Ms. Allegra was in store for a little surprise this weekend.

allegraThis ride is how long?

Ms. Allegra, the ride is just a little over 19 hours.. because we’re headed to FLORIDA! If I’ve seemed a little distracted around these parts, I probably have been. We’re were in a crazy season at work and I had finals last week for my classes and we spent a little over 2 days stopping to walk Allegra, sleeping, and driving down the east coast. But it was totally worth it because WE’RE HERE!!!!¬†And just in time to celebrate Dean’s birthday in style, too.

Dean's birthday!Happy birthday (yesterday), Bub! Glad we all survived our ride. Can’t wait to spend the next week livin’ in style in 70 degree weather <3

PS- Anyone else see that Kate Spade is having a surprise 75% off sale? Apparently there’s an outlet down here too…. I think my wallet is in for a rude awakening.



    • Thanks Shanna! We actually took a few stops and did two sleepovers at pet friendly hotels so it wasn’t bad!

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