Knitting with Sandy

My Great Aunt Kay used to make me all of my winter scarves when I was growing up. Now that I live so much further from her, I haven’t had any of her lovingly knitted scarves in a long time. Last year I decided to take matters into my own hands and I made my first scarf all by myself!

It was time consuming, but it was easy to do. I always loved doing things with my hands like making friendship bracelets and lanyard keychains as a kid. My aunt even taught me to crochet but I never made anything past a few potholders. (What, nobody else learned how to crochet as a child? Weird.)  So spending my days knitting and watching TV seemed like a pretty good option for me. It gets kind of addictive so when I bought a new hunter green winter jacket last year, I moved on to a green and salmon striped scarf.

I really love these colors but I wanted something a little more subdued as an option as well.  Since this fall I’ve been all about staying comfy, I just purchased some nice and soft beige yarn to start on a new scarf for the year.  Don’t you just want to wrap yourself in it?
This is what I will be doing this week as Hurricane Sandy makes her way over to NEPA. Ideally I’ll be doing this with electricity and some TV show on in the background, but I’m prepared to continue with my scarf if this plan fails. Dean and I have a million candles ready to hold us over if the power goes out and I have books on hand in case I need an activity change. I actually got a call from our electric company yesterday saying that if the power goes out it could stay that way for a week or more! Yikes!  Please keep this in mind if you notice that I’m not blogging much this week. It isn’t because I don’t love you, it’s because Sandy decided I should give myself a little vacation.
If anyone else is getting hit with the storm, I feel for you. Stay safe! I hope she is much more easy going than predicted, but please take these last few hours to prepare for the worst (if you haven’t already).
 If you’re looking for something to do while you’re stuck in the house, try out knitting and make a scarf with me! There are tons and tons of YouTube videos that will teach you the basics.
(Tip: Search for videos teaching you to “cast on” first. This will give you your first row to start. You use this row to build upon with whatever stich you want. Your YouTube find should lead you right into the next step. ) 

I only know one simple stich myself, but it’s been serving me well. Good luck! I’ll check back in next month to see how it’s going!
What do you guys like to do when the electricity goes out?


    • Thanks Emily! Luckily the storm took a left hand turn and we missed the worst of it here. My heart goes out to all those who weren’t so lucky.

      You totally could do it if you wanted to! I do it while I watch TV so I don’t feel AS boring. haha

  1. Can’t wait to see how your scarf turns out and hope you are safe from Sandy! I have been wanting to learn how to knit and I think fall/winter is the perfect time to finally learn.


    • I’ll definitely keep you guys updated! I wanted to post a video that helped me but I couldn’t find it again. I’ll keep looking and try to post something next week but youtube definitely helps! It’s frustrating at first but it becomes second nature before you know it!

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