Shopping Addiction


My name is Jenn, and I have an addiction to shopping.

A few times a year I have to admit this to myself, but in true addict fashion, there’s always an excuse. The current excuse? After Christmas sales! Stores are practically begging me to come in and shop and do I really want to deny them my services?

HEMNES Glass-door cabinet IKEA Solid wood has a natural feel.Hemnes Glass- door Cabinet, normally $249, now $169

I mean, Dean would definitely appreciate a new place for me to put my yarn for my Etsy shop, and this guy is on sale at Ikea. Can’t you just see beautiful skeins of yarn piled high behind the glass door?

 Thumbnail Image of Color Swatch 4393 Image of Swing Sweater

Loft Swing Sweater, originally $54.50, now $49.99 with an additional 60% off!

I just bought this sweater in navy and I love it. Like, LOVE. I can’t figure out if I would wear this color, and I’m having trouble finding it in person, but I’m so tempted to pull the trigger online.

 CASALEEYA Pour Over Coffee Kettle, normally $42.97, now $29.95

I’m not usually a big tea drinker, but as soon as the sun starts dipping at 4pm something inside me changes and I crave tea. When we lived in Florida it was always so warm that I never used my kettle so when we moved I decided to donate it, but now that I’m back in NY I’m feeling a little lost without it. I love a kettle with a fun design or color, so I actually almost bought this one before Christmas (because isn’t it so pretty!), but then I read that it’s not actually stainless steel throughout and started my search again. Enter the kettle above and I love that this one looks like a cute beehive for my stove! (plus the thermometer is clutch if I ever decide to upgrade my coffee pot to a chemex on my next shopping spree)

Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover + Shams – Platinum

Belgian Flax Linen Duvet, $169-204

So this isn’t exactly on sale.. but it is considered an “everyday value”? We need a new duvet desperately, I just need an excuse to spend a little more to upgrade to a cozy linen (my ultimate goal!).

Dotted Bullet Journal, normally $25, now $15.49

I’ve been on and off bullet journaling since 2014, but I’ve really gotten into it over the last few months. My old journal still has some room, but it’s a cheap book and the spine is breaking. A new year and a sale sounds like a good excuse for a new one, right?

That’s not so bad is it? Okay, it’s kind of bad… and that’s why I haven’t purchased anything yet. I bet a few nice comments about a product or two could change that, but no pressure.  Happy 2017!

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