Last Minute Thanksgiving DIYs

This year Dean offered to cook a little Thanksgiving dinner for us here at home. We bought a little turkey and I’ve been hunting down some recipes for side dishes, but something seemed a little off. And then it hit me: WE HAVE NO DECORATIONS UP. We’re wearing shorts and running around a non-decorated home. Thanksgiving turkeys just don’t seem to fit in. Sooooo we went a little nuts and purchased a Christmas tree early.Don’t worry, we decided to leave the tree TBD (to be decorated) until after Thanksgiving, but it just gives the house such a great smell and the perfect, winter feel. I know everyone doesn’t agree, but I like winter/holiday decorations for Thanksgiving. I think it all kind of fits together.  But if you don’t, have no fear! There are much easier, more “thanksgiving-y” options available to you. Here are some of my favorites.



simple gold paper garland.


Here we have a cute paper garland project. I like this DIY because it’s so simple to put together, but it makes a large impact. How cute would this look strung up on a mantle or across a cute bookshelf?




cinnamon candle


Add some cinnamon sticks to common candles! It gives off a light scent, but it’s definitely not overpowering. Most importantly they look super cute! I get compliments on these guys every season (they also make cute and cost effective gifts!)


thanksgiving printable


There’s nothing better than a free printable! How much easier can life get, right? This quote is offered both as a utensil holder or for your favorite frame.



thanksgiving ideas


Gold paint! Paint a pumpkin or a little turkey figurine, either way it’s going to look a little more elegant and a little more grown up in gold.



thanksgiving ideas


Speaking of gold, how great would these look on your dinner table with a gold candle or a cute cold bow tied around the vase? Such a simple way to literally take your cranberries from you Thanksgiving table right into the holiday season.



Do you have some easy DIY’s that you’ll use to decorate for Thursday? Please share! I’d love to hear 🙂


    • That cinnamon stick candle diy is actually my own from last year (shameless promotion haha!). I decided to forget about the glue, and I just had dean help me hold the cinnamon sticks in place. That allowed me to tie the ribbon and then fix it as I felt was necessary

    • Thanks! The candle is actually something I did last year and it’s definitely worth it. The garland is on my to-do list 😉

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