5 Gifts for your Momma

mother's day gift guide

Mother’s Day is only a few days away so if you’ve been putting off that flower purchase, consider this post your reminder. This year I’m heading to a nice brunch with my mom & sister and Dean’s family (see you soon, Steph!) and I’m really excited to have a nice afternoon with both of our families. Unfortunately things aren’t always so easy. Here are some last minute ideas for those of you who are still on a hunt for something nice to give your momma.

handmade soapHandmade Soaps
It’s no secret that I like to make things for myself. I love that this is useful and quick and of course it can be personalized to your mom’s personal taste.


I’m usually anti-gift certificates, but I think it’s sweet if you give your mom one that will help make life easier or nicer. A little mani/pedi or really any spa treatment is always a great excuse for busy moms make some time for themselves.

Mother's Day FlowersFlowers are always a good idea. My mom and I have what I call “black thumbs” which means that we will not be keeping any plants alive anytime soon. Bouquets like the one above are a perfect little addition to her kitchen table from her favorite daughter (sorry Nicole).
Dean’s mom is really good with plants, so for green-thumbed moms like her, we’d go for a nice potted plant or something that can be replanted later.
(Pst- Here are some coupons for ProFlowers if you’re looking to send something.)


Here’s another nice DIY from my girl, Lauren Conrad. Give your mom a nice, classy vase, mug,or set of some kind that you can personalize yourself. Nice and easy 10 minute project.

mother's day giftsA nice accessory is a great way to go, too. Clothes can be hard to buy (what size should I buy again?) but we all know that accessories can make an outfit. Anything from a cute spring scarf or a sappy mother’s necklace is sure to bring a smile to your momma’s face. Want to kick your present into high gear? Go for a nice watch, shoes, bag, or perfume set. Admit it- your mom is worth every penny. (To find out more information about each of the accessories above, read more here.)


No matter which route you go, I have a very important reminder: don’t forget a card! My mom is so card crazy that she will ask for a card if necessary. She also still has a homemade card that I sent her from my first year of college on the fridge. It’s really ridiculous.


What are you guys doing for your mother’s this year?
Any other card crazy ladies out there?

With Luck

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  1. Hmm (re: our previous conversation) maybe I’ll do a giftcard and overnight something to Momma Casabona instead. She still has anniversary flowers anyway. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I second that whole “card” thing…especially since, for a broke college student, it’s really easy and quick to personalize a card when you don’t have money for anything else!

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