Doing Good 4: Punjammies

A while ago I started posting about companies out there in the world who put a focus on doing something good for others. Maybe it’s my Jesuit education or maybe it’s just the basic idea of respect, but either way doing good is a pretty big deal for me. You can see my first installments of “Do Good” here (FashionABLE, Warby Parker, Falling Whistles).

Wear Punjammies & Wear HopePunjammies is a self-sustaining company in India that makes sleepwear inspired by the beautiful colors and fabrics of the traditional sari. The company was created by the International Princess Project as a way to help empower women who have been previously enslaved to a life of prostitution in India. Women are able to learn a new skill and help find hope and support through a new job! Proceeds from the sales go back to paying the ladies fair trade wages, money towards their living expenses, holistic support and restoration, funding towards their children’s schooling and operational support for the program.

The back story:

Learn more about the International Princess Project.

My favorite punjammies?
AamaniThe Aamani


The Leela (capri version)

umaThe Uma
(aka my newest love. The short styles look so comfy!)

Have you ever purchased Punjammies before?
Which style is your favorite?

With Luck

disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this post in any way.


  1. I love your “do good” theme! You should definitely check out Somaly Mam’s organization and foundation to end human trafficking of women and children. I had the honor to meet her and she is an amazing, strong and inspiring woman. Plus its a cause I’m passionate about. Here’s the link to her store too if you wanna check it out! — let me know what you think!

  2. I love this company! I love the cause that it helps support. These look almost too nice to wear to bed. Just gorgeous. Thanks for bringing us awareness to it.

    Love, Richelle from Lynn + Lou

  3. These are cool! People in Cambodia totally wear pants like this all the time. The fabric is really similar, but in Cambodia they’re called sarongs. Now this made me all nastolgic and now I want a pair. Skirts made out of the fabric are beautiful too.

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