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When I used to work with college students a lot, I used to ask them to rate their day 1-5 at random. 5 was the ideal, but most students aren’t living in a world of 5’s.  It didn’t force a conversation, but it allowed us both to stop and re-evaluate what needed to be talked about based on their state of mind. If someone asked me to rate this week I’d give it a 2.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad week, but I definitely can’t call it a good week, either. Let’s just say I’ve been ready for Friday since Monday.

Best of the week:  When Dean brought me home ice cream at random.
Challenge of the week: RAIN on every. morning. commute.

So how are you feeling, 1-5?



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  1. I read the same article about my allergy a week or two ago! Isn’t it crazy? Plus super annoying. I can vouch for the microwave trick though – even 3-5 seconds makes apples edible for me!

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