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3 easy ways to be healthy

Somewhere between March and October I’ve gained weight. Like, 4 pounds above my high weight, gained weight. Usually this would bother me, but because it’s fall it wouldn’t have been so bad. You throw on a few extra layers or a jacket of some kind, and you tend to forget the extra weight. However, living in Florida doesn’t allow for the same fall pleasures.

The good news is that the southern heat really pushes me to be more active. I’ve been running more, taking Allegra on longer walks and I even purchased a groupon to try a local hot yoga place! Operation: Get Fit (aka Operation: Fit Back In My Clothes) is officially in action!

Just in case you want to get involved with me, here are 3 simple ways to make healthy choices throughout your day.

  1. Utilize commercial breaks. As I confessed last week, I’ve been obsessed with TV lately (will it gross you out if I tell you that I’ve been watching even more shows than I listed there?) But I feel a little better about my obsession when I use them to workout. Sometimes I do sit ups, other times it’s push-ups or squats, but either way I do my best to set myself up to get some movement in during commercials.
  2. Park in the back of the lot. No more searching for front-row parking. Utilize your able body by taking a parking spot in the back and walk your butt past all those lazy spots to the front door.
  3. Bring your own lunch (and your own coffee). Going out to eat may be fun, but the negatives tend to add up quickly. Between the extra cash you’re spending and the extra calories you’re ingesting, going out for lunch is better left as a fun treat, not an every day occurrence. Oh, and the same rings true for buying coffee out. Forget about those starbucks and DD runs. Bring your own coffee in the morning and grab an extra one for later if necessary.

What do you like to do to get into a healthy groove?


PS- Drink more water!


  1. You’re so good for getting in those commercial break exercises! Since I’m never home for my shows, I just record them and then end up fast-f0rwarding through. I definitely agree with bringing your lunch! With the money I save, I try to treat myself to something on my monthly wishlist – it’s always worth it 🙂
    Melissa recently posted…Post Surgery ReadsMy Profile

    • I didn’t say that I always remember during commercial breaks… hahah! But whenever I feel like I’ve been spending too much time in front of the tube, I always find a way to make some kind of game.

    • Yes! I loved your post about packing lunches! It’s something I strive to be good it, but I’m really just iffy haha

  2. Ay yi, you and me both. I need to get back into the groove but I just hired another personal trainer, so I’m hoping that helps!

    • good for you! I’d love for Dean to train me…. but it’s a difficult task to take on with a partner hah

  3. I feel you here – I’ve needed to start Operation:Fit back into my clothes since I started teaching 4 years ago. I put on 30 lbs the first year and haven’t lost an ounce since. I started running, but we’ll see how that works – I don’t feel like I’ve started dropping weight yet, just gaining muscle. That said… I certainly could do with taking tip number three to heart. I order WAY too much chinese take-out during the week.
    Maggie recently posted…Mani Monday: China Glaze Bat My Eyes (2013 Halloween Collection)My Profile

    • It’s the worst, isn’t it? I don’t even know what a weighed back in college, but I can remember not being able to fit into my clothes one year later… I’m a solid 15 lbs more now than I was when I realized that. I’m just at a point where I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin anymore – and that’s never good. I just started running again, too! Whenever I seem a little frustrated about a lack of results (or the results I’m looking for), Dean reminds me that when you want to lean down, it’s all about the food you intake. And I may not admit it to him, but my food intake is pretty bad as of late. Damn chinese take-out!

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