Polyvore Obsession

Happy Monday, folks!

How is it Monday already? I mean, wasn’t yesterday Friday? Sigh, weekends just go too fast for my liking!

Anyway, back to business. Do you guys use Polyvore? I love it way too much (as in Dean-can’t-get-me-to-put-the-computer-down-for-ice-cream too much.. that doesn’t happen often).  I’ve always loved stalking out and repining other people’s creations on Pinterest, but more recently I’ve found myself creating outfits on my own. It’s almost as if Polyvore is my dream closet and I get to spend all day putting together cool outfits down to the last little detail. Here’s a few of the things I’ve been lusting over lately.

Winter '12

chunky sweatertank jeans, flatsnecklaceearrings, watch, bag
Can’t go wrong with a big, chunky sweater and black accessories!

library day

cross body shoulder bag,  long sleeve topcable cardiganpants,  flats,  cross body shoulder bag , jewelrychair
Hilarious, no? Just me… Okay,
Well either way, I can totally picture myself snuggling up on a chair with a big book and a good cup of coffee in this.


happy winter

cardigan, top jeans, oxfordsbagwatchearrings
I love this easy going get-up. I’m a little sad to say that I don’t own nearly as many of these items as I’d like to, but yet somehow when I showed this to Dean he said “Is this a picture of a bunch of your stuff?” I guess that means that I hit my style pretty well!

Do you guys make up your own inspiration outfits on Polyvore? Follow along with my creations! (Or, feel free to just follow along with my pins instead.)

If you had an unlimited closet, what kinds of outfits would you put together?
What websites do you tend to get addicted to?

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  1. I am obsessed with polyvore too. I use polyvore on my blog for every outfit post! Thank you to whoever invented this gem, right? 🙂 Stopping by from YOLO Monday

  2. Hihi, im so obsessed with polyvore!! But sometimes i realize how hard it is to put together a nice look! Love the outfits you picked out!

  3. I love Polyvore too!! I have made several outfits, but haven’t in a while…you got my juices flowing again! Love what you created. It’s so much fun, right????

  4. I spend more time than I should on Pinterest! I love that you included a hairstyle on your board, I love that! It really is like window shopping through an enormous virtual closet. BRILLIANT.

    • It’s gross how addicting Pinterest is. When Dean sees me on there he just walks away because he knows I’m already lost in another world. Such a wonderful little invention!

  5. I’ve actually never used Polyvore although I see so many outfit inspirations on Pinterest that are made with it! I just make mine in photoshop instead 🙂 I’m absolutely in love with the first set; I was totally eyeing up that large leather shopper from Zara last year but I think it sold out before I could get my hands on it 🙁 Great post!

    xo jen

    • Thank you! Polyvore is really fun! It can get a little frustrating at times since everything isn’t always there. I only dislike it when I can’t make an outfit within my price range. But it’s still helpful for inspiration!

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