4 Tips for Short Hair

getting short hair out of your face


When I first decided to start growing out my pixie cut, I knew it would be awkward for a while. What I didn’t know was that the worst of it would come almost a year later when my hair was hanging between my ears and shoulders– aka what’s happening right now.

When it was shorter, I kept the back trimmed (to keep the mullet at bay) and I used a little product to put everything else into place. But now that it’s longer it’s either large and frizzy or flat and stringy and it’s pretty tough to deal with. It’s too short to go up in a pony, too long to mold into shape using some extra pomade, and it has way too many layers to style properly because of my old pixie. Guys- I’ve had a gaps on the side of my head the size of my ear for almost a year!  Spoiler alert- my ears don’t hang low enough to pull off that style anymore.

Since my hair is still too short to hide a bad hair day, I deal with it by putting it into a faux top knot as often as possible, but even that has good and bad days. All in all I’ve learned 4 big things that help me get through.

tips for dealing with short #hair

  1. Work with what you have.
    This probably seems pretty obvious, but I can’t make my hair grow any faster and I refuse to cut off any more length than I need to, so I just have to deal with what I have. It’s something I remind myself every time I try to dry and straighten my hair. I hate the ear holes, but they made me super happy when my hair was short. In fact, I would totally cut around my ears if I ever cut my hair that short again! So the decision has been made and I just have to accept it and work with the result now.
  2. Stock up on bobby pins.
    I’m not exaggerating when I say that bobby pins are my best friend. When my hair first started to touch my neck but was still too short to be put back, it drove me nuts. You can’t hide bad days with short hair! So I would pin my hair back to keep things out of my face and off my neck. Now my hair is a little too long to only bobby pin back, so I have to improvise. Most days I tie the top into a top knot and then pin the rest of my hair up towards the bun like in the picture above.
  3. Stop washing your hair.
    I try my best not to wash my hair more than 2x a week. When it’s freshly washed everything lays nicely and you can tell that it has grown out of a style. So I deal with clean hair for a day or two by adding a little dry shampoo or texturizing powder for some extra grit, and then my hair is much easier to work with for days three and four. My showers are shorter, my morning routine is less hectic and my hair does whatever I want! Just make sure to stock up on a good dry shampoo to get you through.  My favorites are amika, batiste, and bed head.
  4. Put in the work to keep it healthy.
    Everyone wants healthy hair, but since I don’t have the extra length to cut off, I’m even more aware of hair health now. About once every other week or so I use a deep conditioner — and I always make sure to focus on the ends.  A simple option is to melt down a bit of coconut oil and leave it in your hair for about 10-20 minutes before a shower. Or you can use my favorite- the Beauty Protector hair masque. It smells so good that sometimes I’ll use it on an off week just because! And don’t forget to use a protecting spray before blow drying or styling my hair for extra care. (Once again, Beauty Protector smells like a dream.)

getting short hair out of your face

Birchbox Favorites

birchbox favorites

This month marks my 20th Birchbox and I’m still just as excited for it to get here as I was back in September of 2013. It’s not a huge commitment- just $10 a month and I get about 5 high-quality beauty samples picked out and sent to my door. I had originally started ordering them because I was trying to build a better beauty collection, and I really liked the idea of learning more about general beauty products before going out and spending all of my money on a product. The funny thing is that I didn’t end up buying too many things outright because my samples have kept me happy on their own. (They were also an awesome excuse for some me-time while I was in hotels.) Today I keep it because I’ve found some of my absolute favorite things through my previous Birchboxes and I just can’t imagine not getting a new box each month. That being said- all samples are not created equal. Some months I love every single thing, some months I don’t. So in honor of 20 months of beauty samples, I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

amika perk up dry shampoo

The amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo is the best smelling dry shampoo I’ve used to date. I don’t wash my hair every day so I’ve come to depend on a solid dry shampoo to help me look presentable. I’ve tried many brands that are a total fail, but I promise that the amika Perk Up actually works.
(Looking for a more cost-effective dry shampoo that won’t leave you feeling gross? I typically stock up on Batiste dry shampoo whenever it’s in Marshalls. It’s great and budget friendly, though not a Bitchbox find.)


vasanti brighten upVasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator is probably one of the best things in my shower right now. It’s not something I can use every day as it’s a little too abrasive for my skin if I use it as a daily cleanser. However, it’s exactly what I turn to when I’m having a bad skin day. Whenever I feel a pimple coming on or I notice that my face feels perpetually oily, I give it a quick scrub and suddenly my face is fresh and my skin is soft and I swear my pimples just stop growing and go away. It’s seriously a miracle worker!

coola mineral matteAs I just meantioned- I have fairly oily skin in this Florida heat, so I’m always looking for a moisturizer that won’t make my skin feeling worse. This Coola Face SPF has been the perfect answer! It has shea butter in it to keep me moisturized, but it includes SPF 30 and a light tint. As far as use goes, a tiny bit goes a long way and the texture similar to a mousse, but it dries like a powder. I’ve started using it every day and I love how the tint evens out my skin while the SPF 30 keep me protected from the harsh summer sun.

beauty protector protect and treat mask

This was the first product I ever really loved from a Birchbox. I used the Beauty Protector, Protect and Treat Hair Mask on a whim one night when I was bored before stopping at my cousin’s house. My hair is currently growing out and awkward and it’s not something I often feel good about. But the first thing Giselle talked about when I got inside was how great my hair looked. (Cha-ching!)  Between the extra shine and bounce, Giselle’s kindness and the amazing smell, I was riding the Protect and Treat high for days. (Beauty Protector also makes an awesome protect and detangler spray that I’d highly suggest trying.)
mirenesse glossy kiss


I received a sample of the Mirenesse Glossy Kiss and kind of put it to the side at first. The color I got (First Kiss) is great but it’s a little sparkly, which is usually not my thing. But this one works some how. I’ve only had the chance to wear it a handful of times, but I’ve gotten compliments every night out (a definite mood-booster) and even Dean, who is normally anti-lipstick said some nice things when I wore it last! That is really enough for me, but it’s also great to know that it applies easily and can be left glossy (just swipe it on once) or more matte/similar to a stain (apply lipstick once, blot, apply again, blot).


A few other favorite smell-good samples? This perfect body balm, this light perfume, this sweet perfume and this delicious hand lotion.



PS- My absolute favorite hair straighter/smoother.



This post is not sponsored, just full of love. 

My new favorite hair product: Flat Marvel

amazing hair straightening product!


I have really weird hair. It isn’t quite curly, it’s definitely not straight, but I don’t have a cute wave either.  I recently cut off even more hair, leaving me with a true pixie and while short hair sounds easier to do, this isn’t always true. And when I have a bad hair day? It’s the absolute worst because there is nothing you can do about it.

After a few particularly rough hair days, I finally caved and sent a text over to my hairstylist for some tips. Number one on his list- Goldwell Style – Flat Marvel Straightening Balm.

This stuff has made a serious difference in my hair! I used to have to use a moisturising stying gel, then a blow dryer, then a mini straightener, and finally a texturizing pomade or wax. Now I get out of the shower, towel dry, throw in a little Flat Marvel and finish off with a quick shot from the hair dryer. It is a beautiful, easy, 10 minute routine. Granted if I wanted to do anything fancy, I may have to add a little product at the end, but overall this stuff has been a saving grace- especially with this Florida humidity!

Do you have any hair products you swear by?

9 things you shouldn’t say to a woman with short hair.

9 things you should never say to a woman with short hair

Last week I walked into a salon with shoulder-length hair. I sat down in my favorite chair, said “I’m feeling bold, do whatever you’d like!” and I walked out with a new pixie cut. I went during my lunch break from work, so to say that my co-workers were a little shocked would be an understatement. You and me both, guys.

A pixie cut is a pretty drastic change to your every day look and although I feel great now, I can’t say I felt the same when I walked back into the office. I was definitely in shock every time I looked in the mirror and other people’s reactions weren’t helping. Here are 9 of the most common comments I’ve been hearing over the last 7 days.

1- Wow! I could never do that! Sure you can. All it takes is a scissor (and hopefully a trained professional). People cut their hair every day.

2- You and Dean have been together forever, so you can do that kind of stuff. What? Can I no longer attract anyone because I don’t have long locks? Do single women have to grow out their hair until they find a significant other?  Am I only allowed to cut my hair if Dean says so? Let’s talk about this.

3- What will Dean say? I’m not sure. I didn’t do it for him. 

4- But your long hair was so nice!  Thank you for the compliment on my previous hairstyle.

5- You must be so brave. Brave? I’m not saving lives or fighting cancer. I cut my hair! 

6- Do you like it? That’s the goal!

7- That’s, like, boy short! Please define “boy short”.  Does this mean that only boys can have short hair? Or that all boys are supposed to have short hair? Or that now I look like a boy because my hair is short? This is confusing me.

8- What would make you do that? I did it because I wanted to, but for some reason people think that there has to be something else. Did your life just take a big turn? Are you “going through something”? Nope. Just like the short hair look, I guess.

9- Are you going to grow it out again?  I mean, hair grows. So I guess at some point it might be long again….but I just cut it, so…


Just for the record, none of these statements are compliments. But ya know what? #shorthairdontcare

Has anyone else done “the chop”? What other comments have you heard about your new do?


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All by myself


I hardly ever do my makeup. But when I’m alone in a hotel? I’ll take alllll the lipsticks, please and thank you. I like to use this time by myself to try out new colors, new hairstyles, and the new beauty products I found in my latest Birchbox. I do my nails, I moisturize my skin, sometimes I’ll even use those teeth whiting strips! Maybe it’s because I live with a boy, or maybe it’s the wine from the the bar downstairs, but the fact is that I just have more fun doing these girly things when I’m hanging on my own for the night in a hotel.



Take this week for example. I drove from the Pocono Mountains in PA, up to Boston, MA. Less than 24 hours later I was back in my car driving to Long Island, and I was TIRED! But when I pulled up to the hotel… I checked in. I changed into my pajamas. I unpacked my toiletries. I put on lipstick. And then I started thinking… what other weird little things do you like to do when you have a night to yourself? Well, I like to….

  • try out new makeup products
  • eat food in bed
  • pick out my clothes for the next day (I really should start doing this one at home. Talk about a morning time saver!)
  • drink more wine
  • practice handstands
  • chat on the phone while walking in circles around the room
  • binge bad watch tv shows on my computer

What about you?