Happy birthday to me! (25 while 25)

Today is my 25th birthday (woohoo!!) and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to post to celebrate the day. When I came across this post by TJ of His Little Lady, I knew what would have to be done.

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So this is my “25 while 25 list” for all to see. As we all have learned, I’m not very good making goals (mmm where’s my march goal list? whoops!) so things like “30 til 30” is probably not a good idea for me. Although the idea of having 5 years to complete a list is awesome, I just can’t see myself actually coming back to the same list for the next 5 years.

Instead, here’s my list of 25 things I’d like to do this year,you know, before I turn 26.

1- Go on a real vacation
2- Put together our apartment to a point that I can be truly excited to sit at home.
3- Stop procrastinating
4- Read at least 7 books. (Don’t judge- I’m completely off my reading game lately.)
5- Learn more about the proper use of social media
6- Create a spending budget
7- Visit a new country
8- Teach Allegra to stop jumping on visitors (my poor friends)
9- Eat at 5 new restaurants
10- Be brave
11- Make more things!
12- Treat my business travel time more like leisure travel time (site seeing, anyone?)
13- Be a go-getter
14- Make it to at least 1 new state
15- Do more activities!
16- Be a better communicator
17- See an outdoor play
18- Be healthy
19- Go to more concerts & festivals
20- Stay in better contact with friends and family
21- Graduate (well. get pretty darn close)
22-Go skydiving (NESE- I’m already nervous!)
23-Get ahead in blog posts and stay ahead!
24- Attend some kind of blogging event
25- Do 25 random acts of kindness

There you have it.
25 goals for a newly 25 year old.

Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll keep you updated on my progress – but let’s not push it.

With Luck

PS- You can celebrate my birthday too! In honor of me (and the first day of spring), Rita’s is giving away free ices! Feel free to tweet me a picture of you sharing in my birthday fun !(@withluckblog)


    • Doesn’t it seem so awesome?! My stomach is already doing flips just thinking about it!
      Thanks Alyssa!!

  1. aaaaah happy birthday! i’m so behind on my blogs this week and missed this on the actual day. i’m the worst and you’re the best. happy happy happy birthday, kitten! this is a great list. i’m going to have to start thinking about mine now to narrow down what i want to do during my 23rd year before may. you should come back to austin and we can eat at a new restaurant together. (:

    xo nicole
    nicole s. recently posted…200th postMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Nicole!! No stress, no stress-You are definitely NOT the worst at all. You’re awesome! I’ve also been way behind in my blog reads so you’ll probably see a list of comments pop up from me soon.
      Wouldn’t that be awesome if I could get to Austin?! Jeeze. I’d love to say it would happen but twice in one year is pushing my luck… although you never know! You obviously are in need of a trip up north soon, aren’t you?

    • Thanks so much, Alycia! Definitely post it. I suddenly feel like I really need to accomplish all 25 things!

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