2016 Resolution

wellness goals are more than just fitness goals

I know I said I’m not good at annual resolutions, but if you’ve been following along you know that my monthly goal idea didn’t really stick either.

…So back to the yearly resolutions it is! My idea this time is to go BIGGER. Basically, I figured that if my goal is positive and covers a bunch of different things, than I can move it in whatever direction I need to over the next 12 months. I think this kind of goal will be much more effective for me, as it can reflect more of the positive direction I’d like to take myself instead of a strict goal I either hit or miss.

While I was reflecting on 2015 I thought of a ton of great things: getting a new job, finding a great apartment, making new friends, exploring a new city. But I also continued to come back to one major issue: my health. I can’t even lie, I didn’t even try to take care of myself well.

I barely went to the gym, bought a too-expensive groupon for a yoga studio I never went to, ate a lot of (delicious but) unhealthy food, and only went to the doctor once after being sick for 8+ days. I hit my highest weight ever, I don’t feel comfortable in my clothing, and to be honest, I don’t really feel like I’m in my own body anymore. The funny thing is that even though that felt so dramatic to type, it happened so slowly that I didn’t even notice it happening!

I think it makes sense that my goal of 2016 is to concentrate more on preventative health. I want to get my weight on track, yes, but I also really need to take better care of myself in general. Silly things, you know? Set up a healthy doctor visit, work out a few times a week, start taking vitamins, stop going out to eat so much.. in general I need to make more body- conscious habits that could really help me down the road.

On the flip side, I wasn’t totally terrible to my body. I did start taking better care of my skin and found an awesome, life changing face wash. I cut my coffee down to 1 (max 2) cups of coffee a day. I started paying a lot more attention to the ingredients in my soaps and hair products and I even started making some of my own! I let myself find more fun and found new ways to cope with stress. These are all things I’m excited to build on over the next 12 months.

I’m starting strong in January by setting myself up with my first doctor appointment in months, buying a FitBit and tracking my food. I’ve even been researching new hot yoga studios and I drank extra water all week to prepare for my 90 minute sweat session tomorrow. So I think this could work for me. What will you be concentrating on in 2016?



Finding Happiness

finding happy

Sometimes a little stress is healthy. A stressful situation can force you to run around, test your skills, and push yourself further than ever before. It can be a great motivator and a little stress is necessary sometimes.

But stress is also sneaky.

I’ve noticed some changes in myself lately. I’m slower and sleepier. I get less enjoyment out of the gym so I don’t really go. I’ve found myself giving negative responses faster and speaking up about things that are better left unsaid. Basically I haven’t been my best self. So I started thinking about why this could be happening and after a little reflection exercise I realized that I’ve slowly become stressed without even realizing it. I’m sure you can relate. One thing happens, than another, a few days later it’s something else.

You have a late night.
Then you hit snooze too many times and end up rushed in the morning.
Almost late to work, but you made it just in time!
…Just in time for a surprise meeting you’re unprepared for.
Pull out of the parking lot and straight into traffic.

I think you get the picture. Lately the timeline above seems normal not stressful- but the truth is that my normal has become stressful. I’ve never really thought about how quickly small stressors can add up over time. So to combat my hectic days I’ve decided to create a little goal list for this month to help me find a little more happiness.

  • Go to at least 1 yoga class
  • Spend at least 5 hours a week reading
  • Take Allegra on longer walks
  • Buy a bottle of wine

When I first started blogging I started to do monthly goals based off of the chapters in The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I’m not good at goal lists so this fizzled out pretty quickly, but I purposefully made this one more fun and very simple to give myself the opportunity to complete it.

I’ll report back next month. In the meantime, stress-relieving tips are always welcomed!

Before you speak

think before you speak.


Confession: I talk. like, a lot.

It’s just the way I’ve always been. I like to tell stories. I like to make sure my point is coming across correctly. I like to laugh and be a part of conversations. And when I’m nervous? Oh lord. I talk even more! The good news here is that I like to listen, too. You’re lookin’ at “best listener” BBP class of 2006, y’all! I think this means that while I talk a lot, I’m fairly well rounded. I don’t want to be the only one in the conversation, ya know? But I still feel like I talk a little too much sometimes.

When we were in Austin, Nicole took Dean and I out to a little brunch at Kerby Lane (delish) and Nicole was talking about how she loves finding the best, most concise way to tell a story. To me, that sounds like a miracle! But since coming home, I’ve spent some more time thinking about what she said. There is definite beauty to creating more articulate and less wordy speech.


Happy birthday to me! (25 while 25)

Today is my 25th birthday (woohoo!!) and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to post to celebrate the day. When I came across this post by TJ of His Little Lady, I knew what would have to be done.

birthday cakevia

So this is my “25 while 25 list” for all to see. As we all have learned, I’m not very good making goals (mmm where’s my march goal list? whoops!) so things like “30 til 30” is probably not a good idea for me. Although the idea of having 5 years to complete a list is awesome, I just can’t see myself actually coming back to the same list for the next 5 years.

Instead, here’s my list of 25 things I’d like to do this year,you know, before I turn 26.

1- Go on a real vacation
2- Put together our apartment to a point that I can be truly excited to sit at home.
3- Stop procrastinating
4- Read at least 7 books. (Don’t judge- I’m completely off my reading game lately.)
5- Learn more about the proper use of social media
6- Create a spending budget
7- Visit a new country
8- Teach Allegra to stop jumping on visitors (my poor friends)
9- Eat at 5 new restaurants
10- Be brave
11- Make more things!
12- Treat my business travel time more like leisure travel time (site seeing, anyone?)
13- Be a go-getter
14- Make it to at least 1 new state
15- Do more activities!
16- Be a better communicator
17- See an outdoor play
18- Be healthy
19- Go to more concerts & festivals
20- Stay in better contact with friends and family
21- Graduate (well. get pretty darn close)
22-Go skydiving (NESE- I’m already nervous!)
23-Get ahead in blog posts and stay ahead!
24- Attend some kind of blogging event
25- Do 25 random acts of kindness

There you have it.
25 goals for a newly 25 year old.

Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll keep you updated on my progress – but let’s not push it.

With Luck

PS- You can celebrate my birthday too! In honor of me (and the first day of spring), Rita’s is giving away free ices! Feel free to tweet me a picture of you sharing in my birthday fun !(@withluckblog)