Separating Out Your Closet Questionables.

keep track of how often you wear your clothes by switching around your hangers!

I once read a post on  Young House Love about how Sherry has a “closet average”. She rates her clothes on a 1-10 scale and does her best to not water down the overall rating of the clothes in her closet. Whattt? So smart. You challenge yourself to have a closet you really love. I can do that. I want all 10’s!

So I started quietly rating clothes when I was shopping. Surprisingly, I’ve kept myself from buying a lot of sale items with this method. A good price doesn’t seem so good if it barely hits a 7 on my rating scale. I’m excited by the progress, but I still feel like my closet stinks. Why you ask? Because of the questionables!

allegra the dog

Allegra and I went through all of my clothes, and after donating a bunch of stuff we were left with two piles: things I wear and things I think I’m going to wear. I decided to do a little challenge to weed out the clothes I don’t really wear — aka the questionables.

Here’s how I’m tackling them: I hung up everything I think I’m going to wear in my closet but this time I hung all of my hangers backwards. As I wear and wash an item I’m been putting it back in the closet right way. This allows me to visually see what items I’m wearing.  The plan is that any hanger left unturned after 3 months is going to the goodwill.  Fingers crossed I don’t talk myself out of it — I have just wayyy too much stuff in there.

keep track of how often you wear your clothes by switching around your hangers!

What tricks do you have for building a great closet?

My top 5 iPhone apps on the road

We’re a society addicted to technology. I mean here we all are sharing our lives online for fun! When I’m on the road for work I find myself playing on my phone even more than usual. I’m constantly searing for a new app to try, but most of them become boring after a while. I’ve noticed this year that besides my typical social media sites, I have a solid 5 apps that I constantly use to get through the day.


Waze– This is a GPS app that takes into account traffic advice from others on the road. People can report traffic jams, construction, stalled cars and police up ahead. Every so often it tries to take me on weird side roads to stay away from lights, but overall I’ve made much better time during high traffic hours. (I was recently informed that google maps also uses the waze results. Smart move, Google.)


RetailMeNot– My wallet hates travel season. My food gets paid for and my car/all gas is taken care of which means I should save, but I never do. When I’m bored and running around from stop to stop, I find myself wandering into local malls and little boutiques in town. I may shop more, but I never head to the register without pulling out my phone to check for coupons. Just yesterday I stopped in a Bath and Body Works and walked out with $50+ of stuff for just $20 bucks! Always worth the check.



 MapMyRun– I try my best to keep up with my running while traveling… although it doesn’t always work out, it’s the thought that counts, right? Anyway, when I do tie my shoes and head out, this app is what gets me through. It lets me see where other people run so that I can get a good idea of what areas might be a safe option for me. Then while I’m actually running and listening to my music, a little lady in my phone says nice things like “you have reached one mile” which hopefully is surprising and gets me pumped for mile two.


starbucks mobile appStarbucks– I drink a ton of coffee all the time on the road, so I should get something back for it. I like the starbucks app because I can pay without hunting down my wallet, get some points, and make my way to some free coffee/pastries. I also tend to steal all of the free songs and games that they have at the register, but this app lets me do it all from my phone. I’ve noticed that my wallet has seemed cleaner since I started stealing free things this way.


pandora music

Pandora- My favorite of allll my apps. My pandora stations get me through long drives, hang out with me while doing work, and help me complete my runs. My favorite stations lately?

Lorde, Beyonce, or Zombie (by the Cranberries) for driving
Tegan and Sara or Arcade Fire for running
classical for studying” for getting work done


Best part about these 5? They were all FREE. I love that.
What apps get you through the day?