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easy painting upgrade

So I might have something little that I haven’t been sharing with you… Dean and I are moving. Not far! But in just a short week and a half we will be renting a full house about 10 minutes east of where we currently live. It’s going to be a big money saver for us and a huge upgrade for Allegra (there’s a little backyard!) so we are really excited.

Of course this means that Dean and I have been quite busy packing things up, putting things together to be donated, and planning out some new projects to make our rented place feel like home. I can guarantee that starting next month you guys will be seeing a lot more crafts and DIY trials here in WLB, but while you wait I have a little update for you.

I bought these candle sticks at Target last fall for a measly $2.50 each.

spray paint, candle sticks

spray paint, candle sticks

See. I’m not a liar.

Anyway… they came in handy during the fall months and they matched my darker decor all throughout the winter. But now that it’s getting warmer out, I’ve found myself more drawn to a simple, white look. In fact, a lot of the things I’m buying or looking at for our new place are either plain white or a fun, bright print. These candle sticks were neither. Enter- my handy dandy spray paint.

spray paint, candle sticks

These guys took quite a few coats, probably because I was towards the end of the can. No actual tutorial here, folks, because it was just as easy as it looks. I washed my candle sticks first to make sure that there was no dust or grime on them, and once they were fully dry I just gave them a few quick and even sprays with some spray paint.

spray paint, upgrade, candle sticks

I’m pretty excited about these guys because I’m thinking they should match my new office perfectly… and yes that is a hint of things to come.

What items need a spring update in your home?

With Luck


Spring Updates

This weekend the weather was in the 50’s and yesterday reached almost 70 degrees (well.. 81 inside my office, but that is a tale for another day) and the warm temps suddenly gave me the urge to clean and purge. What is it about spring that kicks you into high gear?

I put together outfits.
I took photos.
I did laundry.
I donated clothes.
I bought a chair (not sure how that fits)

….and I apparently updated my blog.

So I have two quick things to recap for you on this fine, fine Tuesday.

1- An easy spring wreath

DIY: a spring wreathYou avid WLB lovers (hi Mom!) may remember my last door wreath that I made for Valentine’s Day. I painted one side of the grape vine white and purposely made sure that all of my wreath details were tucked in and tied down instead of glued so that I could reuse the grapevine wreath later. Do you know that I have had that silly, winter, love-day wreath up ever since then? Pretttyyy sure that holiday is long gone and my neighbors were basically crying for an upgrade. So I ran to Michael’s and picked up some pink, green and white flower stems, flipped my original wreath over and went to work.DIY: a Spring Wreath
and just some proof that it’s the same white wreath from last time:

DIY: a spring wreathSee the way that white shines? Not on my spring door! Boom. Next on the list…

2- Blog to-do’s

I accidentally got excited and started changing around my blog yesterday afternoon. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, but I wasn’t sure when I was going to make the move. I wanted a cleaner look and I wanted to stay young and fun, because that’s what being 25 is all about, right? I think the warm weather just really inspired me to get moving on this. I also like the idea of being WLB more than WL, so you may have noticed that I’ve been slowly moving towards using the full “With Luck Blog” title for the past few weeks. I hope you like it!
I still have a few more things planned, but here’s a short list with updates.

New Color Scheme
New Header
New photo for the side
Updated About Me
New Social Media Buttons
Get rid of the photo drop shadow
New WLB Buttons
Double up on the side bars
Organize Ads
Change Link Colors
…and maybe more things I haven’t thought of yet.

So while I’m still working hard on this layout, please let me know what you think!
Of course I want a blog I love and am proud of, but I want one that others are excited to visit. What would you like to see?

Have you been doing any spring updates?

With Luck

Check out where I’m partying today!

Handmade V-day Cards

Keeping with the Valentine’s day theme, we decided to give you all a look at our beautiful creations.

valentines cards copy

We were particularly not creative today and must have started and restarted cards more than two times. Why is it so difficult to get something started and have it look good in one try? Who knows, we sure don’t. Either way. These are the favorites out of our many cards.





Handmade cards, for any holiday, always seem to make an impression. The recipient seems to appreciate the thought a little more than a store bought card. Even if the quotes and pictures you have put on the card are from the internet, it is still a bit more thoughtful than buying a card. As you already know, we love simple and cute. Definitely how we proceeded with our cards.

Our arts and crafts box has grown over the years. We have accumulated all types of ribbon, stickers, paper, and cards. Our purchases are generally from the sale bins at Michael’s or AC Moore. You know, the 1$ bins at check out? or the Super clearance? Yeah, those rule. Do not dismiss them if you are looking to expand your art bin. The best time to check these out is right after a holiday is over. That may seem worthless at first, but for the next few years, you’ll have plenty to use! Its worth it. We also have two boxes of colored blank cards. They come in handy when you want your cards to be personal and thoughtful.


PEAS BE MINE… How cute is this? This one was made toward the end of our attempt at making the perfect card, as a joke.

“I made this in about 30 seconds. I was searching for Valentine’s Day puns on Google, found these quotes, drew “peas” and that was it. I turned to my sister, handed this to her while telling her it was made specially for her.. Turned out to be one of our favorites! DO NOT try to be so perfect, just have fun and be cheesy. IT WORKS!” -Nese

Remember those hearts you used to cut out of construction paper by folding a square piece in half when you were in 2nd grade? We aren’t the MOST creative people in the world, but we have come to realize that bringing out the child in you is the best way to go sometimes. Your special someone is bound to love any card you make!



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Valentine’s Day Wreath

In the fall I made my very first wreath and I loved having something I created welcome me home every day.  Ever since it was time for it to come down, I’ve been dreaming of making the next one. First I wanted to make a winter wreath (and then I didn’t). Next I wanted to make a Christmas wreath (and then I ran out of time). Recently I thought once again about making a cold-weather-winter wreath, but then I realized that another holiday is coming up soon, so I settled on this guy instead.

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath


I knew I wanted something pink, red and cute all over, but I didn’t want to get sick of it quickly. So I settled on a white wreath, a pink and red bow, and some glittery letters for Jenn & Dean.

DIY Valentine's Day WreathTada!

Here’s what I used:

1 grapevine wreath (similar), white spray paint, Ribbon (I chose the wired red with glitter and a satin pink), Initials (Purchased them on super sale from Michaels. Christmas red=Valentine’s Day Red)

I just gave the wreath a quick run over with the spray paint until I was content with the color (it took a few rounds of paint) and then I let it dry overnight. The next day I went to work on my very first homemade bow.

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

It definitely isn’t perfect, but I’m pretty happy with it. I just followed a few online tutorials and after a few poor knots and weird ties I ended up with the winner.
FYI-using a wired ribbon is definitely the easiest way to give your bow a nice shape. Unfortunately only one of mine is wired. Instead of making two separate bows and putting them together, I held the pink over the red and just made one bow with both at the same time.

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

I ended up tying the bow to the wreath with an extra piece of ribbon and I used the given vines to wrap the the initials right into the wreath-aka-no glue was required! This is something I’m really excited about because it means I can take all these doodads off on Feb 15th and still have a good wreath to reuse! No need to spend 5 extra dollars for each season. (Plus-storing wreaths is a pain.) Problem solved!

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

Have you ever made your own wreath?
Are you going to decorate for Valentine’s Day?

With Luck
PS- Want to see some of the decorative bow tutorials I watched? These are the videos I thought were easiest to follow: one, two and three.

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Cinnamon Candle: A Quick and Easy Gift

Yesterday Dean and I were talking about Christmas gifts and then it hit me – we’re already in December! I know that seems like an obvious statement, but if we’re already in the first week of December, then I don’t have that much time to get gifts! I mean with the real possibility of doing some online shopping, I have to think about product availability.. and shipping.. and if I have to sign… I’m already exhausted. Did I mention I have a work holiday party coming up soon? Instead of shopping, I turned to my craft closet to try to put something together and this is what I found.

I think it’s pretty cute! All I had laying around was an unscented candle, but I imagine that a nice, warm vanilla scent would have to make your home smell heavenly.

Cinnamon Sticks

The project is made just how it looks. The hardest part is holding the cinnamon sticks around the candle while wrapping your twine/ribbon. If your cinnamon sticks are a lot smaller than your candle (or if you aren’t planning to light the candle much) you could definitely hot glue them directly to the candle so that they stay in place. (I chose not to glue because I’m planning on lighting the candle. I’m anticipating some shape changes and I don’t want the cinnamon to be stuck in a certain way.) So that I didn’t turn crazy, I recruited an extra hand from Dean to help hold everything in place while I tied my bow. A third hand is highly suggested.

I’m thinking that this would make a great gift for a neighbor, a teacher, your friend that just got an apartment, your mailman – let’s face it – everyone loves a cute candle!

I’d think about putting this in my gift basket for my work yankee swap, but I like the warm vibes it sends out in my living room. I think I’m going to have to make another one to give away.

Looking for more quick and easy gifts? Check out my Pinterest page! (I suggest scanning the gifts, DIY-home, and to-do boards.)

Are you making any gifts for the holidays?
Any fun candle ideas?
What’s your favorite candle scent?

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