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When monogrammed items first started popping up more in blogland, I never thought I would join in. But slowly and surely I started finding more and more items I liked. A monogram clutch here, a monogrammed mug there, but when I started looking at monogrammed wall decals I had to regroup a little bit.  Then I got contacted by and I thought it was about time I actually gave it a try.


I picked out the gold plated curly lettered necklace for myself. It has a nice classic look that I think is perfect for any simple summer look. Even better than the necklace is onecklace’s customer service. When my tracking information said my necklace had arrived when it actually hadn’t, I sent them over a quick email. I was answered right away and a new necklace was sent over without any question. That is the kind of response that makes me a repeat buyer….. next on my list?  The horizontal bar necklace!


Sponsor post disclaimer: This necklace was gifted to me for review. All opinions are my own.


    • Thanks so much Melissa! I’ve been making more of an effort with my photography lately so I really appreciate it! I kindaaaa braided the front of my hair and loosly stuck a bobby pin in. 🙂

  1. you look so, so beautiful here. i know that’s not the point of the post, but this post is sponsored by my heart now because girl. wow.

    i’ve wondered about monogram stuff for a while and decided it’s probably not for me. see, i’m a middle name as first name kind of girl, so i don’t have enough letters to make a monogram unless i use the initial of my real first name, which i hate. however, i do looooove jewelry with my initial, and i am digging the name necklaces so i can truly be just like Carrie (from Sex and the City, in case you’re not a fan).
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    • aw shucks! Thanks girl – that sponsored comment made me laugh out loud! I hope you get your own carrie/nicole version soon! haha

  2. Ohhh I’ve been dying for a monogram necklace lately and it seems more relevant now that my last name has changed! I’ll have to check them out.

    Also your hair is rocking my world.

    • Hi Kami, I still wear this necklace regularly and haven’t had an issue. I do follow the normal recommendations of taking the necklace off before bed or a shower, but other than that it’s still one of my favorites!

  3. I ordered a name necklace from onecklace and received an email on December 11, 2016 stating my order had shipped. I then received another email from Onecklace with a tracking number. I tried tracking my order and get noting but a message stating they cant locate my order. The money for the necklace has been taken from my account but yet as i sit here on December 22, 2016 i still have not received my necklace that i paid $50.00 for. I have emailed the company and i have not received a response. I guess i have been scammed. I will be seeking legal action as i do not find this kind of business customary.

    • Hi Dana, I’m sorry to hear that you had such a difficult time with onenecklace! That must have been very frustrating and it is very disappointing to hear. I have had two positive experiences with them so far, but if I was in your shoes I would continue to contact them as well. When you pay for a product you expect the product. I hope everything works out for you soon!

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