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Thanks for all of your kind comments on yesterday’s post. I’ve been having fun seeing everyone’s reaction to my new do! Letting a hairdresser do whatever they want has been one of those things I’ve just always thought would be really cool to do- and it totally was! It was very freeing and the big chop has definitely been a great confidence boost. Plus- hopefully some lucky lady will really enjoy a new wig out of it. I highly suggest giving it a try, if you’ve ever thought about it.

Let’s talk bathing suits. How many women out there really love bathing suit season? I’m going to just pretend that nobody raised their hand just to make myself feel better. I think the summer is awesome and fun and all that…. but trying on / buying / wearing a bathing suit all day is just not on my long list of favorite things in life. In fact, if you said that I’d hate it, you’d be right.


Next month, I’ll be heading to LBI for a week with Dean’s family. Somewhere in between being really excited, I started to realize that this means I’m going to have to wear a bathing suit at the beach with his family. I mean, what’s the line here?? When is it okay to wear what kind of bathing suit? I have a few bikinis, but my running skills have been less than impressive in this heat so I can’t really say that I have a bikini ready body. Plus, let’s just add in the fact that I’m not even really sure if wearing a bikini in front of Dean’s parents is really something I’m comfortable with… And then the email from Leonisa came.

Have you ever heard of Leonisa? They’re an awesome online store specializing in lingerie, shape wear and swimwear – ding ding ding! I jumped at the chance to grab a cute new one piece bathing suit from them for my upcoming trip and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. I went for this one because I thought it was fun and playful but not too show-y at all.


I took my measurements and followed along with the handy chart they have online and when my suit came in, it fit wonderfully. Everything is covered, I’m super comfortable, and my ladies sit nice and in place. In fact, the only way this suit could be better is if it came in other fun colors and they were all waiting for me in my closet.

At first I was a little hesitant about heading in the one-piece direction. Is it too old? Will it make me feel more mom-ish with my short hair? And although I do think I could have gone even a bit more risque than I did, I didn’t find myself feeling overly mom in my choice at all. In fact, I wore it out last week to an “adult swim night” (aka awesome drinks, watersides, a lazy river, and a DJ after hours at a local water park) and loved life. I loved that I could walk around in my suit with a pair of shorts and feel completely wonderful the whole time.


In fact, it fit so well that I may even break my own rules and buy a bra online next! Yikes!

What’s your feeling towards bathing suit/lingerie/shapewear shopping online?
Would you utilize a company like Leonisa? (30% off swimwear right now!)
How do you feel about bathing suit shopping in general?

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  1. omgsh the suit you chose is perfect! seeing it on the model, i was like HELLO, DARING! and it’s something i wouldn’t think i could pull off. but you’re obviously a greater swim suit wearer than i and you look fantastic! i looove that it’s mesh and not a real cut out, so you don’t have to worry about the pieces moving around and you can still feel sexy. i’m all about black swimwear; it’s ridic classic.

    xo nicole
    nicole s. recently posted…the [thrifted] golden ticketMy Profile

    • Never! You could totally do this suit. Everyone can do this suit! That’s why I like it. I think the black was a good choice, but a color would have been so fun!

  2. I love that suit! Why do you not share these hidden gems with me!!! (I wish they had you know what kind of swimsuits!!!!)
    The first time I was in front of Josh’s mom in my suit I was completely nervous and did not want to get in the pool, but she made me feel better by saying something like “honey, your body is a lot better than mine and I’m in one… “

  3. I love bathing suit season and look forward to shopping for bikinis every time summer rolls around…but that’s just the waterbaby and competitive swimmer in me. It’s so tough keeping me out of the water in the summer! I love that black bathing suit, you look darling in it!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace
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    • I’m so jealous of your love for bathing suits. I’ve always wanted to be that girl… but alas I am not.

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