How do you wear a jean jacket?

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Growing up in the 90’s, I didn’t like jean jackets. I know, ridiculous right? There were sooooo many hilarious choices and I chose to wear none of them. I took that negative jean jacket stigma with me through the years and I can’t remember ever owning or wearing a jean jacket on my own accord.

But something changed last spring. Suddenly I found myself staring a bit longer at the jean jackets in the store. I was liking blog posts focusing on using them as a completer. I even tried some on  ::gasp!::  But I always felt like they were too boxy so I never bought them.

jean jackets

So here’s the thing, after reading a post on putting me together, I thought I would take advantage of the Old Navy sale to try out a utility vest. One thing lead to another (aka I wanted free shipping) and I ended up putting in an order for both this new utility vest, and a jean jacket.


Now that my jacket is here, I find myself trying it on and taking it off over and over again. I can’t figure it out! Do I want it bigger? Smaller? Less boxy? More boxy? Should it be more distressed? Less distressed? What’s my deal!

Obviously I have an issue, so I’m opening up the question to you. What do you look for when buying and styling your jean jackets? What tips do you have for a jean jacket novice?




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    • I do really like the dress look! I just feel like it doesn’t help my shape. Any advice for finding a good fit?

      • Have you tried a cropped version? I know Old Navy had a cropped one last Spring. It wasn’t super-short though. Maybe that would be a bit more fitted on you?
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    • You do wear yours a lot! I never thought twice about the style, but for some reason when I put one on I question everythingggggg. Any suggestions on the fit? I feel like the one I bought fits nicely when buttoned, but open it looks pretty large.

  1. I don’t know if this will help you with your new jean jacket, but I wear mine with absolutely everything in my closet, 12 months a year! Over a striped shirt, a cute girly dress or a shirt. I used to feel the same as you do about jean jacket, but after buying one at Old Navy two years ago, I don’t how I lived without it! Jessica, from What I Wore, really inspired me with her own love for her jean jacket and especially this post: I hope this will help you!
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    • That helps a lot! I love everything about Jessica’s post. How does your Old Navy jacket fit? I feel like closed it fits well, but open it looks a bit large and overwhelming.

  2. I don’t know if this model is the same that I own because I bought it two years ago, bit it fits me well close or open! When I wear it open, I often like to wear a light and colorful scarf or a V-neck t-shirt or a long necklace, which all give the impression of a long silhouette. And you can style your hair on a high ponytail or bun, so that way you don’t look overwhelmed.

    • That’s the one I bought! I ordered it online though, so I didn’t really know what I was going to get. I think I just have to go in and try on a few different sizes to ease my mind. Thank you for those suggestions!

  3. I LOVE my jean jacket. I can even wear it while I’m pregnant b/c I just wear it open. It makes me look more put together in maxi dresses. I also love to wear it with a white top and black cropped pants. Welcome to denim jacket land!!! 🙂
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  4. the reason i love my denim jacket more than any other denim jacket is that it’s a bit shorter in the back/longer in the front. this shape helps it not be so boxy around the middle and it’s a little more feminine. i wear it over dresses lots (and lots and lots), but i also wear it with skirts, and even with jeans. i like that the back is a little shorter because it allows for a peekaboo of color in the back when i’m wearing denim on denim to break up all the…denim. i got my jacket at nordy rack a couple of years ago, so i can’t just direct you to the one i have unfortunately, but looking for a sort of a-symmetrical bottom might help you in your search!

    xo nicole
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  5. I know exactly how you feel. I didn’t purchase my first jean jacket until last summer, but boy did I get good wear out of it! I mostly paired it with dresses. I loved the look of it with a maxi dress or skirt. During the beginning of fall I used to wear it with boat neck shirts. I thought the neckline under the blue jean collar was so cute!

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    • awesome! that makes me feel more confident about my choice to make a purchase! I loveeeee boat neck shirts!

  6. I def. have that 90’s anti-jean jacket stigma too, and yet still have found myself eyeing them up a little more than usual. Unfortunately I don’t have anything constructive to add to this discussion – I wear jeans almost every day and so the denim jacket remains a no-go for me. But please do share tips as you figure it out and get comfortable with it – maybe someday I’ll take the plunge.
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  7. I agree with some comments above, I think to become more comfortable you just have to wear it a lot and see what works! I am totally with you, I despised the jean jacket in the 90’s but bought one this past year and it took me awhile to get used to! The adjustment could be some uncertainty with your love of it!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Funday Monday!


  8. I’ve been wearing jean jackets for years…though I just put them on and never give them much thought. This spring I think I’ll start styling them a bit more.

    You might consider a more fitted jean jacket — one that doesn’t have classic jean jacket styling.

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