The Hunt for the Perfect Leggings- Update 3

finding the perfect leggings

Sometimes a post is so helpful to others that it sticks around for a while.  The Hunt for the Perfect Leggings, from B&N back in 2012, is a perfect example of a long-lasting post. It brings in new readers every day and we still regularly get comments. In my mind, Fall is the season I run back to my leggings for comfort so I figured it would be a great time for a little update on the hunt for the perfect leggings.

In the original post, Bahar and Nese talk about the highs and lows of wearing and finding leggings. They chatted about some of their favorite brands, and lamented about never being able to find their absolute number one favorite, Mind Body Soul, anymore. Apparently, they weren’t alone.

Every few months a new comment pops up on the post. Most people share their love for Mind Body Soul leggings and they add to Bahar and Nese’s cries for more stores to carry them.  Sometimes people will talk about other options they’ve tried, and some really helpful readers even reach out when Mind Body Soul come back in stock at BJ’s (where Bahar and Nese first found the leggings).

Today’s post is a heads up of two kinds:

  • Number One- A reader just commented yesterday that Mind Body Soul leggings are back in stock at BJ’s!  (YAYY)
  • Number Two- Suzanne from reached out a while ago to let us know that her online store also carry the brand! The never ending hunting online has officially ended! Just head straight to French Dressing to grab your pair today.

I’m also excited to say that when Suzanne heard that I have yet to find the brand for myself she offered to send one out to me! Just as a reminder, I previously wrote about a new “it” legging from Spanx I had previously found. Both Mind Body Soul and Spanx are extremely comfortable and run true to size, but the biggest difference is in texture. The Mind Body Soul are more like a soft cotton and are hands down my favorite for bed. The only downside is that Allegra’s hair gets stuck on them so easily. The Spanx version are more silky in texture. They have a little shine to them and I feel like if I’m having a bad day I can throw on a gym shirt and sneakers and pretend I’m on my way to do something active. I also decided to size up in my Spanx, so the extra fabric makes it a little more difficult to see through them, which is something I really appreciate.


So do you ever reach for a pair of leggings? What has been your favorite brand?


PS- Read the original post or catch up on the last update.


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4 Tips for Short Hair

getting short hair out of your face


When I first decided to start growing out my pixie cut, I knew it would be awkward for a while. What I didn’t know was that the worst of it would come almost a year later when my hair was hanging between my ears and shoulders– aka what’s happening right now.

When it was shorter, I kept the back trimmed (to keep the mullet at bay) and I used a little product to put everything else into place. But now that it’s longer it’s either large and frizzy or flat and stringy and it’s pretty tough to deal with. It’s too short to go up in a pony, too long to mold into shape using some extra pomade, and it has way too many layers to style properly because of my old pixie. Guys- I’ve had a gaps on the side of my head the size of my ear for almost a year!  Spoiler alert- my ears don’t hang low enough to pull off that style anymore.

Since my hair is still too short to hide a bad hair day, I deal with it by putting it into a faux top knot as often as possible, but even that has good and bad days. All in all I’ve learned 4 big things that help me get through.

tips for dealing with short #hair

  1. Work with what you have.
    This probably seems pretty obvious, but I can’t make my hair grow any faster and I refuse to cut off any more length than I need to, so I just have to deal with what I have. It’s something I remind myself every time I try to dry and straighten my hair. I hate the ear holes, but they made me super happy when my hair was short. In fact, I would totally cut around my ears if I ever cut my hair that short again! So the decision has been made and I just have to accept it and work with the result now.
  2. Stock up on bobby pins.
    I’m not exaggerating when I say that bobby pins are my best friend. When my hair first started to touch my neck but was still too short to be put back, it drove me nuts. You can’t hide bad days with short hair! So I would pin my hair back to keep things out of my face and off my neck. Now my hair is a little too long to only bobby pin back, so I have to improvise. Most days I tie the top into a top knot and then pin the rest of my hair up towards the bun like in the picture above.
  3. Stop washing your hair.
    I try my best not to wash my hair more than 2x a week. When it’s freshly washed everything lays nicely and you can tell that it has grown out of a style. So I deal with clean hair for a day or two by adding a little dry shampoo or texturizing powder for some extra grit, and then my hair is much easier to work with for days three and four. My showers are shorter, my morning routine is less hectic and my hair does whatever I want! Just make sure to stock up on a good dry shampoo to get you through.  My favorites are amika, batiste, and bed head.
  4. Put in the work to keep it healthy.
    Everyone wants healthy hair, but since I don’t have the extra length to cut off, I’m even more aware of hair health now. About once every other week or so I use a deep conditioner — and I always make sure to focus on the ends.  A simple option is to melt down a bit of coconut oil and leave it in your hair for about 10-20 minutes before a shower. Or you can use my favorite- the Beauty Protector hair masque. It smells so good that sometimes I’ll use it on an off week just because! And don’t forget to use a protecting spray before blow drying or styling my hair for extra care. (Once again, Beauty Protector smells like a dream.)

getting short hair out of your face

Guest Post: Suzy Walsh on Fall Fashion Trends

Hi friends! It’s been a long time since I had a visitor on WLB, so when Suzy reached out asking to share her thoughts on fall trends and what’s worth investing in, I thought it would be a fun idea! Suzy delves a little deeper into the runway fashion trends than I do, but with NY Fashion Week currently happening and fall trends popping up everywhere, I feel like this is a good time to try something new! What fall trends are you excited to add to your closet?

Incredible Trends From Fall 2015 Worth Buying

Every season we see an amazing range of trends and styles that come from the runways and eventually translate into the choices we make every morning. While spring is known for freshness and new prints, to me fall is the more interesting season for the sheer fact that the scope of experimentation is so huge. In this post, we will cover some of the best trends of fall 2015 from the ready-to-wear  collections and how you can make the most of these ideas within your preferred budget.

fall fashions worth spending money on

The love for cape: While we all know that fall collections are mostly high on coats and outerwear, this time the designers chose to do something a little different with the use of cape. The cape was redefined and reinterpreted as the right thing for outerwear, and you can find many ideas worth stealing from designers like Chalayan, Nanette Lepore, and Christopher Raeburn. Look for  cape inspired outerwear and pair it with your regular sneakers for a very chic weekend look. For sneakers worth drooling, you can visit here.


fall fashions worth spending money on

Turn to a Heavy waist: Big and broad belts are one of the best things to come from fall 2015 collections. These belts are not merely accessories, but you can use them for sectioning a simple outfit, adding style to the otherwise classic looks and even showing off your curves in style. If you are looking for a few ideas, you can check Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Isabel Marant and Givenchy. Wide belts can be found through online stores at various price points, so you don’t have to shell out a big budget for sure.


fall fashions worth spending money on

Amazing patchwork: Patchwork details and prints were a major hit on the runways and probably among the simple trends for anyone to try. If you’re a DIY kind of girl, you can even put something fun together in a weekend and you can craft something on-trend for every single outing. You will be surprised to see how designers like Bottega Veneta have used the concept with monochrome colours to make stunning pieces worth keeping all fall. Other designers that you may want to check include House of Holland, Chloé and Suno for inspiration.


fall fashions worth spending money on

More fringe, please!: Fringe is among the most used elements of fall 2015. You can find it everywhere from clothes to shoes and handbags. The choices are vast and if you’re a bit nervous for something new, I’d say this is one of the safest trends to try. Every few seasons we see fringe come back to the runways, so quite obviously this is one of the trends that will be worth your money in the future, too.  Since you can find larger items like tops and skirts or smaller items like handbags and shoes with a little fringe, this is style you can really make your own . For a few ideas, you can check Nina Ricci, Andrew Gn and Rachel Comey, who have come up with fun ideas.

Happy styling for fall 2015, hoping you found all you wanted for the season!


Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion expert and stylist who writes on various aspects of trends and styles. She works as the chief editor for The House of Elegance Fashion and likes to author posts as a guest writer for other blogs and magazines.

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Spoiler alert: I’m not very good at taking outfit post photos, but that doesn’t mean I’m not wearing outfits I like here and there. Over the last few weeks I’ve been taking some little mirror shots to share a quick #OOTD post. Maybe next time I’ll take less photos in the bathroom!

weekend outfit

Old Navy tulip top (similar)  |  Loft jeans** |  BohemianFringe necklace
**I think these are exact? But mine are a few years old so no promises! 

ootd-casual work day

Paper Crane top (similar) |   Loft pants (similar)  |  Walmart cardigan (similar)
Gap belt   |  Old Navy necklace (similar)  |  Target shoes (similar)



Loft blouse (similar)  |  Loft pants (similar)  |   JCrew Factory cardigan (similar)
Payless heels (similar)  |  Kate Spade watch  |  scarf (gift from Bahar)

PS-It’s probably pretty easy to see from these last two photos that I have a signature style at work: pants, a loose and light top, cardigan, scarf/necklace. It’s the easiest and most comfortable thing I can put together each morning that will let me walk to other offices in 90+ degree heat but still come back to sit at my desk in 65 degree AC. If you have any other more creative outfit suggestions, I’m all ears!

Cool Girl Outfit

work and play

 work and play work and play

Pink Rose top via Marshalls (similar) |  Old Navy scarf (similar)  |  Loft pants (similar )
JCrew Factory shoes (similar) |  Old Navy earrings (similar) |  Kate Spade watch (similar)

old navy scarf, kate spade watch

My friend Kat called this the “cool girl outfit” and that’s a look I’d like to nail more often.

I love that this style is casual and comfortable enough for a weekend, but when you tuck the shirt in properly, it’s put-together enough to wear to the office. It’s lose fitting and easy to wear and it felt totally “cool”. Now if only I could look like this a bit more often…