Right or Left?

Are you right brained or left?

right or left brained?

I always thought I was pretty equal brained. I live for crafty nights in and art-focused First Fridays, but at the same time, I’m completely logical and predictable.  Even though I always want to be more “free” and creative” I almost always chose the “safe” option when given a choice… which just has to take me out of the more creative category, right?

I was completely surprised when I tested as a right-brainer with a score of 32% left, 69% right. What side of the brain do you use?


** It’s important to remember that these little inventories are not a final answer. This is  a tool which measures where you are in the moment and does not predict the future or tell you your past. It should only be use for fun. For example, I just took the test again today and scored almost even (44% left, 56% right). Big difference! (but still fun :-))


  1. It says equal for me, but I’m 59% – 41% left (which isn’t very equal).

    My question is this: if you take the test once, and know what makes you left or right brained, can’t you manipulate the test to get the results you want?

    • Definitely! It’s the same for any tool like this. Even before finishing, some people may know how to manipulate a personality test based on the way questions are worded and a persons previous knowledge on the subject. Professional instruments have a crazy amount of thought behind the set up of these tests.

  2. 72% right
    28% left

    I am more right brain than I believed. I thought I was more like you- balanced. Clearly not.

    • I’m not surprised at all by yours! Although you’re logical about a lot of things, you’re MUCH more creative than most.

  3. Turns out I’m 66% right and 34% left. I kind of agree, but I’d like to think I’m a big strategy and logic person too. It’s funny how easily it changes when you take the quiz at a different time. Such a fun post, thanks for sharing!
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    • Yes! You must have been in a creative state of mind while taking this test. Time to write some posts! haha

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