4 quick costumes from items you already own

I’m pretty bad at Halloween. I wish I could be that person who has this great costume all put together weeks before hand, but the honest truth is that I’m just not like that. It’s pretty normal for me to put together costumes the week of (night of?) and if you’re like me, take note: less is more. With less 10 days left until the big day, I thought we could brainstorm a little bit. When you’re on a time crunch, the big thing is the classic KISS- Keep it Simple, Stupid, (why don’t we have a nicer acronym?) You don’t want to over do it at all. Use things from around the house and have fun with the character.


quick costume ideas- beatnik The Beatnik plan is all about simplicity. Just throw on some black clothes and a pair of sunglasses and hit the road! No hat or turtleneck?? Roll up your pants, grab some white socks and stick your hair in a pony – BOOM you’re Audrey from Funny Face.   quick halloween ideas with items you already have- mimeAnother black and white option? A mime! This takes a little more work as you have to run to the store for some face paint, but I’m going to assume that you already have dark pants, a striped shirt, and red lipstick. Unless you’re pulling something together day-of, I’m going to say that this isn’t too difficult. quick costume ideas with items you already own-workerThis doesn’t really have to be a train worker, the red bandana just reminded me of a conductor, ya know? Anyway. Throw on some “work” boots, wear a lot of jean and put some tools in your pocket. Just like that you’ve become a handy-girl!   Quick costumes with items you already own- RosieRosie the Riveter is my personal favorite. I’ve been wanting to be her for the past few years but I’ve been traveling for work and unable to dress up 🙁 This costume is all about the hair/bandana and chambray. The fun part is that there’s a little guess work involved. From the waist down we have no idea what she’s wearing! I went for a worker girl in jeans look, but feel free to do it up in your own style. People will still get it.


Anyway, is anyone else like me and really slow at finding Halloween costumes? What have some of your favorite costumes been?


  1. i was rosie two years ago! she’s the only non-cat i’ve been in like…five years? and it was awesome! i loved my outfit and i felt so fantastic/comfortable bar hopping around town.

    this year i’m going as nancy drew because i have all the things in my closet already. brilliant or lazy?

    xo nicole
    nicole s. recently posted…T(LC)My Profile

    • hahah I could totally see you as a cat!
      I’m all about easy costumes. I don’t want to be pulling at a shirt skirt or something all night.

      andddd BRILLIANT!

    • ugh me too! I say that every year. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten dressed up for Halloween since college and it seems that this year holds the same fate 🙁

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