.)

Pinteresting Kitchens

kitchen organization inspiration



If you follow me on Pinterest you probably already know that I’m currently trying to organize our kitchen. While most of our apartment is roomy and wonderful, our kitchen just wasn’t so lucky. Its small and has minimal cabinet space and even less of a counter top. Dean always talks about some roomy kitchen being on his “must have” list every time we move… this time it’s clear that he had to give a little.

Our previous two apartments had a solid amount of kitchen space. Actually, our last kitchen had SO much space that we felt like we had to get more stuff just to fill it. Now we had to buy 3 storage/utility pieces from Ikea just to empty out our boxes and things are all over the place. Have you ever noticed how much more cluttered a space feels when it’s unorganized? If you haven’t, I’ll have you over for coffee sometimes so you can get a feel for it.

I’ll post our winning solution when we’re all done, but for now here are some of my favorite inspiration photos.

kitchen organization inspiration

I love the fact that this example not only hangs items inside the cabinet door, but the extra cork board backing also lets you use the door to attach various memos. I’m picturing cabinets littered with favorite recipes and kitchen tips in the best way possible.


kitchen organization inspiration

Even though Dean doesn’t want to admit it, we really need to go to the Container Store. Imagine all of the upper cabinet space you could neatly fill with little shelves like these?


kitchen organization inspiration

This picture almost makes me want to pull out some chalkboard paint- almost. If I wasn’t renting I’d probably do it, but from experience I’ll let you know that it’s kind of a pain to cover up. But I digress- what I really love about this kitchen is that they use their wall space. Instead of letting cooking utensils and paper towels take up important counter top space, they decided to spread the kitchen a little wider and look up.


kitchen organization inspiration


Open shelves are another great way to use your vertical space. I love that almost anything could go on these shelves- plates, bowls, baking supplies, baskets, a microwave- anything to free up your prep-space.


kitchen organization inspirationIf you have the space to add a cost effective industrial shelving unit like this one- I highly suggest it. We had one in our old apartment and it was seriously a godsend. Just like the open shelving concept above, this unit lets you keep some of your most used kitchen gadgets within reach, but it still allows them all to be put away when not in use. It’s probably the single kitchen item I miss the most from our last apartment and if we had the room she totally would have made the move with us.


kitchen organization inspiration

This easy diy bag organizer makes me feel terrible about throwing away my last coffee can. We use our plastic bags when cleaning up after Allegra, so we do keep and reuse any that we receive. That being said, our collection is a little out of control. Something like this could really help us save space in the pantry.


I think I have something planned for pots/pans and a few other things, but I’m still lost on my tupperwear. The lids always seem to be in the way. Tips are welcomed!

Building a home

When I moved into my first apartment I swore off little tchotchkes that would build clutter. Just six months in I realized that my new home felt very…. boring. It was painted a nice color and sure I had basic furniture and things, but it didn’t feel very homey. By the end of my first year I had caved and started putting money into more decorative items.

Four apartments and many decorative items later I’ve learned not to skimp on two things: rugs and curtains. These two items are such an amazing way for renters to bring personality to their space without doing anything permanent. When it’s time to move I can just roll up my area rugs and fold up my curtains and bring them with me to my new place.  Dean & I have been living together for two years now and I’m finally starting to come around to the idea that maybe some of my items need to be updated to better fit our style instead of my style. Here are some examples of pieces that have made the short list.


building a home: rugs and curtains


Rugs-1, 23

curtains-4, 5, 6


PS- Summer mega sale on rugs from Floors USA

The Ghost of Autumn Past

I don’t know what possessed me to do something besides laundry, homework, and dog park duties while I was home on weekends last year. I was looking back at old posts, and now I feel like an inspiration failure this year. I mean, I had a strangely high number of fall recipes and things available to you last year. Go Jenn from 2012!

Slacker 2013 Jenn has done none of this. So instead, lets recap some ideas from the past and get those creative juices rolling.

cinnamon candle

Cinnamon Candle


pumpkin cakepopspumpkin cakepops


fall wreathFall Wreath

fall cookiesfall sugar cookies


Weekend Recap & Bedroom Blues

This weekend, Dean and I decided that it was time for us to give our bedroom a face-lift  Since we live in an apartment and painting is out of the question, we just did a good old fashioned reno with the things that we had. A little info on our room- it’s really too big for our leftover college furniture. We ended up moving around our bed and dresser and pulling in an old desk to try and make the room look more homey.

There are definitely more items in here… but nothing seems to go together. It’s not the worst, definitely not the best, but we’re broke so it will have to do. If I was rich (or a real adult), I imagine I would have one of those soft, comfy rooms you see all over Pinterest. Here’s a bunch of my favorite bedroom pins.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I’ve been staring at this duvet for the last year or so, but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger. I actually had a shot to buy it on an awesome sale at a West Elm outlet on Long Island, but I ended up walking out empty handed. All in all I do really like the duvet, but I think it’s the beautiful wood bed frame and night table that I’m really in love with.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I really love this whole house designed by Jenny Wolf. This room is a wonderful way to show off the fact that blue and red don’t have to equal “Amurrica” or 4th of July. And lets talk about how the chosen patterns gives the room depth without clashing. Why can’t I do that with my mix-matched furniture? In love.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I have this silly life goal of having awesome french doors in my bedroom. I’m a huge lover of natural light and I also happen to have a giant crush on the way french doors look. So if I could use french doors to give me natural light in my bedroom, I think I’d be set for life. Plus-could you imagine having a cute little iron table and chair set right outside of your bedroom? All I’d need is a coffee maker on my nightstand and I’d feel like I was permanently placed in my favorite bed and breakfast.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I love the color scheme of this room. I love the couch and pillow choices at the foot of the bed. The cutesy pillowcases, the white accent pieces, the beautiful blue quilt – I love it all. Well..I don’t love what looks like wood paneling wallpaper, but everything else is gold.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I’m not a big purple person, but for some reason the purple touches are my favorite part of this room. The contrasting purple and gold are perfectly done!

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
Do you or do you not want to lay in this bed forever? I love this textured duvet from Pottery Barn. I love the giant windows. I love the mix of the rustic wood and the metallic touches.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I love this one because the blue and yellow is a color scheme that I think I could get Dean on board with. He tends to tell me that my bedroom choices are a bit to feminine for him. Although this one is definitely still bright and soft with tons of feminine features, I think the color choices and art possibilities could make it agreeable.

Beautiful Bedroomsvia
I’m unsure of the original source on this one, but it’s one of my favorites. The color choices make me so happy – but Dean wouldn’t have it. I already have some grey and beige items…You think I could start sneaking in various teal and pink accents?

I have many more bedrooms pinned on my Pinterest, so if you’re interested in seeing more of my home inspirations you can find me there!

Which one of these is your favorite?
What are your dream bedrooms like?
Do normal bedrooms in real people homes actually match?

With Luck