It’s a wrap


I’m so guilty of pinning gift wrapping ideas all year long on Pinterest. There’s something so special about a well wrapped gift, don’t you think? I used to be TERRIBLE at wrapping. Like, so bad that even the tissue paper in a bag was an embarrassing way to hand over a gift. Then something clicked- the presentation is important. And now I spend a ridiculous amount of time on wrapping and I find myself spending money on good paper and taking the time to really think about my end result.

Last year I was all about the brown craft paper and big sparkly bows. It was the classic looking gift that got many compliments from adults (moms seem to really love the big bow idea). I was obsessed with the look of my gifts, but Dean hated the trail of gold glitter I left everywhere I went. This year it’s time to move on to something new, but what to do, what to do?

My favorite finds so far have been: paper gift bowspopsicle gift tagshand-drawn bows,
bakers twine and velvetwashi tape, and DIY stamp designs.

gift wrapping ideas

Maybe I spend too much time thinking about something that’s just going to get ripped apart, but it just seems worth it to me. What do you think? Does the wrapping matter much? Do you have any themes for this year’s gift wrapping?


Custom Holiday Cards

So it’s holiday season. I’m officially giving in.

Red cups are out. Halloween items are packed away. Winter soaps are in the bathroom and a Christmas pandora station has already been played in my car. Knowing this, it really shouldn’t be too surprising that I’m trying to talk Dean into buying our Christmas tree and working on getting some custom holiday cards made.

If you’re looking to get a tree, I can’t really help you. But if you’re looking to get some custom cards made this year, you’re in luck! I recently approached Emily Bosch, of Bosch Art Market about printing up some custom cards and I’m really excited for the process!

custom Christmas cards

Emily’s cards are all fun and unbelievably endearing.
I mean who doesn’t picture a truck and a tree for a nice seasonal atmosphere?

custom cards

Or maybe you’d rather some pond hockey and a snow covered house? She’s got you covered.

All of her work is completely custom and she can even expand her holiday line to include things like ornaments, shirts, and etched glass.

Maybe I should mention that I’m completely biased because I’ve known Emily since high school and my knees go weak whenever she posts a new design on facebook… But if you say you don’t want a gold foiled holiday everything, we may have issues.

custom holday prints-with foil

Now, I did some research in planning out our custom cards, and Emily’s pricing is awesome. I found handmade, custom card options on Etsy for $100+ for the art alone. This means that after shelling out over $100, you still have to pay for the paper itself, the printing, the envelopes, and the shipping. We’re talking about throwing some serious holiday cash into those cards.

Emily’s artwork starts at just $25. I also should mention that I’ve never heard of anyone requesting serious changes in her initial design because she’s that good. She’s also offering 15% off all orders starting November 30th!  So really when I say she’s competitive, I mean unbelievably competitive.

I’m ordering 30 cards with an upgraded paper choice and it’s costing me less than $50 for the printing + envelopes. I highly suggest sending her a message to chat about different rate options. She’s open, honest and excited to work with new clients!

bosch art market

To learn more about Emily’s shop, stalk her blog, search through her facebook, or drool over her portfolio a bit.

I can’t wait to post our final card here for you to see! It will probably also be framed on my wall because I’m sentimental like that. Please tell me I’m not the only one who hangs up cards as traditional artwork? Will you be sending out holiday cards this year? Ever pay for a custom design?

PS- For those of you who are Arrested Development fans? Even Dean is begging me for these postcards. I didn’t even think he knew that you could care about a post card before haha

4 quick costumes from items you already own

I’m pretty bad at Halloween. I wish I could be that person who has this great costume all put together weeks before hand, but the honest truth is that I’m just not like that. It’s pretty normal for me to put together costumes the week of (night of?) and if you’re like me, take note: less is more. With less 10 days left until the big day, I thought we could brainstorm a little bit. When you’re on a time crunch, the big thing is the classic KISS- Keep it Simple, Stupid, (why don’t we have a nicer acronym?) You don’t want to over do it at all. Use things from around the house and have fun with the character.


quick costume ideas- beatnik The Beatnik plan is all about simplicity. Just throw on some black clothes and a pair of sunglasses and hit the road! No hat or turtleneck?? Roll up your pants, grab some white socks and stick your hair in a pony – BOOM you’re Audrey from Funny Face.   quick halloween ideas with items you already have- mimeAnother black and white option? A mime! This takes a little more work as you have to run to the store for some face paint, but I’m going to assume that you already have dark pants, a striped shirt, and red lipstick. Unless you’re pulling something together day-of, I’m going to say that this isn’t too difficult. quick costume ideas with items you already own-workerThis doesn’t really have to be a train worker, the red bandana just reminded me of a conductor, ya know? Anyway. Throw on some “work” boots, wear a lot of jean and put some tools in your pocket. Just like that you’ve become a handy-girl!   Quick costumes with items you already own- RosieRosie the Riveter is my personal favorite. I’ve been wanting to be her for the past few years but I’ve been traveling for work and unable to dress up 🙁 This costume is all about the hair/bandana and chambray. The fun part is that there’s a little guess work involved. From the waist down we have no idea what she’s wearing! I went for a worker girl in jeans look, but feel free to do it up in your own style. People will still get it.


Anyway, is anyone else like me and really slow at finding Halloween costumes? What have some of your favorite costumes been?

4 Outfits for Memorial Day Weekend

I’m not sure how spring managed to come and go so quickly (and give me allergies but no warm weather), but this weekend is already Memorial Day Weekend (aka MDW). My dad is coming in from Florida so I’m excited for a nice low-key weekend but I know every year is definitely. I love any day that allows me to dress up in America colors (remember this day? We actually did it multiple times.) so I obviously can’t let the weekend pass by without creating a few outfit ideas. Here’s 3 different plans. Hopefully one will fit your weekend!

Option 1- heading to the beach

4 outfits for memorial day weekend

First off, if your plans involve the beach please don’t tell me. I grew up down the block from the beach and I miss it dearly. Please jump in the cold, cold, ocean for me. Also, don’t forget the sunblock and a water bottle!

top, shorts, bathing suit,
shoes (PS- please buy a cheap pair like these. They’re my favorite summer shoes!)
bagSun carebeach Towelwater bottle


Option 2- A summer BBQ

4 outfits for memorial day weekend-
This is probably what I’ll be doing to celebrate the long weekend. I always love a BBQ and I love that this look is full of things I already own. A striped shirt and shorts with brown accessories? I got this.


Option 3 – a family party

4 outfits for memorial day weekend
I don’t feel the need to get all gussied up for this kind of holiday, but if I’m seeing some extended family I might choose to wear something a little more put together than the typical BBQ shorts. I like the idea of staying comfy and stylish with a chambray dress.


Options 4 – Cooler Weather

4 outfits for memorial day weekend
It’s supposed to rain here this weekend so I’m a little nervous about what the weather will be like my Monday. If by some chance it’s chillier, I’m going to go with the white pant option. I just bought white pants (although red would be cool too) and I’ve been dying to wear them in a fun way. Don’t judge this outfit based on the cost of all of these polyvore items, I’ve found cheap versions of all these items at marshalls/TJ!


What are your plans for the weekend?
Any fun outfit choices?!
With Luck
PS- Planning a BBQ? Don’t forget the essentials!