The Hunt for the Perfect Leggings- Update 3

finding the perfect leggings

Sometimes a post is so helpful to others that it sticks around for a while.  The Hunt for the Perfect Leggings, from B&N back in 2012, is a perfect example of a long-lasting post. It brings in new readers every day and we still regularly get comments. In my mind, Fall is the season I run back to my leggings for comfort so I figured it would be a great time for a little update on the hunt for the perfect leggings.

In the original post, Bahar and Nese talk about the highs and lows of wearing and finding leggings. They chatted about some of their favorite brands, and lamented about never being able to find their absolute number one favorite, Mind Body Soul, anymore. Apparently, they weren’t alone.

Every few months a new comment pops up on the post. Most people share their love for Mind Body Soul leggings and they add to Bahar and Nese’s cries for more stores to carry them.  Sometimes people will talk about other options they’ve tried, and some really helpful readers even reach out when Mind Body Soul come back in stock at BJ’s (where Bahar and Nese first found the leggings).

Today’s post is a heads up of two kinds:

  • Number One- A reader just commented yesterday that Mind Body Soul leggings are back in stock at BJ’s!  (YAYY)
  • Number Two- Suzanne from reached out a while ago to let us know that her online store also carry the brand! The never ending hunting online has officially ended! Just head straight to French Dressing to grab your pair today.

I’m also excited to say that when Suzanne heard that I have yet to find the brand for myself she offered to send one out to me! Just as a reminder, I previously wrote about a new “it” legging from Spanx I had previously found. Both Mind Body Soul and Spanx are extremely comfortable and run true to size, but the biggest difference is in texture. The Mind Body Soul are more like a soft cotton and are hands down my favorite for bed. The only downside is that Allegra’s hair gets stuck on them so easily. The Spanx version are more silky in texture. They have a little shine to them and I feel like if I’m having a bad day I can throw on a gym shirt and sneakers and pretend I’m on my way to do something active. I also decided to size up in my Spanx, so the extra fabric makes it a little more difficult to see through them, which is something I really appreciate.


So do you ever reach for a pair of leggings? What has been your favorite brand?


PS- Read the original post or catch up on the last update.


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the hunt for great leggings!

In 2012 Bahar and Nese posted about their hunt for the perfect leggings. More than 2 years later this post still recieves the most traffic via search engines out of all of WLB.  So since I found a new pair that I like, I thought I’d put in my two cents.

First off I’ve been on a continuous search for the Mind Body and Soul leggings that Bahar, Nese and a bunch of commentors seem to like, but I still haven’t been able to find them. I’ve heard that every so often they show up at Khols or BJ’s, but they go super quickly. Be sure to scoop up a pair if you ever see them!

So onto the new find…. I got a little tip that Target had come out with a new product via Spanx and they got AMAZING reviews online. Like any good blogger I figured it was worth a try. They’re a little more pricy than I’d like ($30 each), but I have to admit that they’re pretty darn wonderful. They are a a true black and completely opaque- no worries about giving a surprise show or a preview of my knee when I bend and move (though I sized up for comfort and security). I also love that they have a control-top high waist. Not like those fat sucking stockings, but smooth and flexible like Spanx is known for. It gives me a little extra protection and confidence.

They are soooo comfortable I keep looking for excuses to wear them. Luckily almost everything counts as a good excuse.

Cozy day at home? Yep.

Heading to bed? Duh.

Found a long sweater? Sure.

Long car ride? Of course.

Heading to walmart?….why not?

Now if you’re looking for something even thicker? I also wear the heck out of my Gigi pants from JCrew Factory. I bought them a few years ago during one of their 50% off sales and it was definitely worth it. They have pockets and a zipper and they are thick enough to count as pants, but don’t be fooled- I’ve slept in them more than once. They aren’t your traditional cheap-o leggings, but they are great for playing pretend all day. (They are also currently on sale! and IMO, they run true to size)


I know these options aren’t as inexpensive as some other options, but in my experience they’ve both been great investments and they have heald up through many washings! That being said, I’m always looking for new, more cost effective options. If you have any suggestions, spill!

Easter Wears



Whenever I open up Polyvore, my original goal is always creating cute, affordable options, but affordable products aren’t always an option on there. Once I find one item I like (the blouse did it this time), I throw my wallet to the curb and just start putting something together. When I added in this awesome trench coat today I stopped and looked at the price and thought “what the heck am I doing?!” I can’t afford this stuff, but sometimes it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?


Do you fall into this trap, too?
Do you get frustrated looking at outfits you can’t afford?
Would you prefer if I added in more affordable options to these outfit creations?


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The Hunt for the Perfect Leggings

The most comfortable outfit we can think of without wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, has to be black leggings with a long tank and sweater over it. The problem? Those darn leggings are see through most of the time! We have gone through so many tights, trying to find the right ones (without spending SO much money). The more expensive ones are probably a lot thicker and more comfortable to wear in public, but as we are not made of money- when we have 60 bucks, it is not leggings we are looking to spend money on.

We have tried Simply Vera Vera Wang Solid Leggings, from Kohl’s. These were definitely one of our favorites. When we first bought these and tried them on, they were PERFECT. The cost- around $17 bucks when they are on sale. Not too bad! Simply Vera leggings have an elastic waist, that you cannot see in the picture below.

“I especially like the Capri Leggings. The only issue I had with the longer ones, was that the waist is SO high! They always cover my belly button, plus a few more inches above that! That muffin top really shows (-_-).  LOL. But they really are so comfortable. Great for wearing either length under jeans in the winter.” -N

Our mother is the most honest critic we have. When she said these tights were just right because you could not see through them, we were in… until 5 or 6 washes later… They wore away really fast, and we were seeing things people in public did not need to see. In which case, we threw them into our pajama pile and bought new ones. We bought a few new leggings but instead of washing them with our regular loads, we have been washing them with our delicate wash to see if it’ll last longer. So far… so good.

Realizing we needed to try another brand as well, we went for capri leggings from Lauren Conrad’s collection, also at Kohl’s. (Obviously, we have a thing for Kohl’s. Don’t judge.) We could not find these specific ones on the site, but they now have the LC Lauren Conrad Solid Leggings. Currently, these are selling for $10. Great deal for the price! The ones we had bought, were extremely soft and light. We are betting the longer ones are probably very similar. Instantly saw through these though. Wearing the right kind of undergarments would help with not showing what strangers should not get a peek at!

Lastly, while shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club (another fave), we walked past leggings, on sale. We decided to take a took at them, of course they felt super comfortable, and there were TWO in one pack! It felt like we hit the jackpot. Immediately bought 2 packs. THESE LEGGINGS ARE SO INCREDIBLY COZY!

Unfortunately, after an hour of searching, we were unable to find them anywhere on the internet to share with you all. WOMP WOMP. We’ll be on the lookout and let you all know if we find them again. The only thing on the leggings themselves is, “Mind Body Soul.” The waist does not have elastic on it so that they do not squeeze and show areas you are trying to hide (for me at least -N). If you wear black or nude underwear, you cannot see a single thing. Perfection. They hug your legs in all the right places, keep you warm and look great.

The search for a more perfect legging for a reasonable price continues though. We know a lot of people are against wearing tights in public, but we can’t help it if they’re the best lazy clothes.

Do you think it is acceptable to wear leggings in public? What brands have you found to be  best?

Have an amazing weekend, friends!

PS- New legging suggestions for 2015!