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As I mentioned in a past post, Dean is studying to become a certified personal trainer. Living with a soon-to-be CPT definitely has it’s perks (he’s a great healthy resource).  It also has it’s downfalls (he reminds me that ice cream isn’t healthy a lot).

In all seriousness, Dean has been a huge help for me as I move further with my live healthy challenge and I figured I should probably share the wealth. So I present to you my first of many posts focusing around myth-buster Dean’s fitness brain.

Myth Number One:
If I want to lose weight I should probably eat less. I don’t really need breakfast
and even though I’m hungry after my workout, I probably shouldn’t eat then either.

fitness myth number 1

We all hear that taking in less calories and upping cardio will help you shed pounds and I can’t fight that. But I urge you all not to focus so much on the scale- focus on getting healthy and looking good. Personally, I don’t want to just lose weight – I want to gain muscle. I want to look lean and strong but I still want to look like a lady, and in order to do that I need to eat a decent amount each day. I mean let’s get real, who do you want to look like at the beach this summer: Beyonce or Nicole Riche? I’ll take one Beyonce, please!

I completely understand how eating more meals could sound counter-intuitive to your summer body plan, but we’re all going to learn a big lesson here:

Your body needs to take in calories in order to create muscle and burn fat.
Your body needs calories in order to give you energy.
Your body also needs calories to keep your metabolism workin’ hard so it can burn off even more calories for you wayyyy after you hit the gym.

Think about your food as your fuel for the day. Your car won’t drive without gas and you won’t function without food.  Unfortunately you’re not going to get Beyonce results eating lots of ice cream and cookies to get in your calories (Dean has to remind me of this daily). You want to eat, but you want to eat healthy.

Feeling hungry in the middle of the day?
Reach for an apple and a few almonds or sip on a small protein shake.

Getting home from a good workout?
Finish it up with a big glass of chocolate milk and a spoonful of peanut butter.

Why would I want to burn all of those calories and then eat all of that sugar? Because as weird as it sounds different sugars and proteins can be an asset to our workouts when they’re eaten in small quantities at the right times – but that’s for the next fitness myth post.

So what do you guys think? 
Do you fall into the less is more trap when you’re trying to get back to the gym?
What fitness questions do you have for the myth-buster?

With Luck


    • I know what you mean. I used to go to the gym after dinner so when I came home I would shower, watch TV, and go to bed. I never ate after the gym. But Dean recently sat down with me and went over the fact that if I don’t eat when I get home from the gym my body can’t restore itself nor can it make muscle. I’m taking away half of what I worked for at the gym if I don’t eat something when I get back!

    • I hate diets because it’s so hard to figure out what is good for your body. It’s been cool to watch Dean go through his textbooks because it gives him solid facts for why certain ideas (like eating after a workout) is good for everyones bodies (even though it sounds weird).

  1. I love that you posted about this. I feel like a lot of people cut calories majorly and then don’t understand why they 1. have no energy or 2. aren’t really losing weight.
    I am a eater! And for the most part a healthy eater (don’t come see my snack today though, unless you want some) But I kind of think of it like you said, my body is a car and my car needs fuel (good fuel). I know the more I workout the more I need to eat. Plus you develop muscle furnaces and just keep burning calories long after…


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    • Yeah you’re really good at your multiple meal/snack combo each day. You always have your snacks! Dean always gives me the car analogy and as much as I think it’s silly when he says it that way, I couldn’t really think of a better one for the post haha.

  2. It’s true, I’d must rather look like Beyonce at the beach then Nicole Richie. Love this post girl! Thanks for sharing!
    xo TJ

    • Thanks Stephanie! I used to do a lot of the “no snacking” or “no eating after a certain time” kind of diets to try to lose weight. It definitely helps on the scale but it’s the worst thing you could do for the gym! You need to eat to have energy to have a good work out. I don’t turn myself down anymore when I want food. I just pick healthier options.

    • hahahha! I have a hate love relationship with it. I mean- I do like to eat so that’s pretty nice. But I had never really learned all of this stuff before so it feels so funny to run home from the gym just to snack.

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