The Ghost of Autumn Past

I don’t know what possessed me to do something besides laundry, homework, and dog park duties while I was home on weekends last year. I was looking back at old posts, and now I feel like an inspiration failure this year. I mean, I had a strangely high number of fall recipes and things available to you last year. Go Jenn from 2012!

Slacker 2013 Jenn has done none of this. So instead, lets recap some ideas from the past and get those creative juices rolling.

cinnamon candle

Cinnamon Candle


pumpkin cakepopspumpkin cakepops


fall wreathFall Wreath

fall cookiesfall sugar cookies


Fall Flashbacks

One of my favorite things about a new season is the idea of heading down into the basement to bring up all of the seasonal goods. I love sorting through everything from previous years. I’m one of those emotional people so Dean will sometimes find me hanging out with a big bin of plastic pumpkins with tears in my eyes…. just kidding. I only cry over Christmas stuff.

Anyway, I thought that pulling up all of my seasonal posts from the previous years might evoke some of that same excitement.

3 ingredient pumpkin cupcakesFirst up- we’ve got some AWESOME 3 ingredient pumpkin cupcakes.
They were some of my favorites of the whole season.

easy glitter pumpkinsI made some simple glitter pumpkins.
Speaking of… where’d those guys go?

caramel stuffed apple cider cookiesand I know none of you forgot about B&N’s Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider cookies.

DIY fall wreathI made my first wreath!
and it looks super cute on the door of our new (well.. rented but new to us) yellow house 🙂

fall sugar cookiesI also whipped up some wonderful fall sugar cookies that I’ve completely forgotten about!

Isn’t it funny how you get so excited for seasonal things and then completely forget about them as time goes on? Isn’t it also funny how less than a year ago I was still “recreate and repin”? Talk about changes, huh?



PS- Happy birthday Amanda! 🙂 Miss you and your little fam!

Good Morning, Starshine!

Earth says Hello!

Hello there, blog world! It is Bahar and Nese at your service. We hope everyone had a fantastic and full Thanksgiving. We sure did and currently, we have broken up with food. For only a short amount of time. We hope you also had a super awesome Black Friday! We.. sorta did.

We did venture out on Black Friday to the closest mall… the Smithhaven Mall in Lake Grove, NY. We got there 10 minutes before midnight and waited outside of Macy’s like the other crazies waiting to get in. We felt right at home.. until that is, the doors opened and it got way to crowded.. way too fast.

“I am not a fan of crowds. My patience is close to zero when there are too many people around me.” -B

Fast forward… We did find some decent items while out. Thank God for those price checkers that are located at every corner at Macy’s. They save you from guessing how much the item you have in your hand costs. Both of us found a couple of items that we are like. Here is one we’re proud of…

The dress was 23 bucks, by Jessica Simpson.

“It is cute and very comfortable. I won’t lie, this was not tested before purchase” -B.

The dress is navy blue with little red heels on it. It also has pockets and some frill on the top for folks with.. less.. umm.. boobage. 😉 Here is a close up of the dress’s pattern:

“The belt, leggings, and boots were items already found in my wardrobe” -B.

The belt is from Kohl’s, which we bought for a pack of two for less than $15 (after coupons). The olive green leggings are from TJ Maxx. The boots are from last season and suede.

“They are my favorite boots!” -B.

They are by Steve Madden. When they were originally purchased, they cost about $120.

“They are really comfortable and I wear them with everything. Assuming, the pants fit inside of them :)” -B.

Boots are worth the investment, especially if you love them. We both have a black and brown pair that we love. It is worth every penny if you love the boots and fit well.

“This purchase on Black Friday not only made me jump with happiness, it also provides me with an outfit for this coming up Friday night for my boyfriend’s birthday. It is a cute weekend outfit, but were going to shoot some paint balls on Saturday and I cannot risk damaging my new dress ;)” -B.

If you were brave enough to venture out to shop, what did you find?

Anything Cute? Let us know! 🙂

Travel Wears: 2

It’s hard to pack a week of your life into a tiny suitcase. I only let myself bring one carry-on size suitcase (+ one small bag for shoes if necessary) each week. There are many times where I switch hotels a few times over a week and I refuse to be “that woman” carrying a million, giant bags for a 24 hour stay.  My first packing rule was posted here. Today I’m sharing another rule I’ve been trying to follow:

Reduce, Re-Wear, Recycle.

When I travel for work, I try to never bring an item that can’t be worn more than once. It’s actually pretty hard to find excuses to pack something extra when you have the same work/dinner/hotel plans each day! Pants & skirts can almost always be worn multiple times. You probably have work tops that can double as casual ones – bring those! If you take your bulkiest items and wear them during your travel, this should leave plenty of room for extra shirts and gym clothes.

(Ex: If I’m only traveling for 5 days I only bring one pair of jeans, and I wear them during my drive. Granted this is easy for me to do since I’m in business clothes majority of the day, but try to think of the clothing items that you really don’t need multiples of (for me this is jeans) and stop packing extra!)


 Here’s an example of something I found myself wearing a lot this fall:

Work Example

A chambray top was really easy for me to throw in my suitcase each week. It ironed without a problem and it went with everything I brought. I found that if I wanted to wear it to work, all I had to do was tuck it nicely into a pair of slacks or a pencil skirt, throw on a nice necklace, grab a cardigan (I always have one on me) and head out the door!

Casual Chambray

Obviously we all know how easy this shirt is to wear for any casual occasion. Here’s an outfit made with the same shirt and shoes from above + a pair of dark skinnies.

I probably wore my chambray top with a pair of skinnies, flats, and a scarf way too often. Case in point:

Travel Outfit

Busted. At least I found tons of reasons to re-wear those jeans, flats, and the scarf!

Do you think about how you can re-wear the clothes you pack?
What was your go-to item this fall?

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Weekend Recap: Spooky Walk!

Happy Halloween!!
(Enter evil laugh here)

I like to picture this man (Frank) reading this post out loud to you.
I’m not sure if you enjoy that thought or not.

But really, Happy Halloween! I really enjoy Halloween. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because dressing up is fun? Maybe it’s because I really like candy? Maybe it’s because I really enjoy scaring people?…Yep! That last one might be the winner!

Unfortunately, I don’t like being scared too much, so I typically steer clear of scaring others. However, Halloween time is a whole different ballgame. Back at home on Long Island, I’ve been taking a part in the Spooky Walk every year since high school. My friend’s family runs this local  Halloween haunted walk through the woods and cabins at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck.100% of the proceeds go to the camp for special needs children and adults each year!

It’s an awesome cause, and if you live on Long Island I highly suggest checking it out next year!

Anyway, so as a kid we all used to scare in the woods, then when I got a little older I lent a hand with the food services. This year, my friend turned one of the cabins into a “Haunted Hostel” exhibit and I tried my hand in scaring once again. I have to tell you — it’s HILARIOUS to be on the other side of a scary event. I claim to have yelled, screamed, and stared creepily in our guests directions, but I must admit that I also spent a lot of my 4 hour shift laughing my butt off. It’s really fun to scare people!
I’ll include some pictures for you behind the cut-but I’ll warn you, they aren’t my typical blog photos. I don’t usually like to truncate my posts, but I feel like my creepy makeup just doesn’t blend in with the rest of my blog. Feel free to read on for some pictures!  If not, that’s okay too.

What are your Halloween plans?
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