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Knitting Ain’t Easy is up and running smoothly!!I’ve been home, in cars, and visiting family with my knits and things to fill orders and get ahead and it’s a pretty great feeling.Most recently I’ve been working on beanies, mug cozies, and shop facebook pages.

handmade beanies-

handmade mug cozy-


I selfishly like the cozies because they’re cute but practical. They’re the perfect way for me to finish up small balls of yarn. To push them out to etsy shoppers, I’ve added the option of adding on a mug cozy to any order for just $2! The best part is that when you add up shipping costs, the cozy ends up being FREE! (Follow my math here…. shipping on a single item is $5. If you buy multiple items, the shipping changes to $3 per item instead. HOWEVER. Shipping on the cozy is free. so it really only adds $2 to your order, while bringing the shipping down to $3. New $3 shipping plus new $2 cozy = one $5 shipping price!)


What kind of knitting projects would you like to see next? Any colors you’d like to see added? I’d love your feedback!


PS- ONE MORE DAY TO ENTER. Get yourself some free glasses, won’t ya?

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