Guest Post: Suzy Walsh on Fall Fashion Trends

Hi friends! It’s been a long time since I had a visitor on WLB, so when Suzy reached out asking to share her thoughts on fall trends and what’s worth investing in, I thought it would be a fun idea! Suzy delves a little deeper into the runway fashion trends than I do, but with NY Fashion Week currently happening and fall trends popping up everywhere, I feel like this is a good time to try something new! What fall trends are you excited to add to your closet?

Incredible Trends From Fall 2015 Worth Buying

Every season we see an amazing range of trends and styles that come from the runways and eventually translate into the choices we make every morning. While spring is known for freshness and new prints, to me fall is the more interesting season for the sheer fact that the scope of experimentation is so huge. In this post, we will cover some of the best trends of fall 2015 from the ready-to-wear  collections and how you can make the most of these ideas within your preferred budget.

fall fashions worth spending money on

The love for cape: While we all know that fall collections are mostly high on coats and outerwear, this time the designers chose to do something a little different with the use of cape. The cape was redefined and reinterpreted as the right thing for outerwear, and you can find many ideas worth stealing from designers like Chalayan, Nanette Lepore, and Christopher Raeburn. Look for  cape inspired outerwear and pair it with your regular sneakers for a very chic weekend look. For sneakers worth drooling, you can visit here.


fall fashions worth spending money on

Turn to a Heavy waist: Big and broad belts are one of the best things to come from fall 2015 collections. These belts are not merely accessories, but you can use them for sectioning a simple outfit, adding style to the otherwise classic looks and even showing off your curves in style. If you are looking for a few ideas, you can check Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Isabel Marant and Givenchy. Wide belts can be found through online stores at various price points, so you don’t have to shell out a big budget for sure.


fall fashions worth spending money on

Amazing patchwork: Patchwork details and prints were a major hit on the runways and probably among the simple trends for anyone to try. If you’re a DIY kind of girl, you can even put something fun together in a weekend and you can craft something on-trend for every single outing. You will be surprised to see how designers like Bottega Veneta have used the concept with monochrome colours to make stunning pieces worth keeping all fall. Other designers that you may want to check include House of Holland, Chloé and Suno for inspiration.


fall fashions worth spending money on

More fringe, please!: Fringe is among the most used elements of fall 2015. You can find it everywhere from clothes to shoes and handbags. The choices are vast and if you’re a bit nervous for something new, I’d say this is one of the safest trends to try. Every few seasons we see fringe come back to the runways, so quite obviously this is one of the trends that will be worth your money in the future, too.  Since you can find larger items like tops and skirts or smaller items like handbags and shoes with a little fringe, this is style you can really make your own . For a few ideas, you can check Nina Ricci, Andrew Gn and Rachel Comey, who have come up with fun ideas.

Happy styling for fall 2015, hoping you found all you wanted for the season!


Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion expert and stylist who writes on various aspects of trends and styles. She works as the chief editor for The House of Elegance Fashion and likes to author posts as a guest writer for other blogs and magazines.

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Travel wear with Kristina

Do you guys know Kristina does the Internets? You should! Kristina runs one of those great life and style blogs that just makes you want to be her friend. She throws fun parties, cooks great food and has a seriously rockin’ closet. She’s totally the kind of girl I’m happy to have as a blogging friend.

Oh hey guys, my name is Kristina and I blog over at Kristina does the Internets.  While Jenn is out of town, I thought I’d jump over with a little travel related post for you.

I used to be a mess when I travelled.  I would just bring a jumble of my favorite things (and when I say “my favorite things,” I really mean just about everything in my closet), not thinking about whether or not anything matched or would be appropriate for the activities we had planned.  Not anymore!  Now I carefully plan what I bring to make sure I have everything I need and can easily put together outfits for any occasion.  I love brights, but I try to stick with pieces that are black or navy and and white with a few pops of color in order to make sure the things I bring can be easily mixed and matched to make a bunch of different looks without needing too many pieces.

So what’s in my hypothetical suitcase this week?

What to pack - Kristina does the Internets

A cute swimsuit (duh!) that’s also functional so I can actually do some fun water activities without worrying about any body parts making unexpected appearances.

A pretty maxi that can be used as a coverup at the beach or dressed up for a night out.

A striped top or two, because really, can you have too many striped shirts?

Accessories that can be worn for any occasion, like a fun statement necklace and a classic bag (this one can switch between shoulder and crossbody!)

Jeans and a sweater for chilly mornings and cool nights.

Casual and dressy sandals to take your looks from day to night.

Shorts and a skirt that can go casual or dressy.

What do you wear when you travel?  Hop on over to Kristina does the Internets and let me know!

Thanks for posting on WLB, Kristina! I’m totally obsessed with that swimsuit now!

6 Recipes for the Strawberry Addict [Guest Post]

Another day, another awesome blogger. Emily writes about everything charming in her little corner of the web and I am so in love with her posts. From her favorite little charms to her amazingly cute and casual style, Emily’s posts make me smile each day.  Even her little addictions are cute!


I’m Emily from Isn’t That Charming, and I have a serious strawberry addiction. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, but honestly, my addiction is not one I want to kick. So instead I’m admitting my problem in hopes that you’ll join me. Tell me your mouth isn’t watering just thinking about ripe, juicy, sweet strawberries and I’ll bow out gracefully. But my guess is you can’t.


Now that we’re both vocal strawberry addicts, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite recipes as I fill in for Jenn while she’s off adventuring. I promise your stomach and taste buds will thank me.


Strawberry Inspired Recipes



Thanks so much to Jenn for having me. Be sure to swing by Isn’t That Charming and say hi!


Emily definitely hit a soft spot with today’s post because I have a serious issue with strawberries (and watermelon). Is it possible to eat too much of either over the summer? I’m going to go with no. While you’re licking your lips reading through some of these recipes, know that I have my favorite strawberry desert coming atcha soon! Now go make your day a little brighter and catch up with some of Emily’s postsThanks again, girl!

6 Great Cigars to Smoke with Your Dad on Father’s Day [Guest Post]

Today I have a post for you from my good friend, Joe Casabona. He’s a computer science professor, a published author and he owns his own business. He’s also a big lover of all things Disney and cigars. With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, I asked him to take a second out of his life to share some of his favorite gift-worthy cigars for all of you ladies who are looking for a classic gift to get your dad this Father’s Day.

Those who follow me on Instagram or Twitter already know I’m quite a cigar fan. I’m always willing to try new brands and have a core set of cigars that I love smoking. With Father’s Day right around the corner (and Jenn doing a bang-up job on her Mother’s Day post) [aww thanks Joe Joe], I wanted to contribute a list of great smokes for your old man and you. Here they are in no particular order.

The Alec Bradley Prensado

Price: $10-12

The Prensado
Bestowed with the honor of 2011’s Number 1 cigar by Cigar Afficionado, this is a solid, well put together cigar that has hints of leather and chocolate. As CA mentions, it’s an instant classic.


The Rocky Patel Fifty

Price: $19-21

This one is probably my favorite smoke. Created for Rocky Patel’s 50th birthday, it’s got some bold flavors of wood and dark coffee with a hint of spice and a nice even burn. And it lasts; boy does it last- you really get your money’s worth with the cigar.


The Alec Bradley New York

Price: $9-11

Alec Bradley New York

Even though the Prensado got the honor of top dog in 2011, my favorite Alec Bradley is the New York. Named and created just for the Empire State, it was only available in NY for a while; luckily that is no longer the case. This is a medium-full bodied cigar has a thick smoke and rich draw. It will definitely not disappoint.


The Asthon VSG Eclipse

Price: $11-13

This cigar…this cigar was the first real dark one I smoked and I loved it. It’s a bit oily and has tastes of coffee and chocolate that make it a bold, rich smoke you can enjoy on a nice summer’s evening.


Gurkha Castle Hall

Price: $5-7

Gurkha Castle Hall

I consistently say, “I’ve never smoked a bad Gurkha,” and this was the cigar that made me realize it. I bought a box at a great deal and immediately fell in love. It’s a medium smoke that’s a little bit sweet and a little bit spice, with a fantastically easy draw that lasts.


The Baccarat

Price: $4-6

The Baccarat was my first real cigar so it will always have a special place with me. It’s great for the price, and it’s a mild smoke with a sweet wrapper and a creamy taste. It burns kind of quick but for the cost and flavor, going back for seconds isn’t necessarily a bad thing…just wait 15 minutes between smokes. Any less is considered addictive behavior!*



*tisk tisk* Joey. Look at you being all cigar addicted. Just kidding. Thanks for the post! I wouldn’t know where to start with buying a cigar but I can think of a few father figures who could benefit from one or more of these suggestions. No more black and milds’ for them! 😉 


Oh, and hey bloggers! Joe’s company, Manifest Development, hosts WLB. He is easy to work with and I often refer to him as if he is google when I have a computer issue. Interested in moving to wordpress? Well maybe I should mention that he also has written a book about wordpress (Building WordPress Themes from Scratch) and has another one hitting stores in December… He’s seriously a bloggers dream. Hit him up if you’re interested in finding out more information about his web services. 

PS-Don’t let that get to your head, Joey. You’re good and all, but Robby is still the smartest brother.


PPS-I was not compensated for this post. Joe is just a good friend who does pretty darn awesome things. Phew! This is definitely one of WLB’s longest posts to date! If you made it through, I owe you a cake or something.