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January Goals

So, I’ve been trying to ignore the idea of posting resolutions on my blog. Truth is, I’m not very good at keeping them. But I started reading the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and I’ve changed my mind- kinda.

I tend to write really long lists with too many goals and then I don’t know where to start. I usually randomly pick a few goals to start, but give me a few months and I’ve completely forgot about them (I probably already forgot that there was a list in the first place). Not this year!

Have you read The Happiness Project? I literally just started (page 48 -what! what!) but basically Gretchen decides on 12 categories of life that she wants to work on and she concentrates on one per month.  She also creates a way to chart her goals to keep herself on track. By concentrating on a new set of priorities each month, she gives herself time to create habits in necessary areas before starting on the next piece of the puzzle. It’s a big chain and each month she adds a new link. You go girl!

the happiness project

So the “Getting Started” section promises that I’ll be able to make my own happiness project at the end of the book (with the help of my new paperback and her website), but I’m too impatient. (Sounds like something I should make a resolution about, huh?) Instead, I’m going to post a little list of personal goals of each month and we’ll see how it goes.

Month One (aka January) = Organization & A Positive Routine

So the plan here is to pay attention to/ try out some of the following things (hey, at least one has to help, right?)

  • Create Lists
  • Utilize my planner/plan ahead
  • Get ready for bed earlier
  • Wake up earlier
  • Get ahead on blog posts
  • No. More. Procrastinating.
  • Clean out my closet/de-clutter

I’m not sure if I’ll keep up with these mini goals each month – I’m not even sure if I’ll keep up with these this month.  But for now, the plan is to keep these in mind throughout the day and see what happens. I’ll let you know where I stand at the end of the month!

How do you keep yourself organized?
Do you set New Years resolutions? How about small goals throughout the year?
What are some other things I should keep in mind while working towards my January goals?

With Luck



    • I like it so far. I think her goals come from a great mix of actual research and self understanding. It’s pretty cool! Hope the next book is good!

    • It’s good so far! I like that she’s not saying “this is what you should do to make your life better”. She’s just telling her story of how she made changes over a year.

    • Right?! Finishing the book first is probably the best thing to do.. but with all of these resolutions popping up I just couldn’t resist. 🙂

  1. Guuuurl, you and me are on the same darn page. I am such a procrastinator and the clutter is out of control. And my pretty little planner has yet to have any ink in it yet!!

    • Apparently I’m off to a bad start because I’ve been procrastinating cleaning all this clutter off my desk since Monday… and did I mention that my empty planner was purchased last summer? Oops! hahaha

    • Thanks lady!
      This should be some kind of chant for a January Goal Rally… no, not cool? ok. I guess I’ll just have to start cleaning the kitchen (no. more. procrastinating!)
      Thanks for the extra motivation!

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