Crop Tops

I want to be a crop top person- I really do -but I’m all about comfort and feeling good in my clothes and I just find it hard to feel good in a crop top. Sucking in all day is hard work! On the other hand… if I was ever to cave and go after one I think I’d like to style it like this.

summer crop top



crop top, leather jacket, skirt, shoes
necklace, rings, bag, nail polish

Do you wear crop tops?
What’s your personal stance on the summer trend?


    • yes- definitely with the high waisted bottom! I think that’s the only way this could become a possibility.

    • I’m so happy that this wasn’t the trend when I was 18. I would have been just an uncomfortable!

  1. I actually just bought some crop tops on sale online yesterday! We’ll see how they look on me though…good thing they were cheap, just in case!

  2. Sometimes in my mind I can do things like crop tops and tights and high waisted shorts… in reality, it’s a different story!

    This made me laugh though 🙂

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