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purpose jewelry

If you’ve been around for a while then you know how much I appreciate a company that’s looking to do good in the world. I feel like we spend a lot of money every day and the bottom line is that I hope that some of my money is doing something good. This is why I prefer to work with companies with positive and thoughtful mission statements like Purpose Jewelry.

The quick story is that Purpose Jewelry was created to help teach women in need a skill and provide them with a job. The long version is that the jewelry company stems from a bigger organization: International Sanctuary.

iSanctuary is an international organization working to provide holistic care to sex trafficking survivors. Their mission is focused around a holistic approach to assist women with the reintegration process by addressing a wide range of needs and providing dignity and hope. Women in this program have access to medical professionals, counselors, and educators. They could receive scholarships for college, micro-loans to help them learn financial skills, and finally, employment.

As explained on their website, “Survivors at iSanctuary’s center in Mumbai, India are taught artisan jewelry skills. All jewelry is prepared, packaged, and shipped by survivors rescued in Orange County, California. Purchasing with Purpose empowers these young women as they play a critical role in every step of the process, from handcrafting the jewelry to shipping your purchase.  100% of proceeds benefits the survivors.”

So the big question is which pieces will you be buying?

purpose jewelry 100% of proceeds go towards iSanctuary

Journey Necklace |  Journey Ring
Mira Cuff  |  Sundust Tassel Necklace
Jivana Necklace  |  Gear Wire Earrings


Other companies doing good:

Small Can Be Big (connecting you with local donation oportunities), DamFine Designs (knitted scarves & pillow covers), Roma Boots (rainboots),   Falling Whistles (whistle necklaces), Love with Food – (a yummy subscription box- use the clode JENNVIP to get $5 off your first box!), Warby Parker (eyeglasses & sunglasses),  FashionABLE (scarves),  Punjammies  (PJs and tshirts),  147 Million Orphans (jewelry), Better Life Bags  (bags and purses of all kinds!) Freewaters (sandals and flipflops),Unicef Tap Project (clean water for time off of your phone) Figs (one-for-one scrubs), One Million Lights (Donations for light), The Home T (MS research)

The other B-word.


Have you heard about Sheryl Sandberg’s new campaign against the word “bossy”? Check it out.

“When a little boy asserts himself, he’s called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy.” Words like bossy send a message: don’t raise your hand or speak up. By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys—a trend that continues into adulthood. Together we can encourage girls to lead.” –

This is a movement I feel strongly about. I’ve  had my fair share of being called “bossy” and I’ve been told that I’m “too loud” or “too talkative” all of my life.  I like to talk. I have opinions. I’m not afraid to stand up for what I think is right. Why should that be given negative connotations?


Let our girls cultivate their strengths and learn how to turn them into something great. Don’t negatively label them as bossy or loud and stifle future opportunities. We should be taking these personality characteristics and encouraging girls to use their skills to build a strong and positive presence.

Can you relate to this movement? 

PS- Want to learn more on the subject how our culture is building gender expectations in our young girls? Read the book Cinderella Ate My Daughter. Or this psych study

PPS- Want to learn more about leadership and women in the workplace? Don’t forget about Sheryl Sandberg’s national best seller, Lean In


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Women’s History Month
March is one of my favorite months. Some of the great reasons? Well, it’s my birthday month, national reading month, and it’s women’s history month!

Women’s studies has always been a passion of mine. In college I used to volunteer with our local (and amazing) women’s center and I also took a few women’s studies classes. Being around such powerful and inspiring women and learning to build positive connections were really important pieces to my college career and who I am today.

Each year a new theme is chosen by the National Women’s History Project to celebrate amazing women all of the world. The 2014 theme is “Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment”, which automatically reminded me of that Bing commercial celebrating brave women of 2013. While I’m still not switching away from Google (sorry, Bing), I do really appreciate the nod towards strong women.

So now I post the question: What (or who) do you think of when you want to celebrate women of character, courage, and commitment?



aerie real

I’m so in love with Aerie’s latest campaign, Aerie Real. Have you heard about this yet? They are featuring models that have NOT been retouched in their newest ads for their spring line.

The models are beautiful and pretty darn flawless if you ask me, but there is still an amazing difference between the girls on the Aerie website and the girls in the Victoria Secret- Pink site (two companies each focusing on the same demographic – high school and college girls).

They used women of all different shapes, colors and sizes so that when you’re shopping, you can really visualize yourself in the product. They’ve even updated their website so that as you change your size, the model they show changes to someone of that same size!  By showcasing real bodies, Aerie hopes to empower girls everywhere to see their own real body as beautiful, imperfections and all. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping to see a lot more of this in future ad campaigns.

aeri ereal


PS- Watch an interview with ABCNews introducing the campaign with  Aerie style and fit expert Jenny Altman.

Doing Good 4: Punjammies

A while ago I started posting about companies out there in the world who put a focus on doing something good for others. Maybe it’s my Jesuit education or maybe it’s just the basic idea of respect, but either way doing good is a pretty big deal for me. You can see my first installments of “Do Good” here (FashionABLE, Warby Parker, Falling Whistles).

Wear Punjammies & Wear HopePunjammies is a self-sustaining company in India that makes sleepwear inspired by the beautiful colors and fabrics of the traditional sari. The company was created by the International Princess Project as a way to help empower women who have been previously enslaved to a life of prostitution in India. Women are able to learn a new skill and help find hope and support through a new job! Proceeds from the sales go back to paying the ladies fair trade wages, money towards their living expenses, holistic support and restoration, funding towards their children’s schooling and operational support for the program.

The back story:

Learn more about the International Princess Project.

My favorite punjammies?
AamaniThe Aamani


The Leela (capri version)

umaThe Uma
(aka my newest love. The short styles look so comfy!)

Have you ever purchased Punjammies before?
Which style is your favorite?

With Luck

disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this post in any way.