I have a treat for you today. Meet my friend Kristen of GLAMROCKSdesigns. She’s the artist behind the beautiful and chic pieces you swoon for on Etsy. Last summer I won my first ever blog giveaway: a set of knuckle rings from GLAMROCKS. I wear them often and I’ve been stalking out her sets ever since! Obviously I was really psyched when she was excited about the idea partnering up for a little interview session.


Learn more about GLAMROCKS:

  • How long have you been creating?
    I started making jewelry in 2010 for myself and friends. I opened my Etsy shop in 2011.
  • How did you get started making jewelry?
    I was working as an Interior Designer doing hotel design until the economy forced me into unemployment.  With extra time on my hands I opened a box of beads that I used to make my own wedding hair pins years back and decided to play around and make a necklace.  I then signed up for some basic classes at a bead store down the street and was hooked. I wanted to make a better versions of the poor quality, mass produced jewelry out there. A lot of what’s in stores is very high priced for the cheap material that it is. I was tired of the plated necklaces, etc losing their metal color after 3 wears.
  • How would you describe your style in 3 words?
    Modern, Boho, Refined
  • Which piece in your current collection is your favorite?
    That seems to change every time I finish a new piece! I never leave home without one of my gold Layering Knuckle Rings though, I am still as obsessed as when I first made them. (note:I’m obsessed with mine, too!)
    knuckle rings
  • What inspires you to create?
    Nature is the big one. There are so many amazing stones, it is hard to believe they came from the earth! My current summer collection is inspired from my favorite vacation spot, Tulum.  I also absolutely love 70’s boho rocker fashion.

Learn more about Kristen:

  • What would you want to be if you weren’t an artist?
    There’s no other profession I can even imagine other than being some type of designer.  I would love to branch out into lighting or home accessory design someday.
  • Do you have any favorite blogs you read?
    I really hate to say it, but I am not a big blog reader. I chalk that up to my age.
  • What kind of jewelry do you think every woman should own?
    Everyday classic pieces like my layering rings, bangles, and hoops. They go with everything, and each day can be worn a little different, layered, dressed up or down.

coastal sunset

  • Skittles or m&ms?
    definitely M&M’s, it’s a problem if they are in my house! (understandable!)
  • If someone handed you $100 to spend in a single shop on Etsy, what shop would you find yourself in?
    I would be looking to some of my favorite stone and crystal shops- I’m always on the hunt for cool stones.
  • Any advice for someone looking to sell on Etsy?
    Since I started this has been my full time official business, so I have taken time to build my brand and business outside of just having an Etsy shop. I direct all my sales through Etsy which has been really great while I build up to having my own e-commerce point of sale on my website.
    Be patient when starting. It took me a couple months for my first sale, and months to build a presence to get the ball rolling. Bloggers have been HUGE for my business, so building those relationships has helped. Read Etsy’s tips for sellers to figure out your keywords and how to get your listings viewed. And give good customer service by being prompt with lead times and answering emails.


So now that you feel connected to Kristen, you’re even more excited that she has offered to giveaway 2 of her newest rings from the aura collection, right?!

aura ring

That’s 3 medals in one you see there and I’m in love! You can get them in any size that you’d like – 2 knuckle rings? maybe one knuckle and one normal? Up to you!

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  1. I love love m&ms too! Love those knuckle rings, they would be a perfect gift for a good friend of mine.

  2. Even if I don’t win, I am DEFINITELY buying these rings! They’re STUNNING!

  3. I’ve purchased a few knuckle rings before for a friend’s birthday — was deviously happy when they ended up being too small for some of her fingers so we shared them instead — love these knuckle rings!

  4. I adore these!! All her designs are so awesome but these 3 medals are so cool!

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