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I’ve been feeling a serious lack of motivation lately. Work has been a little crazy, free time has been pretty busy, and in turn I’ve noticed myself falling into a funk. For example, I haven’t really been exercising, but I have been eating a lot of bad food. Another example? I’ve been watching a lot of TV shows, but I haven’t really been doing laundry. My water intake has gone down, my blogging ideas are slacking and my energy is at an all-time-low. I think it’s time I regroup.

With this in mind, I’m hoping to make a little change. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting here a little less often. My compromise is that I’ll be drinking more water, going for runs, and tweeting with you a healthy amount. How does this sound?

I feel like I should be doing other things, too. What is your best tip for motivation/stress relief?

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You’re Not Alone

robin williams

I’m not usually the kind of person who feels personally connected to actors, but this feels different. Robin Williams was a staple of my childhood. Between Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams, Mork and Mindy, Aladdin, and my absolute favorite, Hook, I’m pretty sure my house didn’t go a week without Robin’s voice echoing through the halls. I am genuinely saddened over the news of his passing.

Major depression is not something to be joked about. It is scary, serious, and extremely misunderstood. I hope the story of Robin Williams will go on to help millions of others seek help, and may those left behind find light in his memory.



PS- If you think you or someone you know is battling depression, please don’t be afraid to reach out. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available to all 24 hours a day, both online and by phone.

PPS- To my family-friends that never yelled at me for stealing their Hook VHS: Thank you for giving me one of my favorite “gifts” of childhood, even if you didn’t know it.  I’m assuming you wanted the video back at some point (#sorrynotsorry), so I feel like I need to let you know that Hook is currently available via Netflix Instant (and it’s still great).


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A day off

weekend photos

In full lazy weekend fashion, I spent the last 2 days….

  • Playing Catan
  • Brunching and enjoying an amazing Bloody Mary
  • Knitting
  • Visiting friends and their newest, cutest addition
  • Trying to keep Allegra busy

I took off today as well so that we can get things done around the house. You can also think of it as spending the day in solidarity for Dean’s sister’s birthday. Happy birthday, Steph! We hope you have an AMAZING day. See you next week!


professional growth: presentations

I can still remember doing anything and everything possible to get out of a presentation in high school. I hated them. Walking up to the front of the room was the worst. I could feel my face turning red with every step. My voice would get caught in my throat, my words would get lost in my head and time seemed to slow down. I didn’t matter that I would practice the presentations over and over; the day of was always horrible.

Then in college I had to take a public speaking class to graduate. I decided to just get the class over with right away first semester, but I was scared out of my mind. We each had to pull together about four different types of presentations throughout the course of the semester and I’m pretty sure the first one was one of the worst things I’ve ever done. Our professor counted and announced the number of times you said “um” or “like” and I was horrified with myself. Have a heart, lady! But you know what? Each presentation got better.

It’s been eight years since that class and now I give presentations for hundreds of families throughout the year for my job. I run training sessions for co-workers and I’ve provided educational workshops for various professionals. In fact, last week alone I gave 4 presentations, each 1 hour long,.. and I liked it. It’s weird how things can change like that, isn’t it?

Over time I’ve learned how to project my voice and I’ve drastically cut down on my filler words (like those pesky “ums”  and “likes”). I’ve learned how to properly transition from one topic to the next and I’ve even started building PowerPoint & Keynote presentations to be used for large events across my office. It’s funny how something I spent so long trying to get out of ended up being one of my strongest professional skills. Growing up is funny like that.

PS-  7 tips to rock a solid speech (and where I found the above photo)