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Little Goals

A long time ago I admitted to the blogworld that I’m horrible at goals. I mean, I’m pretty good at setting them, I’m just bad at keeping them. Once I get into an everyday pattern, my bigger goals just kind of fall to the backburner.  I’ve still written goals though. Every birthday (25, 26) I write out a few on the blog and I’ve even tried smaller, monthly goals on here ( eg: 1, 2,).I guess I never learn because I have a few more for myself.

little goals make a big difference



Just three little goals with expectations of creating a new daily routine for myself by the new year.

  1. Work out 3x a week. This is something I’ve been doing anyway since I got to Florida, but I really want to keep it going.
  2. Go on a spending freeze. I’m living proof of the marketing power of Pinterest and fashion blogs. I used to be a wonderful saver, but once I got myself to a good place, I became a good spender instead. It was fun for a while… but I definitely need to be on a spending freeze because I haven’t reached that 3rd goal yet…
  3. Get a job I feel good about. I haven’t really talked about it on here, but Dean and I came down to Florida on savings and good faith. Dean got lucky and already has a job offer (hooray!) but unfortunately I have not. It’s starting to set in now that I’m not working for the first time in over 10 years and it makes me pretty uncomfortable.

Basically I keep trying to remind myself that I need to concentrate on living within my means and finding something I can be happy about. I’m hoping to be in an even better place by the new year. What about you? What do you hope to accomplish by 2015?

Hot Hot Heat

apple picking

Last week I was picking apples and wearing sweaters. This week I’m wearing shorts at a dog park by the water before enjoying an outdoor BBQ. I think the word weird covers it.

fall in Florida


The humidity can be a little rough sometimes….but overall I like it! We still have a lot of details to work out, but for now it’s nice to let myself relax into a schedule of sorts. In fact, I even have a bunch of blog posts lined up for the week! Imagine that. :-)

So, how have you been?

Real Talk: Men & Feminism


Towards the end of my college career I took a special topics course in our Women’s Studies program titled “Women in Shakespeare”. Our class was taught by a male professor and on the first day he opened up the class with his gender equality journey. He spoke about how he used to see women as an ornament of some kind, a trophy by your side- and then he met his wife.

Getting to know a woman in such an intimate way was new for him.  He saw the way misogynistic comments affected her being. He realized that stereotypes about women were forming expectations. He heard the limitations that were put upon her at work. He saw the struggle she had deciding between what she wanted to do vs. what society said she should do. Quickly he realized that these issues were representative of a larger problem. This is when he decided that feminism was not just for “man-haters”- but it’s representative of a group of people who believe in gender equality. With this in mind he began referring to himself as a feminist.

My insides filled with so much happiness over his story.  Feminism is for everyone! Men can be empathize with a woman’s struggle! Men can stand up with women not for women. What a beautiful thought!

Later on that night I was studying in the Women’s Center with some girls from class. “How dare he!” they cried. “He’ll just never understand,” they said. “Shows how little he knows about the movement,” one complained. This view made me sad. Sure, a man may not be able to really understand the challenges that face women, but they can learn, they can empathize. They can listen, they can change and they can fight with us. Feminism is a fight for women’s equality, but it is something that both men and women can stand up for. Which is why I love Emma’s HeForShe campaign so much and why I’m borderline obsessed with JGL’s comments on feminism.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll have a word for our male allies, or maybe a new generation will share a new inclusive idea of the current  feminism title. Either way, I’m so interested in hearing from others. So now that I’ve shared, what do you think?



If you could only take 5 things from your current home…

if you could only bring 5 things from your current home into a new home., what would you bring?

Hi! How are you? I’m good, thanks. Still finishing up packing! I can’t get over the fact that in just two days we’ll be closing our door in NEPA for the last time. Even though we’ve been planning for a long time, this seems to have come up very quickly.

Dean and I have a little bit of a transition between this apartment and our next place, which means packing has an extra step. We’re packing enough stuff to hold us over for a month or so and then packing everything else in storage to retrieve later. As I’m fighting with myself over what dresses I should be bringing, I started thinking about what I really want to have in my next place. If I could only bring 5 items with me, they would be:

  1. Computer/camera combo (because they are a combo, right?)
  2. Antique entry table
  3. Book collection
  4. Photo box
  5. KitchenAid mixer

Dean’s list? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Blender
  2. Living Room TV
  3. Ice cream sandwiches

He may not have taken my question very seriously…. What would you bring?