November Playlist

fall in NEPA and a november playlist

I made this Spotify playlist a few Novembers ago and it’s still a favorite. The vibe totally makes me happy to be cozy indoors on a late fall day, and even makes me long for a little bit of that northeast chilly weather. I can’t remember if I’ve shared this before, but even if I have, it’s too good not to post again.

Photos of Life Lately

old lady Halloween costume

Can you believe it’s already NOVEMBER? I just can’t get over it. I also feel like it’s been a while since I’ve stopped in. So what have I been up to lately….. that’s a good question!  For starters, Dean and I dressed up as old ladies for Halloween. While it may have been put together less than 2 hours before we hit the town, I will say that it was pretty darn good! I mean I don’t want to brag, but it’s the first costume I’ve ever had that literally made people stop us in the streets for pictures. I’m sure that had nothing to do with the fact that Dean was wearing a mumu 😉

the most comfortable pizza eating costume EVER

a costume that lets you add to your WIP ;-)

And yes I did bring out my knitting. I mean, I didn’t get anything done, but it was still a fun idea! Besides, I was a little knitted-out after working on a few new projects this week.. (eg: the hat below and these fun arm warmers!)


Okay moving on… I’ve also been pretty dedicated to my “get to know Miami” plan. Last week I went down to explore the Lowe’s Art Museum on UMiami’s campus. Coming from a school with a tiny little campus art gallery in PA, I’m still in awe at the size and talent showcased here! I also tested out my bowling skills down in South Miami anddddd the results were less than stellar. Pointers would be appreciated.





Oh, and did I mention that Dean and I took a little trip back home to PA? …after a quick staycation in Fort Lauderdale? We’ve seriously been living the life! One week we’re lounging by the pool and the next we’re layering on sweaters and checking out the fall foliage.


lately Fall in NJ


Seriously- Who are we?!


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The Hunt for the Perfect Leggings- Update 3

finding the perfect leggings

Sometimes a post is so helpful to others that it sticks around for a while.  The Hunt for the Perfect Leggings, from B&N back in 2012, is a perfect example of a long-lasting post. It brings in new readers every day and we still regularly get comments. In my mind, Fall is the season I run back to my leggings for comfort so I figured it would be a great time for a little update on the hunt for the perfect leggings.

In the original post, Bahar and Nese talk about the highs and lows of wearing and finding leggings. They chatted about some of their favorite brands, and lamented about never being able to find their absolute number one favorite, Mind Body Soul, anymore. Apparently, they weren’t alone.

Every few months a new comment pops up on the post. Most people share their love for Mind Body Soul leggings and they add to Bahar and Nese’s cries for more stores to carry them.  Sometimes people will talk about other options they’ve tried, and some really helpful readers even reach out when Mind Body Soul come back in stock at BJ’s (where Bahar and Nese first found the leggings).

Today’s post is a heads up of two kinds:

  • Number One- A reader just commented yesterday that Mind Body Soul leggings are back in stock at BJ’s!  (YAYY)
  • Number Two- Suzanne from reached out a while ago to let us know that her online store also carry the brand! The never ending hunting online has officially ended! Just head straight to French Dressing to grab your pair today.

I’m also excited to say that when Suzanne heard that I have yet to find the brand for myself she offered to send one out to me! Just as a reminder, I previously wrote about a new “it” legging from Spanx I had previously found. Both Mind Body Soul and Spanx are extremely comfortable and run true to size, but the biggest difference is in texture. The Mind Body Soul are more like a soft cotton and are hands down my favorite for bed. The only downside is that Allegra’s hair gets stuck on them so easily. The Spanx version are more silky in texture. They have a little shine to them and I feel like if I’m having a bad day I can throw on a gym shirt and sneakers and pretend I’m on my way to do something active. I also decided to size up in my Spanx, so the extra fabric makes it a little more difficult to see through them, which is something I really appreciate.


So do you ever reach for a pair of leggings? What has been your favorite brand?


PS- Read the original post or catch up on the last update.


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